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  1. I would be interested in the Donkey Kong/DK Junior set and if there were a Mousetrap one possibly
  2. Will that be when the rom club gets updated with the additional games as well?
  3. Or the Atarimax Cart for real hardware or there is the Phoenix when it comes out
  4. I would be more inclined to buy a SGM2 first and before I would buy the Omni. I am not saying I wouldn't be interested/buy an Omni, just the SGM2 appeals to me more right now.
  5. I know you guys are hard at work on the Phoenix and other things, but just wondering if you had a rough time frame to when you thought the vault would get an update. Thanks.
  6. You should try Tutankham as well because when you press both fire buttons simultaneously with that game you get an entirely different action then the individual fire buttons.
  7. I know you guys are working hard on the Phoenix and other things, but I was wondering if there was any update on timing for updating the ROM vault?
  8. The mapping makes it look like it would make Mousetrap pretty difficult though
  9. I can't wait to get my Phoenix this summer!
  10. Are there still plans to add to the Colecovision ROM vault as previously mentioned?
  11. Definitely interested in your results. I have a SD2SNES and I am just waiting for my NTT controller to arrive.
  12. I just meant with a game release announcement that day, not really specific to this prototype haha.
  13. Then everybody would be wondering if it is real or if it is a fake out haha
  14. On Facebook (I think it was there) opcode said that he just set the chip there for the picture and it wasn't on the board yet.
  15. Curious question, will there be a way to play Super Action Games like Baseball with the SNES controller on the phoenix? Or are we going to need our super action controllers for that?
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