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  1. In my latest video I discuss more lost media for the Atari 2600. Which of these games, or the ones listed in the previous episode, would you like to see found?
  2. I've never played that one. But I will. Thanks for the recommendation!
  3. I should have put in the description that I'm also using the "cuss pack" add on. There isn't that much cursing in the regular version of the game.
  4. Check out this playthrough of the first level of Redneck Rampage. Which classic 1st person shooter game from the 90's is your favorite? Least favorite?
  5. I found it here on the forums. I can send it to you if you'd like.
  6. I agree. There were some similar games for SuperNES and Genesis. In that they were beat 'em up games. It would have been nice to see a port. They didn't give X-Men a home release until it was on XBox Live for a short time.
  7. I was trying to play some Lynx games on Retroarch today and none of them would work. I updated and everything. This came out of nowhere. Does anyone know what's going on or can give me a good alternate emulator?
  8. In today's episode I discuss some of the many examples of lost media for the Atari 2600. Which of these games would you like to see found? Do you believe they are out there somewhere? Let me know.
  9. The movie itself is bad at all. even Lloyd Alexander himself liked it although it had very little in common with his books If you haven't read the book I highly recommend them. The audiobooks are great as the narrator really does a great job with each character.
  10. Can anyone tell me which program you would use to hack a 5200 and/or a 7800 game?
  11. Check out this preview/playthrough of a great online science game called Launchball. What are some great online edutainment games that you have played and would recommend?
  12. Yes, that would be great.
  13. Yes. I believe it came with that game.
  14. Does anyone have one of these they would like to sell? Please let me know. Thank you!
  15. I am interested in purchasing a Famicom Disk System. One that has a new or working belt, please. If you have any games that you would like to sell for it, too. Please let me know.
  16. Many years ago I was playing this classic INT game with my uncle when he found what looked like a hidden road. I remember that he passed through an opening in the trees and found a road that led to nowhere. Does anyone remember which track that was on and how to get to it?
  17. Here is a playthrough of the arcade classic Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. I will have a new episode in two weeks. I hope everyone is having a great summer.
  18. Pardon my ignorance but what is SCUMM, SCUMMVM and AGI?
  19. Check out this play-through of The Black Cauldron. Even though the film was nothing like the books, it was still enjoyable, as was the game. What did you think? Don't forget to leave a comment and enter to win a $20 Visa Giftcard!
  20. I'm taking a vacation from my channel for awhile. Details are in this video. I'm also having a contest. Check out the playthrough of my favorite PS4 game. Thanks!!
  21. I am interested in purchasing a non-working Magnavox Odyssey. Not the controllers or accessories, just the main, white unit. I have a project in mind for it. Please make sure that it is totally non-working as I would hate to use one that could potentially be fixable in the future. If you have one or know someone who does, please get in touch with me. Thanks, Anthony
  22. I understand. I am interested. let me know what you decide.
  23. I'm in the market for the Action Max console from the late 80's from Worlds of Wonder. I'd prefer to get one that is still working. Drop me a line if you have one you'd like to part with. Thanks!
  24. In this week's episode we discuss games based on the band KISS. Who are some bands/singers that should have their own game?
  25. I am interested in getting a Colecovision. If you have any old games you'd like to toss in with the deal, that would be great. Let me know.
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