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  1. Nukey was the first user here that I really took notice of. An extremely talented hacker and programmer and always willing to help. In further identifying him, I recall his profile once listed his location as Yiminiapolois Yiminisota or something thereabouts. I wasn’t sure if it was just a joke or not, but it appears that’s where he was really from. RIP.
  2. Maybe he's just expecting people to reach out to his AOL address, haha.
  3. Hi Noah- This has come up on the boards many times over the years. One member addressed this several years ago, you should give this thread a read.
  4. So, I've found another extra car anomaly. In the grand prix, there are almost always 14 cars that you pass on the first lap. I have a recording where I pass 15, and it's not even a clean lap. It seems on occasion, the cars just generate a bit earlier than other times. Unfortunately I crashed out, so I couldn't see how it affected it at the end. There is definitely things going on with the code that I simply don't understand. I've maintained for years that the emulation version of the game is MUCH harder than the hardware original based on the fact that there are way more late lane changes, as well as double lane changes. I also discovered something else I find very interesting- normally 56.73 is the fastest you can do the qualifying lap, and it depends on the pattern you are given. This is listed as the fastest Atari2600 lap on speedrun.com, matched by several others, and I have about 20 recordings of running a 56.73 lap. Even driving a "perfect" lap hugging the rails and not even squeaking the tires does not improve this time, yet it doesn't have to be perfect to the get the 56.73. There are at least two patterns that give this time for a near perfect lap, while many others give a 56.74 or some a 56.75. By simply disabling the collision detection (and still taking the normal route around enemy cars), that same route becomes a 55.22. There are other effects to this collision detection change- the music and sound effects become an octave higher. There are rarely lane changes at all for enemy cars. If and when they do change lanes you often see patterns of 4 double lane changes in a row. The time goes down, and the highest score goes up by quite a bit (62660 on first try) even though I don't believe you are passing any more vehicles than normal. Finally, the grand prix time does not alternate with the score, it simply only shows the score each time it flashes back. I'm most interested in the lane changes, as understanding when/how they do that is key to playing the game to as close to perfect as possible.
  5. Not sure. However, looking through the source code, there is a counter for passed cars. I guess it might be needed if you dont finish the grand prix, but if it was always the same I would think it would know based on how far you made it in the race. I wish I understood the code better so I could figure out what actually cause lane (and more in particular double) changes deep in the grand prix.
  6. I know this was a couple of years ago, but I have been looking into this a bit. I'm not sure about the grand prix, but I do know that sometimes you pass nine cars on the qualifying lap and sometimes ten. Not sure if the grand prix has one less or not if you get the pattern with ten. I do have screen captures of both nine and ten cars in the qualifying lap to compare against.
  7. I just ran across this thread, very nicely done. I also had McWill do a couple of conversions for me, and had used one of those to later make a console. People here are talking about needing more buttons, I found that the USB version of the Sega Saturn controller was cheap and a perfect fit for the Lynx. It is all boxed up and in storage, and I don't have any pictures of it I can find, but I took the guts out and put them in a Blu-Ray player to make my console. Specific to the controller, I made my own reverse engineered from flexible plastic controller sheet inside the lynx. Here is my first playtest with it a few years back, and while it was still far from finished at this point you can see it working. The extra buttons also allowed the reset and everything to be on the controller as well as the console. The board i made did require a couple of jumpers on the backside to make the triggers work. I didn't keep everything, but I'll upload what I can find so someone can use it to recreate if they like. Note- please forgive if these files are not perfect. I'm not sure any of them were the "final" versions, just uploading what I had in case someone else found them useful. Edit- pretty sure this is the controller I bought for this, $15: https://www.google.com/shopping/product/4643817993612157661?q=usb+sega+saturn+controller&biw=1440&bih=789&prds=epd:7495807617379911472,prmr:3&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjtlsaC5dvoAhUQG80KHXU0C78Q8wII-AM Saturn Board 6.blend
  8. Just watched the youtube video of the gameplay, and this looks amazingly well done. Great job to all.
  9. I've messed around with this a few times over the years, but I always wondered if something like this could be possible for a hack? The idea is that the playfield used for the main car could match the quad-width pixels of the competitor cars, so that all the cars look similar, and better. If possible, I wouldn't think it would be too much harder to add variant colors to the other cars as well. Thoughts?
  10. This has probably been discussed, but there are 58 pages to go through, so I'm just going to ask the community. Does this run off Stella? And if so, can it be updated? There are some newer homebrews that dont run on the current version of stella, but I believe it may be updated at some point to a accomodate those. Thanks in advance.
  11. Any color should be possible if you can find the right printer. By the way, I think those look great Travis!
  12. Video Game Dads. They talk about a bunch of retro stuff on there, mostly NES and SNES, but still a fun group to listen to.
  13. Not all of us have a skunk-board, or even a CD attachment for that matter. I'm hopeful that if an SD cart is created that the ROMs would be made available at some point (if they are not already). Not that it would ever re-pay the effort you put in to make this happen, but I would also be willing to make say a $50 paypal contribution for something like collection of the ROMs. In other words, something to show some appreciation, but that bypasses the need for paying for individual cart productions at $50ish+ per which just prices me out. The funny thing is the TMNT game is what brought my attention to this topic, but in watching the video the ST version doesn't even seem to be that great of a port. Several of the other games are what made me keep coming back to this thread, and that I hope to be able to play someday. Combined with the fact that you are cleaning them up, adding better ports of music and sound, and just overall kicking some ass in converting these, it's a real shot in the arm to the Jag community. Your efforts are appreciated, even if I haven't been able to take advantage of it first-hand yet.
  14. It's a long topic, but at some point CJ said that someone was taking his ROMs, burning CDs and selling them on ebay, so he locked them down to only work with skunk (or something along those lines). That may not be exactly correct, but you can read through the thread and find exactly what he said if you're interested further. So you're probably not going to succeed in making CDs for that reason. I searched ebay to try and figure out who the un-named guilty party was, but I think they had taken them off by that point.
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