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  1. Is the clipping of the sprite what makes it look like a bouncy ball effect?
  2. 26,080 I like this game. I need to use less dynamite though looking at all your scores.
  3. Screenshots are broken when I use Chrome and in Microsoft Edge
  4. zaphro72


    That title screen
  5. Do any normal Colecovision ROM's run that way on the Adam? I wouldn't think the ADE would run any "Colecovision" roms as isn't it just replicating the functionality of the Adam tape drives?
  6. Pending when you sent it give them a day or two
  7. IMG_8066.MOV Happened again. And once again a power cycle got rid of it. Reset button doesn’t do anything at all in Atari core as far as I can tell.
  8. So I went into the Atari core for the first time since upgrading and I got the high pitched buzz through the tv speakers but I reset the Phoenix then it went away and didn't come back after some other power cycles. During crackpots I did have an audio glitch happen but it looked like the ROM froze up. I do get some random freezes and failures on the Atari 2600 core. The core in general could use some polish and a better instruction set on how it works.
  9. @doubledown How is your Spy Hunter Controller coming along?
  10. What you can shoot after trapping some of the power ups! I wondered what trapping them did
  11. Somewhere on a post by them they said due to licencing requirements it wouldn't be released. Which from what I understood as always been BSR's stance
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