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  1. Reverting back to this, it's already possible for CV games to be converted to SG / SMS. I've been converting a lot of games lately.
  2. Ooh! Y'know, we should make SG-1000 to ColecoVision sequels of the CV games itself. I wonder why the other versions are just better and already released when we can make a better future for these games.
  3. If you guys had a choice, would you want FM (YM2413)? Either in the SGM or SGM2.
  4. Good ideas, good ideas. I'm actually working on Seleniak right now for the SGM.
  5. When it comes to controller, is 52h the controller or just the data port for the SGM? If it's the data port, then I would use FCh or FFh for controllers.
  6. And, how about we port 007 James Bond (SG-1000 Version) and call it James Bond 2?
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