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  1. Played CF for hours and hours, back in the past on my Amiga 500 (and have it today for the Jag ... still sealed in the box 😕 ). It´s still a good game , simple in the beginning, but quite hard to master in the higher levels. A mouse is definitely an advantage.
  2. Club Drive have today this weird "WOW ... can you believe this? They released this piece of crap as FULL PRICE game!!!" charme. Funny today, when I get a monthly salary and don´t care so much about 30 or 40€. A disaster back in 1993, when you spend a lot of money, what you´ve saved for months to buy this. Trevor McFur is really not good. Raiden is a good playable shooter (whenever not as good as the 8-bit Turbo Duo CD Version) and still today worth to spend an hour. But Trevor McFur is sadly just a average graphics demonstration with too less "Wow" effects (the skeleton beast). I wish, they would have released a good version of R-Type II instead 😕
  3. CM is simply boring. Graphics are ok, controls are not too bad, open world scenario is nothing wrong with, but the rest ... pfff ... fly around, collect pods, shoot the enemies. No storyline, no boss fights, the stupid spaceship what can´t even fly over 50ft high mountains and the bloody green advisor lady-head. Boring and annoying. Was ok as my first Jag game for a week or so, but I wouldn´t waste a minute more today to play the game. I understand, that Atari had pressure to publish some games with the console, but exactly the poor library of games (Cybermorph, Club Drive, Trevor McFur) in the beginning was the reason, why the Jaguar failed on the market so soon.
  4. Sounds great ... looking forward to see the outcome (soon)
  5. Missile Command 3d included the original MC, Tempest 2000 have a close to the original mode, the new Pitfall included the original Pitfall, Defender 2000 had Pong and the original Defender, not sure if Breakout 2000 have a classic mode too ... there was no need for a "20 best VCS games" CD or cart. What Atari (yeah, Pitfall is not an Atari game) did, was the better way. Take the iconic originals and release the games in a mode colorful and better version.
  6. What sense would make a VCS "power base" for the Jaguar, back in 1993-1995? Nobody, seriously nobody, wanted to play a VCS game back then. And if somebody wanted to play the classics from the early days of video gaming, he or she could buy a VCS console with games for almost nothing. The Master System for Mega Drive power base made sense for Sega. Lot of Master System users could upgrade to 16-bit and keep their favorite cards, like Phantasy Star. But who upgraded in 1993 straight from the 8-bit VCS to the Jaguar and asked for an opportunity to play the crappy VCS Pac-Man on a system, what have been launched as 64-bit (whatever it was finally, not the point here) killer hardware? I´m very happy, that such a thing like a VCS adapter for the Jaguar doen´t exist. *sarcasm on* Then better a Jaguar Disk System, what allows to play ST games on the Jaguar *sarcasm off*
  7. Wing Commander 3 ... seriously ... the Jag is the Jag. It´s great to play unique games, likes Mutant Penguins, Iron Soldier, Super Burnout. I don´t feel a need to play a port of Sonic, Mario or whatever on the Jag. Why should I? The games are available on hundreds of emulators, partable systems, hacked XBOX or whatever. Some of the ST ports are great (Bubble Bobble, Defender of the Crown, Xenon II, Speedball II), other ports are quite disappointing because they were not great even on the original ST (R-Type).
  8. Guess, you´re right. Remember I played them 2min each, raised my eyebrows and put them in the box with all the other "Diamonds" they are not worth my time. Even Club Drive have a weird kind of charm, but Speedster II (was there a Speedster I before?) is just rubbish. Well ... to be fair, it was never designed as a "real" game.
  9. Have both of the games here ... the one with the helicopter too ... got them years ago on ebay. Quite sure, there are reproductions. Is there a way to find out what´s original and what is a repro?
  10. Well ... still the 8th best Jaguar racing game (after Burnout, Atari Karts, PowerDrive, World Tour Racing, Chequered Flag, Club Drive, Supercross 3D).
  11. I would be happy enough about a perfectly fine working emulator for the PSP or something similar. My LYNX e.g. haven´t seen the daylight since ages ... Handy does a good job on PSP.
  12. You can´t blame the sellers ... but the guys who are st*** enough to pay 90 quid for two booklets.
  13. It´s not the only I collect, and probably not the main focus either. But it´s the one I collect for the longest time ... and usually I sell all the stuff then after a couple of years ... to come back, collect and sell ... to come back, collect, sell ... lost a good bit of money on this way Currently I enjoy more the Sega Master System ... great games for cheap bucks, (for me) unknown library, games in solid plastic cases. Underestimated system.
  14. Ok ... compared to BD13 ... But in general, there are a few games out there, which showed how a combination of FMV sequences with gaming elements can look like, Rebel Assault e.g. Not an awesome game, but fun enough. The mid-90s, when I saw more and more of these "Video"games in the magazines, that was the time when I gave up first time gaming ... probably supported by the fact that I was 18, got a car, girlfriend ... 😄
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