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  1. I was anticipating that your 600XL is Made in Taiwan. Only those Made in Hong Kong are socketed.
  2. If your Atari is working and your power supply is not an ingot type and you checked voltage to be 5.1v max then you may have cable/grounding problem. Otherwise get good PS, before you continue.
  3. 800XL with 320kB was very common back in the days. And you do not loose anything. But you have to solder 256k DRAM on top of existing 64k chips and add few more components.
  4. Thank you. English is not my native language, so may I ask what what "buff" and "OCD" mean? (I did not completely understand your two sentences in Note:)
  5. This is the first time I see real refurbishing of console keys. Did you the sandpaper work do with steady hand or with some mechanical guide? Your START key looked really bad, just like keys on my 800XL. and now it seems much better.
  6. I would also measure voltage at the power DIN connector. Just to rule out the switch.
  7. I definitely see young Angela Merkel in bed with Puhdys singer Dieter i forgot his name. They were both ossies anyway.
  8. A cap covering top edge for Syscheck in XL use mode would make it phenomenal
  9. Real media with labels made on real typewriter!!
  10. The wire is there for the RF shield to be grounded.
  11. Yeah ingot killed many Ataris also in Europe. XL series were more robust. There is a hope only one or two DRAMs have been killed in this 800XL
  12. Am I the only one who does not see any wire bridge to several pokey pins? I only see one bridge to the mount hole.
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