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  1. I've bought the game when it was released and did a bit of a playthrough of it this weekend up to M9 (I think it was M9 at least...). The timing on that level seems incredibly tight and it almost feels like I'm basically missing a box to make it more managable. On the other hand, it may just be intended Looking at the video, it may feel like the timing is a bit tighter than it actually is. I'm planning to more this weekend at least Also great to see someone at least speedrunning the first levels, I rushed through it a bit after taking my first complete game over and it does seem quite managable. Especially when you start noticing patterns at the other boss-fights as well. The biggest trouble I've had so far was the Sand boss, as it didn't feel completely predictable so I'd run into it.
  2. This game looks really good and from the video the gameplay seems solid! And the soundtrack is sick Can't wait to at least try it on Steam
  3. I've received mine yesterday, many thanks!
  4. My copy already arrived today, earlier than I expected Thanks again Karri
  5. Grumpmeister

    Lynx Grumpmeister

    Since images from Twitter are not allowed...
  6. This is starting to look better and better, definitely looking forward to the end result. It feels like you've made a lot of progress in just a few months now.
  7. Awesome, can't wait! I'm looking forward to the complete package and using the poker chips, that really adds to the experience (and doesn't even compare to the paper method)
  8. Hmm, the Sandra's I know are timid and not too deadly... as far as I know... I'll be more careful around them... I'm looking forward to it at least, also to play this on stream using the poker chips as intended instead of my half-arsed paper-method (with the camera showing this part on the table as well). I'd still want to check if I can lower my time
  9. We Dutchies sure are a deadly bunch then
  10. Oh man, the challenge completely slipped my mind as I got caught up with getting a speedrun going of Zaku (which I've submitted for a speedrun marathon in 2 weeks). Fingers crossed no-one did better than me, otherwise I'll just buy a copy :')
  11. Nice one Just out of curiosity, as it's not really shown in the video, are the controls only done by the d-pad? And is there a time constraint (I'm guessing the top-right bar)?
  12. Haha, I'm fully aware There's a reason why Fat Bobby is used in 'kusoge' (bad game) tournaments, that's a big part of why I want it. Depends on what you'd find easy, but using OBS you can capture the window of the emulator and just record that. It's pretty easy to set up If I'm correct, the output is a .flv which (I guess) can be uploaded to Youtube. I haven't done much with Youtube myself, everything I do ends up on Twitch.
  13. I've had a Lynx during my childhood and still have some fond memories of it. For instance, Lynxing up for Rampage, Xenophobe and Todd's Adventure in Slime World, but also my masochistic attempts through Batman Returns, breaking my childhood brain over higher levels in Chip's Challenge or raging at Bill & Ted. It is pretty niche, especially if you'd compare it to the Gameboy crowd. For me it started living again earlier this year. I've been (more seriously) speedrunning since... March or so, where I was picking up other niche titles (the CDi Zelda games). At one point I was just going over my childhood games and ran into the Lynx games. As my mother actually carefully stored pretty much everything, I had access to 2 Lynxes (my brother doesn't want his) and quite some games. So I started looking into whether it'd be possible to somehow stream the Lynx. And that was the point for me where things took off. I ran into an article about Wyvern Tales, which was just released at that point. As someone who really enjoys (J)RPG's, I was really intrigued by this title, so I ended up here and I'm on the waiting list (hoping I'm part of the upcoming batch). From there I ran into the McWill mod, which has been applied by McWill this summer (thanks again!). Using that, I've worked out a setup which I can use to stream the game to my PC so I can record or stream it. So basically it became a small hobby project to get this going. Because this is now possible, it opens up a basically untouched goldmine of speedrunnable games. Emulators are generally a bit frowned upon for in-person marathons, but using the McWill mod + the setup I've created, these become possible as well. For instance, I'm currently planning to do a speedrun of Zaku in November and / or maybe the Easy adventure of Todd's Adventures in Slime World (I think that can be finished within 10 minutes, would have to time it). But bigger would be the speedrunner Janglestorm who will run Gordo 106 at AGDQ (start of January), which is the biggest speedrun marathon worldwide. He'll use my Atari / setup for it, so my Lynx is going to get world fame I'm hoping this will also lead to some more exposure to the library of the Lynx. Sure, not all of it is good, but there definitely are some gems in there. But for me, the staying power are definitely the homebrews that are being worked on and the games I haven't touched yet. I still want to play Ninja Gaiden III for instance, so I'll order that one soon. Likely add Fat Bobby to it, etc. As a speedrunner I'm also really enjoying Karri's 'Shaken, not stirred' in combination with the challenge. The main downside would be the initial costs to get into it. Getting a working Atari may proof difficult for some people (depending on country / region), you'd have to hope it's still working and if you really want to get the most out of it, a McWill mod would be great to have. However, the Everdrive-esque solution of the Multi-SD card will also really help revitalize the scene, I'd wager.
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