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  1. So A day after my two Dracula scores both hands are sore, but the right one hurts a little more lol. Getting old boys..... 🙄😜
  2. I've had 3 InTV Flashbacks upgraded by Todd (Byte Knight). Great price, great service. I highly recommend him..... 👍
  3. Now doubt man, the controller just seems to actually get stuck in this one numerous times and then the constable gets you with his stake because of it. Also, when you want to get back into the graveyard sometimes you have to press up repeatedly for it to work. 😤
  4. Yeah that’s what I was saying to Intelligentleman yesterday. You are supposed to have from 5:00am to 6:00am to get back to the coffin, but sometimes it’s like a split second or two and then poof game ends. Yes very unfair, but it’s been happening to all of us or it will anyway. 😩👎
  5. My First Dracula Update: Finally got some time to seriously play this one. Unlike River Raid I have picked this one up VERY FAST, but my thumbs are KILLING me..... I like how the game differentiates what level of the game you are playing. Black numbers for EASY, Blue numbers for MEDIUM and Red numbers for HARD. That's awesome!!! 👍 12,225 - Medium Level 8,725 - Hard Level
  6. That’s what I mean the time is way too inconsistent. Sometimes the sky is pink for like a minute and then on times when Dracula dies it is almost instantaneous so I agree something else to me is at play here. Maybe just a gaming glitch....
  7. @JacobZu7zu7 #16 and #18 (popsicle / Popsicle) need to be removed. He is one player. He has 28 total points now which puts him at 13. 👍
  8. HOLY SCHNIKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are UNREAL!!!! I can't even break 25k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😩
  9. Yeah but this is like wicked fast. The sky just turns pink and then poof the game is over.... 😲 I'm wondering if there is a certain number of times the constable can hit you with his wooden stake per round or something?
  10. Games Won Update: 8 IntyFanMatt - Shark! Shark! / Pac-man / Worm Whomper / Pitfall / Star Strike / Beauty & The Beast / Dreadnaught Factor x2 4 BiffMan - Auto Racing / Utopia / Frog Bog x2 3 INTELLIVISION SPARTAN - Night Stalker / Pitfall / Tron Deadly Discs 3 Rickster8 - Space Armada / Auto Racing / Frog Bog 2 Mr_me - Star Strike / Bump 'N' Jump
  11. Does anybody know why this game sometimes just seems to randomly end? It's happened to me a few times, happened to Matt and some others on videos I have watched. The sky will go pink and then a split second later the game just ends??? I doesn't seem to be from needed blood... Is it a game glitch ya think??? 🤷‍♂️
  12. My River Raid Update: More nickel and dime improvement. This time I actually died crashing into a bridge. Ugh!!! 🙄🙄🙄👎 24,380
  13. My River Raid Update: Still a little more improvement. This game is so damn nerve-racking. I hate those small yellow helicopters that fly back and forth really fast. They are a total death-trap for me.... 🥵 23,030
  14. Nice, I gotta ask is there any significance to the cleverly arranged oranges in the picture? 😜
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