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  1. Finally after an odyssey of more than 2 months and two expeditions my Harmony Encore has arrived at home! Thanks Batari for everything! I can't wait to try it !!!!
  2. Magnificent news. I can't wait to try this Harmony! I'll try on the 7800 too! You made me curious! Enjoy it!
  3. Hopefully it will come to me soon too! let's keep in touch!
  4. Bella idea Philsan. Mi unisco volentieri al club. Sarebbe bello movimentarlo un pochino. Un saluto a tutti. Emyxox71
  5. I'm still waiting...i'm in Italy...
  6. John you did an incredible job. The look of the players is very impressive. I can't wait to try the gameplay!
  7. I've waited a long time, I'll wait again. I'm in no hurry! Hopefully this nightmare will end soon! greetings from Italy!
  8. Hello last night I made the purchase! I've been thinking about it for a long time! indicatively when will I receive the package in Italy? considering all the mess because of Coronavirus. A big hug! #staysafeathome
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