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  1. Hi patbb, I have an Intellivision Flashback. I had the Classic Console in the 80's. The game lasted a little over an hour.... I had around 80,000 points before the forever glitch happened. I've now been successful getting this glitch to happen 3 times in my lifetime play of Space Armada.... I've been playing it off and on since I was 14. Cheers! Rickster8
  2. Hello Y'all, Check out the SUPER PHAT score I popped today in Space Armada. Last August I got a crazy score of 31,793,900+ in Practice Mode. The score I got today was in Game Mode and it crushes my high score I got over 35 years ago. That score was 2,835,000+ in Game Mode. Someone here said that they read the code for Space Armada and they said that there were 9 spaces for the score meaning scores could go out to the 9th place or 999,999,999. So once I heard that the challenge was on and now that challenge has been met. 107,351,520 POINTS!!! Sorry I missed the Space Armada High Score Club Contest back in April. I will keep my eyes open for the next one. Is this contest held once a year and is it usually in the Spring? I love Space Armada, but now there might not be much reason to play it anymore as both my high scores (in Practice Mode and in Game Mode) I will surely never beat. I played it for years trying to beat my High Score when I was a kid and completely SMASHED it today.... 😱😱😱 To me these are the two highest scores in Space Armada ever (31,793,900 in Practice Mode and 107,351,520 in Game Mode). Until I hear or see otherwise that's my story and I'm sticking to it. 😋 Cheers! Rickster8 PS - Just to be clear. I am in no way trying to enter this score into any contests as I know full well that this score was attained from 'Excessive Point Leeching' and / or 'Camping'. I know that this is against the rules and I'm fine with that. I just posted this to show that I crushed my old high score in Game Mode and that I met the challenge that was made last Summer to get a Space Armada score that was 9 digits long. That being said, I regularly get over 100k in Space Armada (in Game Mode) without 'Excessive Point Leeching' and / or 'Camping' so I feel I would be pretty tough to beat. Also, if I posted this into the wrong section of this site I apologize as I am still relatively new to this site. Only 15 total posts to date. So if there is another spot that this type of post belongs please let me know. Lastly, if there is anyone who thinks that this score / pic is a fake, doctored in any way or photo-shopped. Please know I have 30 or so different pics of my ridiculous Space Armada score from yesterday which I will gladly post if there are any Doubting Thomas's. 😜😛😝
  3. Hello AAB, Thanks for your very detailed explanation of this 'glitch'. Yes you are correct the only way this glitch can happen repeatedly is thru the shield or barrier. If the saucer is down low and not on the shield you might be able to hit him twice but that is kind of rare. This is a very complicated glitch indeed. I have been able to do it numerous times (I probably have somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 scores over 100k and I would have to say 95% of those scores have some variant of catching the red saucer on the barrier repeatedly) but I have only managed to do the forever glitch twice in my life. Once when I was 15 and about a month ago with the score listed up above. To do the 'forever glitch' you need to get a Perfect Storm scenario. You have to catch the red saucer precisely before he descends onto a barrier and right after an armada is defeated. If you do this the next armada will not appear until the red saucer is done taking his beating, lol. So a 9 digit score is possible? Sweet, I will keep trying to do it, hopefully in game mode..... Cheers! Rickster8
  4. Another observation. In Space Armada you can pretty quickly get down to one guy left on the screen. If he's still up high enough you can wait for the red saucer to come out so you can shoot him for more points. Is this considered 'camping'? And if so, how do you gauge whether or not this happened in a Space Armada High Score Competition? To me 'camping' is kind of a slippery slope. Very hard to quantify if it's happening or not, especially in Space Armada.
  5. Lol apparently my score would also fail for the HSC because it was done in practice mode. So that's two fails right there, hahahahahaha. Again, my intention was not to qualify for HSC, just to share the score. It's a good thing not a bad thing because this board is somewhat dead, maybe cuz it's the Summer? Another observation. It appears the high score (HSC) here (for Space Armada) is 130k+. Just saying that's a pretty good score in game mode, but to me there had to be some kind of 'camping' (hitting saucer numerous times repeatedly) done to get that score. Don't get me wrong I think it's part of the game. You need to keep hitting him to restore your barriers and to get points. Yeah doing it a thousand times like I did last Saturday night is ridiculous, but again it's just me trying to beat me score when I was a teenager. We kind of had a running competition in my house between my dad, my brother and me. My 2,835,000+ score was the highest in our house. Both my brother and dad got 1,000,000+.
  6. Okay thanks for the definition. That being said. This is just me sharing my high score. No competition. In fact the only competition here is me against myself beating an old personal high score. I will eventually do it in game mode which is my next goal for this crazy game..... Whether the programmer meant for the spaceship to be hit repeatedly in certain situations is unknown, but like you said up above. 'It's interesting that the programmer accounted for such high scores that seem impossible without the bug.'
