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  1. I was bored and had an idea of adding 2 microSD cards that could be switched sorta on the fly. 15cm microSD extension cable, 2in1 microSD switcher and some double sided tape is all I used. I did remove the plastic cover from the female side of the extension and just taped pcb direct to cart shell. You can see that extra ribbon cable tucks nicely into the cart shell. So now when I loan this cart to a coworker he'll have a little bit of a clue as to what he's looking at vs. a long list of intermingled title types. good day.
  2. Fantastic stuff, and bravo to all involved. good day.
  3. About a year ago I mucked around with the method of mounting the SD reader on the other side of the pcb so it could be used in an unmodified original case. I couldn't use the new repro shells since they seem to be a thicker mold than the originals. It could work in the repros with using a ribbon cable and finding a way to secure SD read pcb directly to cart shell. I never got around to milling SD card access in the shell and ended up undoing and putting the vecmulti back in the 3D printed case. I like thinking, trying, analyzing and undoing things, keeps the mind going. good day.
  4. It's a vecfever cart with added serial port hooked to a computer running mame displaying the game on a vectrex http://atariage.com/forums/topic/265808-vecfever/page-11?do=findComment&comment=4149602 post 268 in that thread if you're on tapatalk. good day.
  5. The vecmulti didn't work in his unit even after the caps, but my other multicarts did work with his unit. I almost wonder if something wrong in the rom area on the vectrex is being exploited. My friends unit still works like a champ, it just didn't like my vecmulti. good day.
  6. About a year ago I did a cap job for a friend and on his vectrex my vecmulti looked like the pic above and didn't work, but worked perfectly on my vectrex. I'd lean towards the cart being fine. good day.
  7. Something like this. https://www.amazon.com/Precision-PR-28A-Voltage-Attenuation/dp/B004PA02Q8/ref=sr_1_3?hvadid=174243724235&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9016223&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=e&hvrand=11392692131395151412&hvtargid=kwd-143892415&keywords=high+voltage+probe&qid=1555853674&s=gateway&sr=8-3 good day.
  8. Pretty much 1sec for every kb. good day.
  9. I've made a thread with some info on how to set up and use the development mode on the VecMulti. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/290386-vecmulti-dev-mode-info-and-how-to/ good day.
  10. The info for VecMulti dev mode is kinda scattered in old threads and a video in dutch. I'm making this thread for the old and upcoming new owners of the Richard H VecMulti cart that would like to utilize the dev mode. The dev mode allows for a bin file to be transmitted from a host computer via a usb to serial adapter hooked to the VecMulti and executed on the vectrex in a matter of seconds. This info is for windows users and has been tested on 7 8 and 10. Hopefuly a mac user can also add the info needed to this thread. First add pin header to VecMulti pcb. I used a 90 degree pin header and after it was soldered I slid the black plastic joiner off of the pins. With an xacto knife and a small file you will need to cut a small opening on the side of the cart shell so that you can access the pin header. The usb serial pcb can be anything from the CP2102 family. Here are the 2 types I've tested and used: https://www.amazon.com/CP2102-UART-6PIN-Serial-Converter/dp/B00CD264HG https://www.adafruit.com/product/954 The driver needed for windows is "CP210x_Windows_Drivers_with_Serial_Enumeration" which is also attached to this post. All you need to do is install the package and reboot computer, there are no settings or anything that needs to be changed in windows. Make the proper connections for Ground, RX, TX on the cart. Plug the usb device into computer and open device manager to see what COM port the device is using and make a note of that. The sd card from your VecMulti should include a folder named "Utils" and from that folder you want to copy the VecMulti.exe to your computer (I've also attached the exe to post in case some don't have it). With connections made to cart you just need to remove the SD card from your VecMulti, insert the cart into the vectrex and power it on. It will boot to the Dev Mode screen. Next launch the VecMulti.exe on your computer and change the com port number to match what was shown in the device manager, click on "file" and navigate to any bin file you may have on your computer, select it and hit the send button. After it is complete you will be prompted to hit the "reset" button on your vectrex and you should now see the game running that you picked from computer. It doesn't hurt to make a label for the bottom of the cart for the wire color call outs. The adafruit unit does come with split plugs, I have a dupont connector kit and added a solid 4 pin connector to mine to make plugging in easier. good day. CP210x_Windows_Drivers_with_Serial_Enumeration.zip VecMulti.exe.zip
  11. chopperthedog


    Right on jatari87... It sucks a little that someone turned a gift from tomson into an eBay cash grab. good day.
  12. Oh cool.. Right on. I have no plans to sell anything, just spit balling ideas. Was able to stop at microcenter and pick up some small neodymium magnets to experiment with. Used the thin metal strip from a hanging file folder and put two 6" lengths on the inside of the vectrex housing. Changed the the size of my plastic piece with a new one and epoxied the magnets to it. It works pretty damn well, snaps right into place for horizontal or vertical. good day.
  13. I've seen some vids on youtube with various lighting methods with limited details for the really cool overlays from Laurence. Just wanted to share my simple quick idea and I'm interested to see details of what others have done. Came home from a trip yesterday and my overlay package and order from comet pinball was waiting for me. I was ordering other stuff from comet and added 1 of these https://www.cometpinball.com/product-p/7smd6.3vsmdstrip.htm to my order to try with the overlays. To get going fast, I cut a chunk of thin plastic from a 3 ring folder type thingy, wired in a 6vdc wall-wart, used some 200mph tape to secure it to the unit and I was off and running, works well for horizontal and vertical. Really like the way it looks, works and the simplicity, I'd like to experiment with putting some small magnets at the very front inside the case (seems far enough away from tube to not muck with the image) so that I can just slap my little light hood on the unit when I want to use it. Moon one is pretty slick with lunar lander, square one is fun with tail gunner. I'm a sucker for black lights with video games, I own an asteroids deluxe, space invaders and extra bases (only known working upright) coin op games that have the b&w monitors, back drops and 2 way mirrors, so these overlays were right up my alley. good day.
  14. chopperthedog


    Here's the stand I came up with. The height of the stand was dictated by the center of the screen when in vertical mode and also added a tad of kick back so the screen points at face better. Basically the center of the screen is at the same height whether it's in stock vertical mode or on the stand in the horizontal position (giggidy). I've been hammering through some ideas in my head for a fold able version. good day.
  15. chopperthedog


    Yeah, battlezone. Judging by vectrexmad's post the gag order has been lifted. Just another impressive undertaking by tomson. The "stramash mode" came in some later versions and is pretty slick, but I like the vectrex on its side for games like this. I plotted out some shapes and cut myself a custom overlay based on original scheme for horizontal mode. I wish that stand was better thought out, after receiving my print I ended up making one out of some 1/8" mdf, 1"x2" and some screws. good day.
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