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  1. For Collectorvision stuff check out their dedicated section. For Opcode you are best to sign up for their email newsletter. For Cote Gamers they usually post here in the main section. Team Pixelboy is getting out of publishing games now but he would usually make a post updating when things started a pre-order.
  2. Thanks for the clarity. Wish there was a different way you could tackle that as it does limit make it tougher for new people to get involved.
  3. I am confused what is meant by this comment? Why is it reserved only for people with at least 3 Cote Gamers games?
  4. Thanks Northcoastgamer for all the work you do to set this up. It definitely has me playing more Colecovision and different games that I haven't experienced
  5. Not weird at all, that is the power back feed issue that is very well known and documented. If you install an hdmi switch in between your phoenix and your TV it should take care of that so you can power down without removing the HDMI cable.
  6. I am very impressed with what is in the ROM vault this year. Some surprises to me in there.
  7. Did you do a full reformat or just a quick reformat? I had to do the full reformat as when I tried the quick one it didn't seem to help. I had the same problem where folders with only a small amount of ROMs didn't work but it seemed to be fixed when I got the offending folders (larger than 255 files) reduced down. Glad to hear it sounds like you got most things working.
  8. And I think if he was a little more humble in his interactions before he bought the MOTU prototype and didn't flaunt the prototype in front of everyone after he bought it, he would have likely been more well received. I do agree it is a shame that somebody who wants to create new material is not on here any longer, but it was really his own doing to get to that point.
  9. I had a similar issue and I had to reformat my SD card with a full format then change the number of roms in certain directories. It seemed like any folder above the folder that broke the rules worked fine but anyone under that did not (I am talking in the list from top to bottom on my phoenix main Colecovision page). After the fresh format and fixing the file issues it worked fine and it may have even fixed a "gremlin" issue I had where Chuck Norris Superkicks wouldn't work off the SD card, but would work on my Atarimax.
  10. My answer is that I want to play the game. If it were close to it I would be down with that.
  11. I'm am with you on this one. I have the SNES version so if the NES one is an option sweet, but the free additional SNES version is awesome too.
  12. Pretty sure the Module 1 will only work through the RF or composite mod, but I am not an expert.
  13. Well in other threads you were berating Collectorvision for not releasing the prototype roms they have acquired and now you are seemingly doing the very thing you berated them for. And unless you recently changed your post you are not “free” to do what you want with the rom as in your post there was a condition that if won the rom was not be distributed.
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