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  1. My Thunder Castle Update: I gotta say I'm NOT a big fan of this game at all. I find it almost impossible to catch the wizards. I had 5 guys on screen two and every one of them died and I didn't catch one f'kin wizard. 🤬🖕 The mouse who is supposed to energize you instead runs away from you. I feel they really made a HUGE development flaw in not allowing the Knight to speed up when energized. Just plain STUPID!!!! Not gonna spend too much time on this one cuz it flat out pisses me off.... Again we should change this seasons theme to games that frustrate the hell out of you.... 👎 2x 10,000 + 11,500 = 31,500
  2. Yeah this game is friggin BAD!!! I have both EMU and the 2609 so I try both. EMU is much better to play because with the cartridge version you cannot go near the stairs because most of the time the Sea Hags will be invisible and a floating hammer will come at you out of nowhere, not kidding..... The Sea Hags are not SUPPOSED to be invisible, they are supposed to appear so you atleast get a warning... Nope not my crummy cart version.. You go near the stairs and get hit with a hammer that appears out of nowhere. So now when I'm playing the cart version I have to stay in the middle and wait for the hammers to come and then I can make a break for it to climb the stairs, but if Brutus is coming then I have no choice and gotta chance it.... Then there's Popeye getting stuck thing, either going up the stairs or trying to go down the stairs, it's a NIGHTMARE!!! He even gets stuck sometimes on straightaways. Just yesterday on the 2nd level I reached for the spinach and got stuck in the wall behind it... Ugggghhh Just a bad bad bad game... It has potential and is playable, but because of the control flaws and other issues it's just one big heaping pile of video excrement..... 🙄👎
  3. I'm strong to the finish, cuz I eats my spinach, I'm Popeye the Sailor Man, toot toot!!! 😝
  4. My Popeye Update: My 50k goal is now complete... 😁👍 55,200
  5. We had a BIG turn-out for Demon Attack... 22 people submitted scores....But we are always looking for more people... Please feel free to come on over to the InTv High Score Club and throw in scores. This week we are playing Popeye and Thunder Castle. Next week is He Man.... 👍 Hope to see you there. 🍺 Rickster8
  6. Games Won Update: 2 CParsley - Beamrider / Lock N Chase 1 Biffman - USCF Chess 1 Rickster8 - Demon Attack
  7. NEW Overall Point Totals after Demon Attack / USCF Chess: 1. cparsley [+54] 2. IntellivisionSpartan [+33] 2. Rickster8 [+33] 4. cmadruga [+29] 5. biffman [+28] 6. mr_me [+19] 6. popsicle [+19] 8. Player One [+17] 9. bamse [+15] 10. wolfy62 [+14] 11. gbag [+12] 12. IntellivisionMaster [+11] 12. IntyFanMatt [+11] 14. JacobZu7zu7 [+10] 15. patbb [+9] 15. JasonlikesINTV [+9] 17. Ace24 [+5] 17. rogerpoco [+5] 19. jblenkle [+4] 19. Intelligentleman [+4] 19. fakecortex [+4] 19. classicGMR [+4] 19. gar0u [+4] 24. Mangia-Boy [+3] 24. hoosierdadee78 [+3] 26. sneakyturtleegg [+1] 26. toiletunes [+1] 26. Mister-VCS [+1]
  8. Also since this is a new scoring method playing this game, the high score for this go-around will be a new HSC record....
  9. Ok let's do it. Sparty's suggestion now goes into play..... I will also change the game end date to two weeks from tonight on Monday the 8th.... 👍 Level that you die on x 10,000 points plus points on your tv screen. We use the Honor system. keep the farming in check. Die on level 6 with 32,000 points = 92,000 total points. the tv screen points should be a reasonable amount since we’ll all be advancing with a 10,000 bonus per screen. Rationale: we use the Honor system anyway...... and c’mon ... the moment someone claims they got 50,000+ it’s just not believable that there was no farming. If you can get 57,000 points, you can clear every board in 5 to 10 minutes. The best players would end their games around 35,000 to 40,000 points on level 10, 11 or 12.
  10. We can definitely look at this idea since nobody has submitted a score yet. Lets see what Matt says as he knows this game better than anyone I know. He even currently holds the World Record on Twin Galaxies.... Matt what say you about Sparty's idea for Thunder Castle? @IntyFanMatt I can also move the ending date on this to the day after on Monday, March 8th so we still get in a full two weeks to play while we are deciding how best to set this game up. But one thing to consider the old record would probably have to be changed based on this new formula as well... In the mean-time lets try to hold off putting in scores until we get this sorted out. Thx
  11. I think CParsley put up a score you might have missed? 🤔
  12. FINAL Demon Attack / USCF Chess Update: RICKSTER8 (ME) AND BIFFMAN GET WINS IN GAME 3!!! Another GREAT showing with 22 people submitting Demon Attack scores an HSC record for this game!!! 👍 DEMON ATTACK 53,082 - Rickster8 [+13][+2][+3] Broke old record, currently new record - Game 7 36,063 - CParsley [+12][+3] Broke old record, currently new record - Game 1 36,062 - PlayerOne [+11][+2] Broke old record - Game 1 ------------------------------------- 32,201 - Intellivision Spartan [+9] 24,444 - Popsicle [+8] 21,640 - Biffman [+7] 18,759 - JacobZu7zu7 [+6] 15,981 - CMadruga [+5] 15,910 - JasonLikesINTV [+4] 10,111 - IntyFanMatt [+3] 9,597 - ClassicGMR [+2] 9,033 - Toiletunes [+1] 9,029 - Gar0u [+1] 9,014 - Mister-VCS [+1] 8,951 - RogerPoco [+1] 7,480 - Wolfy62 [+1] 7,446 - Intelligentlemen [+1] 6,836 - Gbag [+1] 6,358 - Mangia-Boy [+1] 4,624 - Hoosierdadee78 [+1] 3,186 - JBlenkle [+1] 3,086 - fakecortex [+1] Chess Bonus Game Times Update: USCF CHESS 1:53 - Biffman [+7][+1][+3] Established new record 2:43 - Rickster8 [+6] 3:25 - Mr_me [+5] 3:31 - Intellivision Spartan [+4] 4:07 - Gbag [+3] 6:08 - Gar0u [+2] 6:40 - Cmadruga [+1] 7:43 - CParsley [+1] 9:26 - Popsicle [+1] (participation points for Wolfy62 +1, fakecortex +1, RogerPoco +1, JacobZu7zu7 +1)
  13. You may be right but this was the first time Chess was ever played at the HSC so we didn’t really know what to expect. I am fine with your time. You developed a winning pattern and got checkmate faster than anyone else did. Congrats... 👍
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