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  1. Well, if one of you people are completing these goals, keep up the good work trying this.
  2. Bouken Roman works on Aaronix 1, Aaronix 2, and Joy Soft. I also wonder what forum conversation we're talking about, maybe MSX2SMS.
  3. @Carl Mueller Jr Hey there, Carl. It's nice to meet you on this site. I see that Ms. Pac-Man for Intellivision was good, and I also saw one of the guys test out the cartridge for GBC and NES. Your website is different now, and I was wondering if you still have the files for these, because I need to test them out too and to enjoy, even for Ms. Pac-Man. Thanks if responded.
  4. The Bit Corp. Dina. I have the BIOS ROMs for it. It's inside the BlueMSX inside RetroArch. It doesn't have the option to use that system though.
  5. The BIOS was edited. In the last sentence in the file of this loader, you'll see who has edited the BIOS when this user has converted Gyruss. Plus, it would be much more better if Coleco and Sega teamed up to create a ColecoVision adapter for the Sega system. The cartridge might need to have the Coleco controllers built in though because the number pad isn't available on the Sega controller.
  6. I'm glad you liked this emulator, try to check some of my others like ColecoVision to MSX and MSX to Master System conversions. 🙂 BTW, this was based off of Mission which is basically an emulator for MSX by Marcel De Kogel.
  7. I see. Well I just worked hard on it, but you do good on your conversions. So, I think that kinda explains anything. I apologize for the inconvenience. I also will do this. Do you also think I should have created a new thread in the SMS Power! forum?
  8. Also I left notes in both files Mission 2 (0x3F00 - 0x402D) Mission 3 (0x5F00 - 0x602D) They're for all ColecoVision, MSX, and Sega users.
  9. Hello to all, I've just decided to create a type of Mission emulator for the SG-1000 and Master System. It can be seen here: https://www.smspower.org/forums/17943-MissionForSG1000BasedOffOfMSXVersionByMarcelDeKogel This was also based off of Mission for MSX by Marcel De Kogel. This post has been edited.
  10. TBH, the ZX version is good including the C64 (although it was just rewritten). I've done some MSX to SMS conversions on the MSX to SMS Hacks forum. I'm trying to work on Taiwanese MSX DahJee ports.
  11. Hello to all, I've seen some MSX and SG-1000 conversions for the ColecoVision. I was just wondering if there would be any converters in ROM format and sold for the ColecoVision. These three consoles are Z80 processors themselves. Other converters might be the Sord M5, the Casio PV-2000, or the Memotech MTX512.
  12. https://www.smspower.org/forums/9867-SG1000ToColecoVisionPorts#109796 A user has converted Gyruss to the SG-1000.
  13. Really? I'm gonna go check. I also know that the Mark III and the Japanese Master System can play SG-1000 games.
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