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  1. I couldn't have put it better myself. I really haven't had much to do with my family since my parents passed in 2012. This forum is my family, too. You guys are all awesome. Do you think you'd like to do an interview and be the subject of an episode? It would be a privilege for me.
  2. One reason I like to share homebrew games with my audience is because I didn't get a lot of help with sharing my own work from my family. I understand how people can sometimes not want to help you with your creative projects, so I like to be able to do it for others. my family never have purchased any of my books and I doubt they even pretend to watch my videos. If no one in my family wants to help me get the word out about my stuff, I'll gladly do it for others. I've been blessed to meet some really cool and talented programmers since I started my channel and I I will continue to help get the word out about homebrews and their programmers.
  3. Check out my latest episode where I interview homebrew programmer Oscar Toledo and present some of his best Intellivision titles. If you could make a homebrew of any game for the Intellivision, what would it be? Have a great Thanksgiving!
  4. Here is an Intellivision Tribute video I made. It's for my friends in the Intellivision Brotherhood who were there for me when I was sick and have always had my back. Thank you.
  5. Check out this music video I made combining the PS2 game Big Mutha Truckers with the song Driving My Life Away by Rhett Akins. The song actually came from a movie called Black Dog, which was about semis. I think it was one of Patrick Swayze's most under-rated films. Let me know what you think.
  6. I have been trying to run VIC 20 games on VICE. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I attach the file and then autoload but it won't load the game. Can anyone help?
  7. I have been trying to run VIC 20 games on VICE. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I attach the file and then autoload but it won't load the game. Can anyone help?
  8. I've kind of retired them. They will only appear in special videos, not the every week ones.
  9. I need a favor from the Intellivison Brotherhood. I sometimes get frustrated because I see other YouTube channels get more subscribers faster than mine. Can you guys help me to get the word out and get more subscribers? I'd appreciate it. Thank you.
  10. No the other one with the letters and numbers. 😁
  11. classicgamer74

    WTB N-64

    I am looking to buy an N-64. Drop me a line if you have one you'd like to part with. Anthony
  12. Ive never heard of tutorvision. Can you tell me about it?
  13. Has there been any updates on the Big Comfy Couch prototype for the Xbox? I had heard something several months ago about possibly locating the rom, but nothing since. I really enjoyed that show and would love to get ahold of any sort of build for the game if available.
  14. Does anyone have a working Intellivision Keyboard for sale?
  15. Does anyone have a copy of Intellivision's Magic Carousel? One that is on a cart and has the overlay? I'd love to get this. Let me know.
  16. In this week's episode I discuss some Edutainment Games for the Intellivision. Which are your favorites? Did you play any of these games when you were young? What are your memories?
  17. Utopia was way ahead of it's time. I didn't. Have it on the list because its going to be on another one. I found myself playing for multiple hours one night, too. When I get back to work and the gaming and computer club starts I'm goin from show it to the students.
  18. My grandma said my Uncle Eric played Tower of Tarmin for like 6 or 7 hours straight. does that game actually end?
  19. I'm doing a whole separate thing about Activision. I've been having a hard time with it since there are so many great games across multiple platforms. I do like that Scooby game. It's a shame that keyboard add-on didn't do so well.
  20. I'm sorry for the lack of new content. I got diagnosed with COVID about a week ago and I'm still feeling like crap. Luckily I recorded the video before that. I should have a new video this coming weekend, if I feel up to it. This COVID is really hanging on for some reason. I'd hate to see what I'd be like if I hadn't gotten vaccinated. I appreciate some prayers and positive vibes, please. In this episode me and my buddy Red list our Top 10 favorite Intellivision Games. Did we leave any out? Do you agree with our list? Let me know.
  21. Wow. That's amazing. I'd love to have one of those.
  22. We're you able to locate it? Pardon my stupidity but what is Sharp Twin?
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