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  1. If they're one of those shady stores run by Habib that stink of B.O. and curry and deal in stolen merchandise, that's good they went out of business. That's what it sounds like.
  2. Yeah, why buy a DC twin stick when you can buy a SS one for $50 and get a $15 or so adapter to use it on both systems?
  3. Measures 12"x18", nice wooden frame with glass. Great game room or office decoration. Flyer is an original, not a reprint. $25.50 shipped
  4. 1. Tempest 2. Wizard of Wor 3. PropCycle 4. Metal Slug 2 5. Shootout
  5. It seemed to me like they killed off the last generation of systems way too quickly. It wasn't like the graphics or sound were dated looking and disappointing anyone. Starting a new generation of system just so you can get a bump up in resolution, that you'll only notice if you have an HDTV that can display that resolution, seemed dumb.
  6. I still don't get the appeal of the VCS adapter for the CV to people who already owned a 2600. This thinking that it's ok to upgrade to the CV because we can play the games on an adapter. Why not just keep the 2600 system?
  7. Goo Gone is just a brand name for concentrated orange oil from orange peels.
  8. I think I have one that looks like an MP-5, has autofire. I have no idea how anyone can play games like HOTD 2 or Point Blank using a regular pistol.
  9. There are other finished or nearly finished ADAM games that could be put on a cartridge easier: A.E., Hard Hat Mack, Pinball Construction Set, Family Feud, Jeopardy, Temple of Apshai.
  10. umm... have you actually looked at some of his reviews? It helps if you know how to play a game before you review it.
  11. How can I do that ole Iron Eyes Cody? (scuze my ignorance) Look on ebay, tradin times and Craigslist for ADAM's. You can't give them away. The ones that sell for decent money on ebay are the huge software/hardware bundles or the ones mint in the original box/shipping container. A loose ADAM console by itself can't get $5.00.
  12. You could just buy an ADAM for like $5 or get one for free. They come with A/V out built-in and don't have a troublesome power switch like the CV.
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