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  1. Resoldered today while I was still fresh and awake - all good now, very impressed with the screen. If anything it's a bit too bright! Enjoying my Lynx collection now, just hope I don't run into the power issues...
  2. Turns out D0 and D1 weren't swapped, it was just D0 making contact with D3 - but now I've found out that the buttons on the right side of the screen aren't working, so I'm giving up for the weekend (I reseated the controler cable, to no avail) I have one more working Lynx 2 that I'm pretty tempted to just send off to have re-capped and a new screen fitted so at least I have one good Lynx 2 that I can play games with and another one I can experiment with (and I have an extra board that's completely kaput that I use to practice on). Alternatively, sending both Lynxes off to get sorted out... Anyway, the screen looks great, but I'd caution anyone that isn't particularly handy with a soldering iron to maybe let someone else fit it
  3. Looks like D0 and D1 may have been swapped - now it's fine, but reverts to a broken state (where some dark blue appear green, and various other colours are wrong) when I put the battery compartment in, so I guess D0 is making contact with something (likely D3) when it gets squished a little... I'm going to resolder the data lines tomorrow, I've done a pretty shoddy job...
  4. Just fit my screen and wow, what a difference! Except I have one problem... Red and green are swapped I thought I wired it correct but I guess I must've swapped something - it's a bit awkward to take the screen out and check that, could anyone tell me which two wires I have swapped? As an aside, I think I really overestimated my electronics expertise, next Lynx I'll definitely send off to have done!
  5. Could I be added to the waiting list please? One card for a Lynx II
  6. Ordered a screen replacement from Dragonbox along with a cap/diode/mosfet replacement kit, might as well go the whole hog I thought. Looking forward to trying it out! Got a couple of non-working Lynx 2's as well, will see if I can salvage either of them... Super impressed with everyone else's results and the videos on YouTube, it really helps to highlight how far ahead of its time this hardware was! (and how let down it was by the screen...)
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