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  1. Hi, XE and XL keyboards have different connector pinout. So make it as you wish, there is no compatibility possible. On XL version of FFC connector adapter the pins for +5V (19) and GND (18) are doubled. Look here at the conversion table. Those signals are on different pins on XE connector. http://blog.3b2.sk/igi/post/Tipy-a-triky-013-ATARI-XL-XE-change-keyboard-Tips-tricks.aspx
  2. Tl866 first version could handle those Eproms. Unfortunately version II only supports Eproms with lowers voltages. And they are cheap and very good.
  3. I would be affraid that flex PCB would warp when heated as a whole. Honestly I have no idea.
  4. Not ideal doing first SMD ever on flex PCB. But it is not so hard. Use lot (really lot) of flux, very little solder, big iron tip (not too hot, clean). Just gently touch edge of the pins and wait 2s, solder will flow all the way down. No scrubbing or moving of the tip over pins is needed. Do test all connections before installing in Atari. I had to rework it few times, till all the pins were connected on both sides.
  5. Definitely only the pins. I glued the thin PCB on top of keyboard PCB and used header pins only to make soldering an easy task. Afterwards the plastic and other side must be snapped off. Only thing that remains of it are the pin cuts buried in solder blobs connecting the two PCBs. You could as well use 16 short wires, approx 2-3mm each. But that would take 10x the time and 10x the effort. Sacrificing pin header is so much easier.
  6. Hi. OSH Park uses rather rare suffix for board outline. Renaming adapter-kbdv2.GML to adapter-kbdv2.GKO should do the trick. All other suffixes in the zip are identical. https://docs.oshpark.com/troubleshooting/naming-pattern/ Will you choose "flex" the super thin board? Otherwise the standard 2oz boards OSH Park 0.8mm could be too thick. (PCBWay 0.6mm is what I used)
  7. I did not wote cause I have only used the program for a week. But I plan to use it more. Thanks for your work.
  8. Maybe it did fit reversed, but it was way to small (low profile) for all that heat, so they made it bigger and reversed.
  9. Sorry I did not look in your ESP code yet. But on Arduino one could run out of memory pretty quickly using text strings. All text strings are normally copied from PROGMEM to RAM on start. Keeping texts in PROGMEM helped me. https://www.baldengineer.com/arduino-f-macro.html
  10. So where did you get the CP 210x drivers? Congrats!
  11. It is very similar to this exemplar. Maybe it is not so rare. http://blog.3b2.sk/igi/post/Rozne-verzie-different-versions-Atari-1050.aspx
  12. Where did you source the parts? It looks top!
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