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  1. Viewpoint is a blast - I had a great time playing it recently for my retro buffet series - but a system error wiped it from my memory! I am more than happy to jump back in again in future though, great title!
  2. Hey everyone, So I have set myself the task of playing every single video game every made before the PS2 and Xbox era (optimistic I know), and in this action orientated episode, alongside the excellent Burning Fight on the Neo Geo, I replayed Gunstar Heroes and Sunset Riders that filled me with so much nostalgia I ended up playing those two titles back to back the next day. What are your memories of/thoughts on Gunstar Heroes and Sunset Riders. Many gaming publications state that Gunstar Heroes is one of the greatest games of all time, do you agree?
  3. Hey everyone! My RETRO BUFFET series is back! This time I play, alongside a couple of great Sega Genesis games, the excellent BURNING FIGHT for the Neo Geo. I had a great time playing this classic - what did you think of this title?
  4. I love these. Great to see a different side to things! DTL x
  5. It would be interesting to see but it would highlight the 'sexualisation' of some characters, particularly female into male - I would say SNK characters have a good balance but could you imagine what Cammy or R Mika would look like as men?!
  6. Absolutely love Metal Slug, the pinnacle of shoot em ups for me!
  7. This is so awesome, I wish I had some 'behind the scenes' material that I could hold onto...
  8. StanJr, totally feel you on Jedi battles - I was going to include it in this video but...as I dont have any friends it was a paddle battle with myself!!! These games were at their best when they gave you the experience of rapid flight and racing between approaching forces. When that clicks, they are awesome!
  9. I noticed a lot of tracking issues in the recording, unfortunately what was originally happening on screen was not picked up by the elgato game capture...was weird!
  10. So I recently played through some Star Wars games on the Atari 2600 in my YouTube series RETRO BUFFET. Now the games were released in 1983, 3 years before my birth and I had a thought - it is quite challenging, with the mindset of modern gaming expectations, to imagine what these titles would have been like for the average gamer back in 1983. Was it an awe inspiring experience? Did it blow people away at the time? Or was it more of a representative experience that would be augmented with the imagination of the player? Im keen to hear from those of you who played these titles at launch, at the time, and how you found the experience?
  11. So many of us may be familiar with the theory that some developers would make sections of their games virtually impossible to encourage consumers to purchase a game rather than consistently rent. As a kid, I was taken to the local rental store every Saturday after football/soccer practice to pick up a new genesis/master system game. My question is, which games do you remember as being particularly devious? Having a section in it that meant you could never get beyond it before taking it back to the rental store and then picking it up the next weekend? I covered a couple of these in my Retro Buffet series - Disney games in particular were strong culprits (Lion King Ostrich Double Jump anyone?!), check it out if you like. TL;DR - Which Genesis games do you remember having impossible to beat sections that meant you were unlikely to progress far in a weekend?
  12. Hi everyone! After meeting Anthony on my YouTube channel, he asked if I would take a look into Magician Lord on the NEO GEO. I did, and I wasn't disappointed! I have a series called RETRO BUFFET where I play through countless games from yesteryear, and this episode saw a special NEO GEO edition take the spotlight! Enjoy!
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