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  1. Does anybody think of actually putting bootleg games, like Korean, onto the ColecoVision like Super Boy (I, II, and III), Cyborg Z, and Dr. Hello?
  2. I also will try to convert the Taiwanese 16kB MSX header to Coleco as a test.
  3. This was actually easy back in the Taiwanese / Korean past. Running these games would be good for the Sega Master System / Game Gear. But, if you would like to put actual MSX games on the SG-1000, you might wanna do some editing inside the MSX files and use a DahJee extension (The ones that have the company's MSX header, if you know what I mean.)
  4. Okay then. Is this like a reverse code or just seperate codes like this. Because I want to target it at the 55 AA or AA 55 hex, or most likely known as in assembly... xor d ld d,l
  5. I am also trying to port this to MSX.
  6. Okay, I do agree, also, the theme is used in a lot of ports in Bomb Jack, but I don't know why it was never released for the arcade and the ones that used arcade music.
  7. The MSX version, I say, it is good and even has the music and sound effects to resemble the arcade version.
  8. I was also able to find some of Pixelboy's ongoing projects. And I can't wait. Also, I know that Arkanoid for the Coleco has been released, but did anybody try to port the MSX version of the game for Coleco?
  9. I'm trying to find this port of Zaxxon, but it seems like I can't find it.
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