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  1. Fixed the red screen problem on the Atari 600xl, the CPU was broken, now just need to upgrade the memory when i get the memory chips in.
  2. So the 4 partitions was the default option of the install disk I changed it to one big partition now and I put some games on it. The hard disk is really quiet for now that is. For me this is my first Atari as I mostly collected Commodore stuff I have a Pet 2001 8kb with chicklet keyboard which I programmed a multilevel snake game in assembler for some months ago, a C64 and a Amiga 1000 on my desk. Also a TI-99/4a as that was my first computer. Upstairs I have l loads of other stuff like 2 Amiga 2000, Zx spectrum, BBC b, Msx 1+2. But I must say this Mega Ste is my and my 6 year old daughter favorite at the moment. Just got an Atari 600xl which boots to red screen so will try to fix that one next. No boring times for me in these times of quarantine.
  3. Thanks for all the help! So I tested the HDDRIVERV11 demo version and that worked! I copied over some file on it and it seems to work very well even with the restrictions the demo version has. So if someone else has the problem download the demo version here -> https://www.hddriver.net/en/demo.html <- I put it on a floppy and started HDDRIVER.PRG that showed it found a ST157N with the 4 partitions and then I started HDDRUTIL.APP and I just double clicked the C partition and it installed the driver automatically and now it boots fine each time. Small Update: If you just use the HDDRIVER.PRG and start it and then use the original disk you can install the original driver and that also works fine so then you don't have the wait time and it is nice and original again. While the modern solutions are nice I prefer the original hardware and I must say it is pretty fast the computer was not used much for sure as keyboard feels new and also the monitor has a great picture quality. Just will need to upgrade the memory to 4MB as now it is 1MB only with all slots populated.
  4. Ok thanks for the help, so that ultrasatan sits where the original hd sits if used with that extra cable? Strange that the original HD showed no bad sectors though. Will first try that new hddriver to be sure it's not a software issue.
  5. I bought a Mega STE with french TOS2.05/1MB ram and a 46MB hard drive and a SC1435 monitor, although i cannot get it to boot from that hd. Mega_STe_Harddrive_Language_Disk-English-US_revA <- So i used this floppy and I can format the HD and it does the check for bad sectors and it doesn't find any bad ones, although when I try the HINSTALL.PRG it shows "No available logical drive for installation of driver." When I try the Zero option it shows "C:" "D:" "E:" "F:" and i can zero them all out without problems, so not sure what the problem is? For the rest the machine seems to work fine tested a couple of games and all worked as expected.
  6. So I think a 32kb memory expansion and a speech synthesizer and a joystick splitter so I can use my C64 joysticks. That should be enough to play most games?
  7. Thanks! And I am happy to tell you that my TI-99/4A is fixed now!! So it seems it was one of those MCM6810P, now it works perfectly also the FinalGROM 99 is amazing all the games that I never could buy when I was young I can play now. Can't play many of the homebrew as it seems you need 32K for that so that will be my next purchase.
  8. Hello Guys, I am trying to get back into the TI-99/4A which was my first computer and this is where my love for programming started. So I bought one from a local website and I was very happy to see that it looked amazing but the problem is that it doesn't boot I just got a black screen and continuous beeping sound, and after I told the seller he did not replay back I have been trying some stuff to fix it, after looking at a couple of threads here and getting some troubleshooting manuals I ordered a TMS9929ANL from ebay and replaced it and the problem is the same, also I saw some people mention the MCM6810P ram chips so I also ordered those and replaced them and still it acts the same. Could it be the GROMs? I cannot find them anywhere, the CD2155NL, CD2156NL and the CD2157NL does anyone have some of these and are willing to sell them? Anyways any kind of help is welcome, I already got my FinalGROM 99 cartridge from the amazing Ralph Benzinger but that will have to wait until my TI-99/4A works. Thanks! Rene
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