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  1. Does anyone know how to load dsk files on classic99? Could you walk me through it? thank you!!
  2. The next in my series of Putt-Putt playthroughs is my personal favorite: Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo. Don't forget to leave a comment or leave me a message on social media for a chance to win a Putt-Putt game of your choice!
  3. The next game in the Putt-Putt playthrough series. Don't forget to leave a comment on here or in the comments section for a chance to win!
  4. I'm running a limited series this summer of playthroughs of the Putt-Putt games. I'm also having a contest to win a fee game. Check out the video for more details. More videos will follow every couple days. Thanks!!
  5. In what will be my last episode for about two months, Red and I discuss really vintage video games, ones that are from 1977 and before. Please keep watching the channel as I will be uploading some game footage, another blooper reel, and other goodies.
  6. In my latest episode I discuss the children's game series Putt-Putt. Did any of you play this game when you were younger? Have you shared this game with your kids or grandkids? Let me know. There is also a special announcement at the end of the video. Thanks!!
  7. You and me both! Although you cant trust her. No honor among thieves.
  8. Totally agree. There's something about him. I mean you're not supposed to like him, but it's hard not to.
  9. Okay, I got the program. But how do I play the games?
  10. Can anyone help me? I need help emulating this system. Is it possible to do it on Launchbox/Retroarch? Or some other way? I got it to work on MESS but then the next day it stopped working. Seriously! I didn't change anything or modify anything it just quit! I would get a blue screen and then it and MESS would crash. Any help would be really appreciated. thanks!
  11. While were on the subject, does anyone have any advice on how to emulate SCV? I had it working on MESS but then it just quit working.
  12. It is. I have it on DAPHNE. I can't record the game footage, though. That's why I used the trailer. Would you believe i just saw that movie for the first time a few weeks ago? The 2000 dub is better than the 1994 dub as they call him Lupin in that one instead of Wolf.
  13. Thanks for the correction. You would be the one to know! I tried to use the scv on MESS but it worked one day and then wouldn't the next. Hopefully I can get it to work again as I have all the games for it. Thanks again!
  14. In the latest episode I discuss games based on the anime series Lupin III. What is your favorite anime series? What is your favorite manga?
  15. In the last episode of my 5200 series, I discuss more Atari 5200 Prototypes. It's really been a lot of fun learning about this gaming system. A big thanks to the 5200 Brotherhood for all their help!
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