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  1. Driving controllers on atari vcs are not optical, the use a gray encoders. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gray_code That's the nicer encoder to have (doesn't feel as "ropey" as the more common pcb stack encoders). Comes apart real easy for cleaning with lightly prying the corner tabs. You can also reduce the friction by bending down the unused sweeps (see attached pic). After cleaning a spritz of deoxit on the pcb for lubrication is recomended. good day.
  2. There's some other cool TTL coin op stuff that wasn't exactly a video game. I have an Electro-Dart wall game from 1971 in my collection, main pcb is in the left unit and large multi pin cable connects to right unit for lamp operation. Fun game, on wireless remote you press and hold button while watching the animation of your dudes arm and release button/dart at right time to get bullseye or lesser score based on timing. There's no sound, you just have to picture a couple old dudes sitting at the bar of the VFW in 1972 passing the remote back and forth with 50¢ bets on each game. I've been meaning to shoot a good video of mine in operation, there's a couple other blair witch type vids on the tube already if you want the gist of the game. Wonder how many folks here have even heard of "wall games". good day.
  3. Was able to log some hours testing over the last week and I'll applaud their attempt, but something isn't right with the paddle portion. It has a strange feeling on the left side of the screen, almost like there's a different resolution interpretation of the pot beyond center left. Right side of screen seems ok, but all game failures were due to something off with left of center. I couldn't even get close to 1000 with the ranger on kaboom after hours of trying to adapt. Plugged in my trusty Sears video arcade II (modified for 2600) controller (pictured far right) and got 2225 on kaboom on the 3rd game and cleared 3 screens on avalanche. Also tried the standard paddle and had some fair scores, but I get in the groove with that 2800 controller on paddle games. Went back to ranger and it felt like crap again. It's not bad as a game pad with the joy and button, but paddle is not right, ermm left. :p Ain't no one gonna be setting any records with the ranger paddle, it will just piss you off. If you have a 2800 controller and are interested in wiring it for paddle on a 2600 see here: good day.
  4. If you're in the Chicago area or happen to have a 2 hour layover at ORD, you can swing over to his store and buy in real life direct. Video Games Then & Now 4850 N. Harlem Ave. Harwood Heights, IL. 60706 good day.
  5. If your image is set to the test cart overlay, than the tour de france overlay will line up perfectly to the little clear gear window. It's actually not a bad little game, neat dynamic with having to grab waters along the way. good day.
  6. Heads up for the non fakebook crowd. Came across these during an ebay search yeasterday and was able to run over to his store today and grab these from him. The tour de france package is fantastic, top notch overlay. The multicart overlay is also top notch stuff. Sean on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/sch/skelly-etc/m.html?item=233457067209&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 good day.
  7. chopperthedog


    For those like me that value their privacy it wasn't til today when I checked http://vectrex.co.uk/ that I learned that Thomas set up a site and posted his new/current goods here: https://www.vecfever.com/ Of course the biggest addition is the whole cinematronics/vectorbeam CCPU game collection, this goes great for exploring the original coin op games that led to ports of the GCE games of the vectrex. I've seen some cool UV overlays done by Laurence, but I wanted to create some overlays that gave a nod to the original coin op overlay schemes that were used. With my little cutter I came up with a nice set for myself. Star Wars and ESB is some exciting stuff, was able to get to do some testings of Star Wars over the summer and actually found myself addicted to the game (not a bad little shooter), gotta get my ESB on now. Another great new FW setting is the orientation for the menu, no more taco neck while rockin' the SBT horizontal games. The horizontal SBT games also got the brain power flowing to come up with a better stand than the 3D print thingy. Wanted it to be minimal, safe, fold-able and a sturdy stand for horizontal gaming. Height of stand was determined by the center of the screen in vertical mode, so the height of screen is same when on the stand. good day.
  8. chopperthedog


    My initial comment about vextreme was an uneducated one not knowing they're similar based hardware. So, I apologize for sounding like a dick. There's about 130 fevers and about 20 of the "ultimate" editions that are out there. Normally someone does some cool hardware and abandons the software 6 months or a year later, but he's still plucking away with development of the sbt's of the coin op stuff and fw features. It does suck that more can't enjoy it. good day.
  9. chopperthedog


    Not even close, better off comparing vextreme to the vecmulti or vecflash. The fever is in its own class. good day.
  10. chopperthedog


    Oooof... glorified? Far from it. Some pretty masterful programming and features that no other cart can remotely come close to doing on the vec. Bet that fever sells for $1300+. good day.
  11. Sold sealed/unopened copy of stramash zone for the vectrex. $140 (via paypal) shipped to the lower 48 states. If you're in the Chicago area I'm about 2mi south of midway apt and you can come pick it up for $100 cash. good day.
  12. chopperthedog


    I did do a quick search for some swivel feet and was only finding larger pieces for chairs and such. I will say a bulk of the weight of the vec is towards the rear at that mold angle where I have the rear supports situated. The front supports seem to have about 35% or less of the weight on them and the rear has the rest, so there isn't any undue added pressure to the case to cause any long term deformation. I've been keeping an eye on the thread caps for any wear last couple weeks with nothing bad to report. It's nice to have screen at an angle and height for playing the tomson sbt horizontal gold along with the piece of mind that my vec safe. good day.
  13. chopperthedog


    Continuing from my post #321 in this thread with wanting to come up with a minimal folding stand, I finally got some time at the bench to try an idea with some materials. I kept the same height and kickback angle specs from the original wood one. Slant of unit is compensated with the length and position of the rear supports, so when looking straight at screen the legs and cross brace line up, unlike that 3d print. Main center of gravity is covered well with small footprint of stand and you just hold to side of unit, pick up, rotate and set down on legs with ease. Pretty happy with result, it's sturdy, minimal and folds flat. good day.
  14. chopperthedog


    Yes. It just acts like a mass storage device on any platform. good day.
  15. In my color overlay set there are 2 fluorescent colors that offer an interesting glow with bright vectors and at one point I wondered if an image could be etched into the material to make a custom overlay. Fast forward many months and was exploring warrior via vecmame through the vecfever and saw that the game is virtually unplayable without knowing the original artwork or having an overlay. This was the chance to try out the etching idea from months ago. Took the mame art and made it real low res and turned into a cut file and with light pressure etched the image into the backside of the material. With a blue overlay on top and illumination from my black light it offers a pretty cool effect. good day.
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