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  1. It´s not the only I collect, and probably not the main focus either. But it´s the one I collect for the longest time ... and usually I sell all the stuff then after a couple of years ... to come back, collect and sell ... to come back, collect, sell ... lost a good bit of money on this way Currently I enjoy more the Sega Master System ... great games for cheap bucks, (for me) unknown library, games in solid plastic cases. Underestimated system.
  2. Ok ... compared to BD13 ... But in general, there are a few games out there, which showed how a combination of FMV sequences with gaming elements can look like, Rebel Assault e.g. Not an awesome game, but fun enough. The mid-90s, when I saw more and more of these "Video"games in the magazines, that was the time when I gave up first time gaming ... probably supported by the fact that I was 18, got a car, girlfriend ... 😄
  3. Just checked out AH on Youtube ... Jezz! Quite happy that these kind of games died out long time ago ... when I wanna watch a movie, than I watch a movie 😕 Reminds me on Deadalus Encounter on the 3DO ... when I´ve seen the screenshots in VG magazines in the early 90s, I WANTED to play this "game" ... years later I bought it ... what a waste of time. There are so good new releases (Speedball, Xenon 2) out there, is there really a need to "play" AH?
  4. A Amiga meetup in Athlone? Sounds interesting .... but not sure, if I´m in country mid of January. I´ll check it out and If I can make it happen, I will give it a chance. Would really like to see one of the newer Amiga models in action. Thanks for the heads up. With the controller you´re probably right. They are not awesome pieces of hardware. Would be simply nice to have an original one working. D-Pad doesn´t work. Probably I´ll try to fix it one day. Have a Competition Pro CD32 what came with the console. Works great and have a nicer shape. The TF cards are amazing, from what I´ve seen so far. Wonder, if the 328 could be an option too, with 8MB Ram and the CF card adapter. But I guess, finally it´s worth to spend some money extra for the 330 to get the 68030/50. AB3d2 or Gloom (even my beloved Wing Commander) will for sure benefit from the extra speed. Will game save data saved on the CF card as well? Or do they use the internal save buffer?
  5. Guess, that´s the best option ... TF with PS2 connector. Will ask the guys. Not cheap, but a good investment.
  6. Good morning guys. My first CD32 came in 1994 to me, after I sold my A500+. Can´t even remember why I sold the 500 ... loooong time ago. The CD32 was the logical step for me, been always a fan of Amiga and I loved Wing Commander. On the standard 500 more or less unplayable, was WC a seriously great game, even on the standard CD32 with only 14Mhz. Had a lot of fun with other games too, Banshee I remember e.g. At one point the CD32 had to go ... probably for an PS1 or something else. 3-4 years later I found another one. Was the golden age, when ebay was quite new and absolutely bargains could be made when it came to old video game systems :D Bought another CD32 (probably something around 20€ or so ...), couple of games, but it wasn´t the same. Was too much in the newer consoles, sold the stuff short time later (guess for a ridiculous price). I´m not sure, if there was another one ... systems came and went ... but bought now another CD32. Prices are still ridiculous ... but on the other end of the scale! Well ... have and like my Jaguar, so the CD32 is probably what I need to be happy. The console came with a few games, Elite, Chaos Engine, WC was part of the bundle ... so I started yesterday again with killing cat aliens :D Planned next steps: re-cap the system, probably new laser unit, TF330 is something what sounds great too. Is there a chance to connect a P/S2 or USB keyboard somehow to the console? And the broken original controller ... are they manuals how to fix these things? Cheers and Greetings from Dublin ...
  7. Makes sense with the ladders ... thx for the response.
  8. Ghouls´n Ghosts? That´s cool stuff! May I ask a question? Is the control adapted to the pad? So is "Jump" by pressing UP on the D-Pad or by pressing a button?
  9. Well ... to be fair, it have a cartridge dust cover and a reset button on the console itself. I think, it´s the better design than the original Jag shell....
  10. Ißm more than surprised to see, that there are around 90 copies still available ... months after the release. Expected to see the whole bunch gone in a week or so ... completely overestimated the number of Jag nerds out there
  11. I guess you´re right. For Atari would have been better to go safer ways ... e.g. with an updated version of known shooters, like R-Type / R-Type II. The Jag should be easily able to handle the number of sprites and the graphics. Video Games magazine in Germany rated the game in 1994 btw with 25% overall. The article says, that Crescent Galaxy was originally planned as pack-in title for the console. Don´t know if this is true, but I´m happy that this didn´t happend https://www.kultboy.com/index.php?site=t&id=9927
  12. I played Trevor McFur couple of weeks ago and I´m little bit scared ... about myself :/ I remembered the game as absolutely rubbish ... but it wasn´t so absolutely bad anymore? I mean, it´s still a better graphic demonstration than a serious shooter and imo one of the worst Jag games ever ... but anyway ... I felt something like "joy" for a couple of minutes. What´s wrong? Is it because I´m getting old?
  13. Jaysus, lads ... the guy just asked ... no need to be nasty :/ @AndyM1985: I guess, everybody would "appreciate" to get a Jag for 80-90 bucks ... but this is quite unrealistic right now. I see two chances ... save some money for a month or two and grab one on eBay. Cybermorph wont bring you the right "Jag-Feeling" in my opinion ... so look for Doom, Wolfenstein, Raiden, Tempest too ... single cartridges shouldn´t be too expensive and the games are great! Don´t go for If you can´t wait that long, look for emulators in the www ... Good luck, buddy.
  14. No, Sir! I disagree! The best racing game on the Jag is still Speedster II. But it´s a close head-2-head race with Club Drive.
  15. Ordered a game few weeks ago. Fast delivery, nice contact per mail ... good guys.
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