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  1. I finally came up with an idea of how to install the VGA connector in my Lynx II without cutting the case and thought I'd share. The Brightness dial is vacant, and I realized it's just about as wide as a 6 pin SIL connector. I had to file the sides of the SIL connector a bit to get it to fit, not so much that it goes through the plastic but just a bit. It fits perfectly and looks pretty good! I need to work on making the SIL connectors directional, perhaps putting a bit of hot glue on the bottom of the female connector and a blob of something on top of the male connector will suffice. Some CAT5 with solid wire between the male plug and the VGA connector that I've had sitting around should provide a reasonably durable and flexible cable. I might add a velcro loop or similar to prevent it from being unplugged, as friction will be the only thing keeping them together.
  2. This is really well done, and I was surprised how naturally the up direction maps to fire. I agree that it would be interesting to have a second fire button a'la the 7800's controllers, but I suppose that probably wouldn't be easy to do. The way it's implemented now is perfectly playable!
  3. I happen to have a IIgs actually. The system has no graphics acceleration outside a fill mode, the Mega II limits video memory access to 1mhz, and the 65816 CPU only runs at 2.8mhz stock. It does have 16 hardware palettes of 16 colors each, one can be selected per scanline out of the 4096 available colors in 320x200 mode. You can display up to 3200 colors per screen by modifying the palette between scanlines but that eats up the CPU cycles. Scrolling is unlikely to be smooth fullscreen due to the 1mhz memory access limitation, but several RPGs were made for the system including a top-down JRPG, Ys 1. The audio chip is the real star of the system, the Ensoniq 5503 DOC, which is capable of playing 16 independent samples. One of its 32 oscillators is used as a timer in the IIgs, since they're generally used in pairs you can only play 15 samples simultaneously in the IIgs. That's not much of a limitation, but the 64k audio RAM is. A port to another architecture is a lot of work though; I'd personally like to see a sequel on the Lynx instead. Once I've had a chance to play it of course.
  4. Thanks SainT, the cart arrived a few days ago and it's working perfectly!
  5. I used a Chip Quik SMD removal kit for the mosfet, awesome stuff.
  6. It wasn't really, since it was my first time trying a console mod I was a bit worried about it. Ironically the part that really hung me up was the ribbon cable of the new LCD getting pinched by the battery holder, hopefully there's more room in the Lynx I for that! I attached a piece of plastic with electric tape next to the offending area to prevent damage the second time around.
  7. One of those "third hand" magnifiers with alligator clips for holding components should help if vision is the only problem, you can refocus by moving the glass. The pins that you solder to are kind of close on the Lynx II, although I haven't seen a Lynx I. I attached a picture of the part that worried me the most; after doing it once I think I could do a better job if I tried again.
  8. I imagine it depends on your soldering experience. Are you comfortable soldering several thin wires to a set of pins close to each other and near heat-sensitive components? I probably had no business doing the mod to be honest, but I think I leveled up installing mine and am much more comfortable with the process. It's very much worth the effort.
  9. I found the problem, and there was a terribly important reason it wasn't working: I am an idiot. I'd soldered the entire second row to the Lynx II board offset by one pin. I re-soldered the lines to the right place and now it's working fine. Perhaps 4am is not the ideal time to start a precision soldering project. No amount of poking around with the multimeter could determine what a night's sleep could.
  10. The replacement screen came in and I put it on the mod and reinstalled. It looks good for the most part, but I wonder if I killed the display decoder on the mod board in the process. The display shows a static screen of random-ish garbage the entire time the system is on, probably the same screen that showed up for a split second previously when turned on, although I can hear sound from games and I can see the scanline emulation toggle if I hit the backlight button. The system and mod are working at a basic level at least. I checked all the lines and there are no wires crossed; no attempt was made to install the VGA output. I ensured the flexi cable on the LCD was protected with some non-conductive tape, and was careful not to squish it against the battery holder. There are no holes on the flexi cable when I look, that shouldn't be the issue this time. Has anyone else had this problem? Perhaps I'm cursed?
  11. Thank you! I have a new display coming, the original screen will suffice until it arrives. I'll do the mod again with a better idea of the process this time around. And maybe a bit of electrical tape to protect the edge of the display connector.
  12. I've requested to be added to the list for the SD card too, I love seeing all the modern activity for the Lynx.
  13. Thank you, that's a good idea! Which LCD model would be a replacement for it? I did a quick search but didn't find much based on the identifying marks I could find on the display/flexi cable. There's quite a bit going on in that flexi cable, even some extra circuits!
  14. I don't see any lines getting severed, but I guess if that's it I'll just put the original screen back in. It still works. Edit: I definitely see it now, wish that was in the docs. Back to the original.
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