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  1. Yes, this is a good looking game and definitely a game the Jag library would benefit from. I hope, everything works well on the last mile. Looking forward for the final product.
  2. I´m not native English speaker ... my excuse for everything Thanks for the advise, much appreciated.
  3. Let´s be honest ... it was a disaster. Enemy design, attack patterns, sound, and even a big part of the graphic ... simply terrible. A few extra weapons are ok, one or two bosses are cool (skeleton e.g.) ... but not enough for a next gen console. Just have a look what great shooters the 8-bit PC Engine had, or the 16-bit Genesis ...
  4. The 3DO version is for sure the better version ... more level, smooth gameplay, better sound, better graphic, better control with the 3DO gamepad. The Jag-W3d is one of my favorite Jag titles, but it have no chance against the 3DO version. And that´s ok ... because the Jag Doom is 10 times better than the completely crappy 3DO version ...
  5. I totally agree. I can´t even program the microwave oven, so I have probably no right to judge any project, which is probably made with love, loads of time and heart blood. Some of the stuff what appears is simply mind-blowing ... Zaku on the Lynx, Wyvern Tales, Alice Moms Rescue on the Jag, also some ports are simply great (Xenon 2 e.g.) and a real enrichment for the Jag/Lynx library. And yes ... a Metriodvania clone ... would love to see something like that. Other games on the other hand ... well ... if they are released as free ROMs for Skunkboard or emulators, sure ... doesn´t hurt. But I would not not spend even one minute to load them into the memory of the Skunk ... really like the Jag, but there are thousands of good games out there, no need to waste time for a crappy clone of whatever just to play on my Atari.
  6. Turrican is not so far off Metroid as you believe, in fact Metroid on NES was the first inspiration for the first Turrican. The main difference between them is, that Metriod have small sections (pathways between bigger rooms; the rooms itself; tower like structures ...) and could load just the small sections into the memory, while Turrican loaded the whole level. Both have the aspect of discovering the level, find extras and find the exit. Ok, Metriod on the NES is in the end just the one huuuuuge Level and Turrican have worlds and stages. But keep in mind ... the C64 was a limited hardware. The weapons btw were not so overpowered in Turrican ... it´s a quite hard game (well ... I find it hard at least).
  7. Great news and thanks for all your effort. Can´t wait to place the order finally
  8. Imagine, someone just bought the main system for the Tiny Toons game advertised on the box and then the CD only for BI,WN ... these people are traumatized for the rest of their life 😅
  9. 5 out of 10, wasn´t it? Dragon´s Lair, Battlemorph, Highlander, Blue Lightning. Robinson´s Requiem at least with a few decades delay ...
  10. Why they are so expensive? That´s easy .... Only the Atari Jaguar CD provides you with And then the exclusive games, you can enjoy only on Jaguar CD, like Jack Nicklaus Cyber Golf, Demolition Man, Creature Shock or Brett Hull´s NHL Hockey. You better get your Jaguar CD today ...
  11. That´s probably why so many drug lords are still alive ... to few Jag-CD units are available.
  12. I bought a CD just as dust cover for the Jag cart slot. But the CD unit have its own cart slot, so that I need another CD unit to protect the cart slot from CD unit 1 ....
  13. The CD unit for 150USD? I think I should call them ... Some of the game descriptions gave me a good lough: Wolfenstein3d - The best on any platform. No, it´s not ... 3DO version is better. Cybermorph - The ultimate simulation of a galactic war. Three lies in only seven words. Bubsy - A great platform game for kids. It´s not! It´s a terrible platform game for everybody. Dragon - A superb, purist Kung-Fu fighting game. Purist, yes ... and boring. Val Skiing - The best skiing and snowboarding game ever created. Wow ... that´s a statement ... but I´m not in skiing games so much to prove them wrong If I think about ... I guess there´s a reason, why I don´t work in marketing ....
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