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  1. I hope this is still being worked on. I played the latest version and it's really cool!
  2. The link for the NTSC version isn't working anymore. What difference is there between the NTSC version and the PAL version?
  3. An FPGA can be as cheap as $10 - $20. What are you talking about, my friend? Besides, FPGA is the future of retrogaming, haven't you heard?
  4. That sounds like a wonderful idea and something that I'd like to participate in
  5. So I'm very new to this community, and I can't really find much information concerning this, so here goes: When will Gradius be available to buy again? Also, will it every be possible to buy the Rom (or pack of roms) the same way that CollectorVision does? Again, just a question, not trying to enrage anyone here. From what I've been able to see, roms are a no no here, but I can't really find out why. Thank you for your patience.
  6. I forgot to thank you guys for your help! Thanks @Serguei2 , thanks @Mike Harris !
  7. @enthusi Do you plan on releasing the rom?
  8. So I'm interested in learning how to program for the ColecoVision, but I can't find any good guide/walkthrough on how to do so. Can anyone please help me? I also can't find a good and active ColecoVision community/forum to join. So if someone can help with that too, it would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Is the ROM for this going to be released, or is it going to be a cartridge only game? I would love to be able to play this.
  10. Is the game already completely programmed, or is it still in the works?
  11. Is there something like this, but as a downloadable program? Like, what do other people use?
  12. Oh cool, is this a rougelike of sorts? If not, what genre is it?
  13. Hey guys, question What do people use to develop pixel art for the 2600? I would think other normal pixel art programs, but each pixel in the 2600 looks more like a rectangle than an actual square. What do you guys recommend me?
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