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  1. This has probably been discussed, but there are 58 pages to go through, so I'm just going to ask the community. Does this run off Stella? And if so, can it be updated? There are some newer homebrews that dont run on the current version of stella, but I believe it may be updated at some point to a accomodate those. Thanks in advance.
  2. Any color should be possible if you can find the right printer. By the way, I think those look great Travis!
  3. Video Game Dads. They talk about a bunch of retro stuff on there, mostly NES and SNES, but still a fun group to listen to.
  4. Not all of us have a skunk-board, or even a CD attachment for that matter. I'm hopeful that if an SD cart is created that the ROMs would be made available at some point (if they are not already). Not that it would ever re-pay the effort you put in to make this happen, but I would also be willing to make say a $50 paypal contribution for something like collection of the ROMs. In other words, something to show some appreciation, but that bypasses the need for paying for individual cart productions at $50ish+ per which just prices me out. The funny thing is the TMNT game is what brought my attention to this topic, but in watching the video the ST version doesn't even seem to be that great of a port. Several of the other games are what made me keep coming back to this thread, and that I hope to be able to play someday. Combined with the fact that you are cleaning them up, adding better ports of music and sound, and just overall kicking some ass in converting these, it's a real shot in the arm to the Jag community. Your efforts are appreciated, even if I haven't been able to take advantage of it first-hand yet.
  5. It's a long topic, but at some point CJ said that someone was taking his ROMs, burning CDs and selling them on ebay, so he locked them down to only work with skunk (or something along those lines). That may not be exactly correct, but you can read through the thread and find exactly what he said if you're interested further. So you're probably not going to succeed in making CDs for that reason. I searched ebay to try and figure out who the un-named guilty party was, but I think they had taken them off by that point.
  6. Hey CJ, first off, thanks for everything you've done up to this point. I have no experience with the ST or the library, but just started watching through a bunch of youtube videos to see what was out there. In particular, I would love to see Speedball 2 and Civilization ported over. Some other games I thought looked interesting which might be worth checking out- Defender of the Crown, Dungeon Master, Elite, Marble Madness, PacMania, Saint Dragon, Turrican 2. Keep up the good work!
  7. I think version 2 is a success- to clarify, there is an odd little section between the two mountains, but otherwise it scrolls and displays correctly on my problematic Jr. I think that's just where you were probably filling in a bit of playfield data to make it an even number or something.
  8. Sadly, it doesnt seem to fix my problematic Jr. This sequence plays in a loop, so I took a video of one iteration. It looks okay for a bit, then goes into a loop, looks okay again for a bit, then does it again.
  9. Hi McWill! First, thanks for developing this. I bought one of your kits through Console5, and just finished installing it (with VGA). My lynx powers on, but the screen does not, nor does the vga out work when pressing the backlight. Just finished double checking all the wires, and they all appear to be going to the right places and no shorts that I see. Do you have any troubleshooting tips for me? wasnt sure if there are any additional steps if I have the VGA added on? Edit- model II install.
  10. The two chips are pretty inexpensive and readily available. If I understand the documentation, they are really just to remove noise from the signal. Particularly useful when reading switches, or in this case buttons. They wouldn't have any programming on them other than the predefined circuits, correct? In other words, I could just order some and put them in line without issue?
  11. If anyone else was interested, I finally found some here on AA- see post #150 here. Does anyone know what the two chips in line at the beginning are for?
  12. Once you know the correct size for each, you can marry the logo and text together. I didn't, so I left them separate. I was also just going off an overhead picture I found online, so the curvature of the text may need to be slightly adjusted. Email sent. Edit- They will probably need to bump the resolution to 300 and change to CYMK for printing, I'm used to working on video and forgot to change the mode when I made them. Again, very easy to do on the backend.
  13. No idea on size, but I did create these as custom Photoshop shapes for you. The Jaguar logo is decent sized, but the text (custom bent) and Atari Logo are smaller. I'm attaching the .pngs as visual reference, and am happy to email you the photoshop files for printing if you PM it to me (not allowed to upload .psd files)
  14. Does anyone have hi-res photos they can share of the boards or know where I can find them? Would like to see both sides without the pads in place if possible. I searched google for a bit, but the photos I found are all obscured in one way or another.
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