  7. Camping? What does that mean? Are you saying because it was 'Practice Mode'?
  8. I had to hold the button down for like 20 minutes. My thumb almost fell off lol....
  9. Yeah I guess it's a bug or more like an IF THEN GOTO loop.... If the red saucer gets to the barrier before you shoot him you won't get any credit for hitting him. It's all timing, you have to shoot him right before he lands. To catch him all has to be right... I've gotten him a bunch of times but have only trapped him for MEGA points twice in my life. Once when I was 15 lol and the other night....
  10. Hello All, So lastnight I played Space Armada game mode and got a score of 102,210. I proceeded to play a few games after that in practice mode and then it happened. The perfect storm scenario. The same one I had happen 35 years ago (in game mode). The red spaceship descended onto my right barrier immediately after I cleared the Armada from the screen. I shot him right before he landed on the barrier and I caught him there for what seemed like an hour. I held the button in an just kept crushing him again and again and again. The points were racking up, but I could not see the score obviously. I knew though that the score was going up exponentially as my right barrier kept trying to grow and the Armada from the next screen wasn't coming back up. So I kept holding the button in hopes of beating my unbelievable game score from 35 years ago when I was 15. I can finally say what my score was then because with the proof from lastnight it will now be believed. 35 years ago I got a game score of 2.835 million. Back then I took a pic of the screen with an old camera and I sent in the negative to Intellivision, but I never heard back from them. So lastnight I finally got some proof that you can rack up HUGE scores in Space Armada. Everything has to be perfect, but you can catch that devious red spaceship and rip him up for lots of points. So again lastnight I caught him on the far right barrier and just held the shoot button in and just kept crushing him over and over and over again. I must have gotten to about 500 to 750 (estimate) shots and then I decided to start counting. From that point on I counted atleast another 1,050 shots. by then my hand was shaking because my thumb was pressing the shoot button for around 20 straight minutes. My thumb actually fell asleep, pins and needles. I was starting to get nervous that the game would glitch out and then I would once again not have definitive proof of my crazy Space Armada scores. So after shooting the red spaceship around 1,750 times (estimate), I released my thumb and then saw the craziest BIGGEST Space Armada score I have ever seen in my life. It crushed my 2.835 million score from 35 years ago. Yeah this score was in practice mode, but it's still a crazy unbelievable Space Armada score nonetheless. After I released my thumb that was numb lol, the score flashed up. I had 31.8 million. Then the Armada came back and I shot as much as I could with a shaking hand and then they squashed me. When all was said and done my practice score was an unprecedented 31,793,900 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol so now we know that Space Armada scores can go out to the 8th digit, 99,999,999. Now I want to know if they go out to the 9th digit, 999,999,999??? New challenge awaits HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! I still think my score from 35 years ago 'could' be the highest Space Armada game score ever. But I really believe my practice score lastnight is the single highest Space Armada score EVER. That's my story and I'm sticking to it until I see definitive proof otherwise. Please somebody call Guinness HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Finally got the 35 year old monkey off my back...... Cheers!!! Rickster8
  11. Hello, Has there been any movement on the Intellivision Flashback 2? My Intellivision Flashback 1 crapped out yesterday after not even 6 weeks of use (I was playing it for like 4 minutes then it glitched out - must be fried or something). Ugh!!!! Clearly the Flashback isn't nearly as durable as the older model Intelliviision Consoles I played as a kid. I looked at the Atgames website and I didn't see anything about Intellivision Flashback 2. Even more troubling is they listed all the other Flashback games, but not Intellivision. Makes me think they have abandoned it all together? Maybe someone here can shed some light? Thanks, Rickster8
  12. Right, I no longer have my Intellivision. I think it's still at my parents house in the attic. Not sure it even works anymore. Like 15 years ago I was at my brothers house and he was playing Intellivision games on his PC, but that's the only time I saw the games there. I never played Intellivision on the PC any other time. That's why having Flashback is so weird to me cuz it has been years and years since I've played these games. Part of me feels like a teenager again, hahahahahaha
  13. I used to play AstroSmash and Night Stalker as well and I got pretty high scores in those games years ago, but now I pretty much just play Space Armada.
  14. Hi everyone, So yesterday (Saturday - June 9th) I put up a pretty sick score in Space Armada, 207,760. I played it (Space Armada) alot as a kid in the 80's and then didn't play it for years, but last month I bought Intellivision Flashback so I am back playing it again. In the last month I have 5 scores over 100k. Years ago I put up many high scores. The 207,760 is probably my 5th best score ever, but it is definitely my best score in close to 35 years.... Cheers! Rickster8
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