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  1. A while back I scored a nice haul of TI hardware and software which included a PEB (which was the reason I purchased it). It turns out that almost all of the equipment was still in it's original packaging. I am getting ready to set everything up, but really don't want to store the packaging. Does anyone here want it? I am in Denver, and am happy to give it away for free.
  2. In case anyone is interested, this trove of TI items just showed up on my local craigslist here in Denver. Ignore the ad for pot at the top of the ad, and scroll all the way down to the bottom. Here is a summary. Not sure how long it will last, nor if he will ship. https://denver.craigslist.org/for/d/denver-lca-fritz-hansen/7103389009.html TI 99/4A COMPUTER ARCHIVE YOUR RESPONSE MUST INCLUDE YOUR PHONE # AND MENTION "TI 99-4A " TO GET MY REPLY. 3 - TI 99/4A COMPUTERS ( BLACK ) ( 2 IN ORIGINAL BOXES ). 2 WITH TI COVERS. WORKING CONDITION UNKNOWN. THEY WORKED WHEN THEY WERE PACKED AWAY. 3 - TI CASSETTE TAPE RECORDERS WITH WIRES ( WHITE ) ( 2 IN ORIGINAL BOXES ). 3 - PR TI JOY STICKS ( 3 IN ORIGINAL BOXES ). 20 - GAME MODULES WITH INSTRUCTION BOOKLETS AND BOXES. 40+ - GAME CASSETTE TAPES - 4 WITH INSTRUCTION BOOKLETS AND BOXES. NUMEROUS TI 99/4A GAME BOOKS AND INSTRUCTION BOOKS. FOR SALE AS A LOT. $ 165.00 CASH ONLY. IF THIS TI 99-4A ARCHIVE IS LISTED, IT IS AVAILABLE.
  3. Thank you, Lee, for that clarification. As you suggested, "It's unfortunate" is maybe a better way to say it. Fabrice: My apologies if my wording offended you... certainly not what I intended. I very much admire your work.
  4. Hello Fabrice, I recall at one point you said you didn't want to sell the TIny-99/4A v2 as a kit or a bare PCB, since you enjoy putting them together, but since the parts are hard to get in bulk, would you reconsider selling bare boards (maybe along with assembly instructions). I believe there are many in this community that would also enjoy building their own TIny-99/4A. It would then be up to each of us to locate and purchase the components. Your design is so elegant that it is a shame not to share it with the community! Just a thought!
  5. So Wierd_w, if it can run straight Linux, could you run a media server on it, for example? Is there adequate RAM, or is it expandable?
  6. Just noticed this posted on ebay: TI-99/4A COR COMP 9900 NAVARONE VINTAGE COMPUTER CARTRIDGE EXPANDER https://www.ebay.com/itm/TI-99-4A-COR-COMP-9900-NAVARONE-VINTAGE-COMPUTER-CARTRIDGE-EXPANDER/372811024215?hash=item56cd44c757:g:0RsAAOSwM3ZdrJhG
  7. Fabrice, Thank you for all of your hard work developing such an elegant design! I, for one, would be more interested in bare PCBs as it would allow me the pleasure of building it myself. That alone would help justify the price of the computer.
  8. Thanks! I have seen a couple demos, but I'll look for more. You might just convert me! :-)
  9. ArcadeShopper, I wasn't aware the TIPI made it that easy to set up shares... that does sound appealing. Still likely overkill for my needs, but cool nonetheless. And I'm sure that more can and will be done with it going forward.
  10. I really love the fact that folks are still developing new items for such a classic computer, and I'm sure that there some users that need/want the advantages offered by the TIPI, but the though of it always reminds me of the old Triton Turbo XT, where you were strapping a more powerful device to the classic TI-99/4a. It never seemed to make sense to me then, and still doesn't now. If I wanted an XT, I bought an XT, but could still keep my 99/4a for the reasons I love it. With TIPI, I know you gain access to networking, internet, other devices and storage, etc., but for my uses none of that is necessary. Now the NanoPEB and CF7+ do make sense to me... both from the perspective of saving the cost of a full blown PE box, as well as saving the space required for the PE box (though the PE box does look so very cool!).
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