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  1. I did a run similar couple years back. In my research and experimenting with buttons and sticks, I learned sanwa or bust on buttons, cheap ebay "sanwa like" buttons turn to powder and squeak after some use. The joysticks with the grooves in the shafts felt cheap and I noticed jumpy pots with the 2 I tested, bit the bullet on some units with no grooves from some robotics place that were $18 each, but you felt the quality when the stick was mounted. The fanned button layout will alienate a number of games, I went with straight layout so the games that are L R thrust and fire can be played comfortably with large hands. Also with games like protector and you're on the joystick, button 1 is a quick thumb twitch away for reverse. If you use the same case I did, you won't get a button that low in the slope area. I've encouraged folks to copy my layout and cash in. Texture of the overlay is crucial and a nice touch to try to match. I documented from prototype to the product here. (starts on page 2) http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,154425.0.html Other photos. https://tbone1892001.wixsite.com/vectrex-guide/chopper-controller good day.
  2. The overlay was done in true screen print form and it's the original release from the man. Wish I could've swung throwing my hat in the ring for the initial printing. The packrat/kelly and BDub (as I learned looking at the pcb and seeing the color led) is at a fantastic point that clearly isn't getting anyone rich and providing a top notch product. So if you ordered one and have a clear case, get it ready to display that nice vectorblade pcb. Mad props to all involved. good day
  3. The circled tab in pic is kinda a spring that keeps tension on the centering rings so they don't rattle around. There's 2 rings and 2 tabs stacked that work interdependently. sometimes you have to hold 1 tab while rotating the other. Another tip: Take note of the angle of the front of the screen with back cover on, angle of unit leans back with cover off and will skew the view of adjustments being made, prop back of unit up with a book so it's same angle as with cover on. Also make adjustments sitting at your playing spot. good day.
  4. Agreed. Go with UAV. Also see here before you take a drill to the 7800 case. good day.
  5. chopperthedog


    @gtoal On the back side I just used some good clear label/packaging tape. Doesn't show up when installed on vec. If I was going to go further with these, was thinking of getting sheets of paper backed label covers and cutting custom shaped pieces for the smaller items. Battlezone and others with score window at top is just one long piece trimmed to edge of overlay. The trick to using rolled tape is to pull a long length off swiftly to not damage the glue on the tape so that you have a clean clear piece. Armor attack is just the grid cut out in blue and with small pieces of tape affixed to the reverse side of yellow. :p Same with WoW. Hot lamination would not go well for sure. Edge to edge gluing crossed my mind, but never attempted knowing that would fail as well. They do hold up well though, never considered the custom ones as a polished product though. I enjoy the hell out of them for myself. And sadly I'm sitting on material to make 20 more sets of the colored overlays I was selling before, but it is all garbage, warps in colors, not fully transparent, was a gut punch and huge money loss. Experimented with some other sources and it's like everyone has the same bad batch. good day.
  6. Hey, Chopper - hope you're well, just wanted to give you a heads-up, I used some of your YT footage of Midway's Table Tennis in my documentary on attempts to turn Pong into a mechanical game - hope you like it!


    History of Mechanical & Electro Mechanical Pong Games!

  7. Very cool stuff, but my unit didn't have side port and I wanted s-vid, L/R audio (it's mono but quick hook up for my system) and composite. You might be the person to run with this idea and offer a 3rd option for the folk that do the UAV install. Wish I was smart enough for this 3d printing thingamajigs. good day.
  8. @StephenJ, frogger doesn't fit within the spirit of what he's doing. That game only has options for 1 or 2 player and difficulty. Where a game like space invaders has over 100 different game options, variations and combinations that benefits tremendously from a start menu. good day.
  9. I'll get some inside pics when I go to work on the controls again. Almost thought there was no hope for it when I first got it a couple years ago, it's one large PCB and the double sided tape on PCB retainers in center let loose. The player 1 & 2 pots are hard soldered to PCB and 3 & 4 have wires, but both player 1 & 2 pots got bent up separated in half due to the weight and whole PCB was bouncing around in case. If I can fix the controls, this will be a pretty nice save. If you need pics or anything hit me up. I have the boxes for the radio shack, speedway and pong sports IV units. good day.
  10. Trying to plow through things from my todo pile before spring hits and the backyard RC track reopens. I've gathered these random units cheap over the last 4 years. They all had random issues ranging from crappy video, jittery pots, locked sounds, broken pot, non working switches and just over all filthy. The major save for me is the coleco telstar arcade, had one growing up, it was a great option for a single mother raising 3 kids that couldn't afford a VCS at the time. Aside from RF tweaking, changing shifter switch, pot and switch cleaning, it had a sound issue. When it was supposed to be a blip or bloop it would output a crash sound. So something on the sound board was locked, figured out the signal trigger inputs and after looking at spec sheets narrowed it down to 2 chips. Found them online over a year ago, but finally did the repair with perfect success. The tennis game now blips and bloops instead of the crash sound. I'm proud to have this example in my collection. The radio shack Electronic TV Scoreboard had a broken pot in the main unit. The sweep had come separated from the plastic shaft. Thankfully the plastic was real receptive to CA glue and got the sweep back in place for good. The speedway RF unit was toast, just could not be tuned, thankfully this is one of them units that looks sweet through composite. Lifted center pin from RF out jack and tapped from the video input. I'm only getting action from 1 of the 4 pots, I've narrowed it down to the comparator chip. Will hunt for one and hope for a fix. Great weekend to finally get 4 out of 5 of my pong units ready for prime time and fully playable. Made great headway on the Telegames Speedway and saw a clean image for the first time, hope to solve the input issue. good day.
  11. Strip of double sided tape under header/pot and small piece just under the power input of UAV so the rest of board is floating above chip. Should be fine. Thought about top of RF thingy, but I did put shield back. Yeah, knew I was killing the audio to RF, no biggie at all. Last and final time the RF was connected was for the PP screen shot. :p Your guide was great though. good day.
  12. Finally added a 7800 to the collection last week, was just waiting for the right CL deal. Ordered a UAV after seeing how rough the RF signal is. I've done many mods to other consoles, but the case on the 7800 really is a bugger. Knowing how brittle the plastic is and also would never be happy with jack placement, I just didn't have the heart to take a drill to this thing. Had a 9v battery enclosure hanging out in the parts bin and got the idea to use that as a jack box for the unit. Held on with some VHB tape, wires route through added hole in 9v box that lines up with the 2/3 switch opening. Header pins used for vid connections on UAV and audio line is soldered, easy to fish wires back out should any future repairs be needed. Someone that is savvy in the 3d print world could do a slim line box that would stick to the molding of the cable wrap on botton and have all jacks in one row. I'm just an idea guy, but really happy with the results, it's easy to hook up when needed and no drilling. The video quality is stunning with the UAV. good day.
  13. Chip looks original, 22nd week of 1983, and pretty normal for clean sweep. good day.
  14. You're making sure that the voltage is zeroed out when nothing is being drawn to the screen. Logic board generates digital signal and DAC converts to analog to drive the vector monitor, it's kinda like setting the idle on an old engine. There are some bad vids out there, best place to start is giving the vectrex service manual and read through a couple times, helped me a ton. It's like 40 pages long or so, covers in some detail of the operation of circuit, find it on console5 or other places. good day.
  15. Hope these get in the hands of people that have wanted one for an extended period (like myself) and not caving in to the secondary market. Thinkers and double uppers should get to the back of the line. good day.
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