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  1. Not unless someone has homebrewed one for sale. Collectorvision had a prototype but haven’t seen an update for awhile
  2. So Milli's answer is somewhat misleading. If the Kickstarter is successful (reaches its target) then the money gets sent. At that point if the game never materialized that is a risk you are taking. Not trying to imply that Milli will not come through as I fully belive they will, but with any Kickstarter there is always a risk that even though something got funded that you do not get anything out of it.
  3. Just curious why the round end time has been moved up to early Sunday afternoon from late Sunday night? I didn't notice the change in time during Pitfall so was actually late in submitting. Not really a big deal just wondering what motivated the change in time, as I am generally a later in the day player.
  4. Apparently the person is sending out pictures of the game(s) if asked (or so I heard). Collectorvision did say that you could return the game to them if you didn't like it and get something in return, they have also indicated that private sales were acceptable. I think this eBay listing definitely skirts the rules. Do I like that somebody is selling the secret game on eBay for a heavily inflated price? No. Did the person technically respect the rules of the club? Technically it doesn't break the rule about revealing the game. It was via Facebook that they indicated that they would figure out who it was and ban them from buying future Collectorvision products.
  5. @retroillucid and @coleco_master since the new website is password protected and the password comes with the games package can we get the two new club games added to the vault right now instead of having to wait for them?
  6. 17,880 Hope I get another chance as that run was awful
  7. I don't think I noticed any that weren't in the dropbox link that was supplied back in January, but I didn't do a game by game comparison. The roms for the two club games aren't in the vault yet.
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