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  1. Pretty sure Colecovision actually won a ruling by a judge but in fear of losing an appeal they settled with Atari that lead to the royalties.
  2. Part of my understanding from reading about the expansion module online was part of the reason ColecoVision had success defending the unit in court was that they made the argument that the unit was built with completely off the shelf parts
  3. I wasn’t trying to say it was easy (look at my score haha), but it feels really laggy on skill 3
  4. Now it hits a game I have played before haha although never on skill 3. Will have to see how I fair now that I have no pressure.
  5. Unfortunately the Phoenix doesn’t have that type of packaging
  6. Haha that’s what Happened the other night to get mine too. I got up around 19,000 a few times tonight but not higher. See if I get another shot tomorrow
  7. I have had this graphical glitch happen on the Phoenix a few times and this last time it crashed after getting it. I am playing off SD card right now
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