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  1. I'm in the market for the Action Max console from the late 80's from Worlds of Wonder. I'd prefer to get one that is still working. Drop me a line if you have one you'd like to part with. Thanks!
  2. In this week's episode we discuss games based on the band KISS. Who are some bands/singers that should have their own game?
  3. I am interested in getting a Colecovision. If you have any old games you'd like to toss in with the deal, that would be great. Let me know.
  4. I am looking to buy some Atari 5200 controllers, working please. These don't have to be official, I wouldn't mind buying 3rd party made or customs. Please let me know. Thank you!
  5. That would be great. I take it you're referring to you? I'm excited to have a 5200 finally. I only have one game but Im going to get more. How does that conversion work? Is it possible to be able to make it go through AV or even HDMI?
  6. Do you know anyone who does that?
  7. Yes. I couldn't remember the exact phrase.
  8. Does anyone have any custom-made 5200 joysticks for sale? There was a gentleman I talked to several months ago that made these cool white and brown (I think) but I lost track of him. I'm looking to get ones reasonably priced but durable. Thanks!
  9. I just got a 5200 and the person I purchased it from said I should talk to someone about getting the modified so that it can have an output for the AC adapter and the cord for the TV. Does anyone on here do that?
  10. This is the first episode in a new sub series called Anthony & Red's Top 10. In this one we discuss our 10 top favorite Atari 7800 games. Do you agree with our list?
  11. You are not kidding! I have the emulator for that system but never owned one. Nor did anyone I've ever known. Actually I didn't even know it existed until recently. Of course the only way to describe it is a poor man's Intellivision. Yeah...I went there.
  12. LOL. I'll tell him. Thanks for watching.
  13. In today's episode I begin my unit on the Intellivision. I discuss more games that are exclusive to this game system. What game or games do you feel would would not have worked for any other game system before or since? What is your favorite INT game?
  14. I know I'm probably way behind on this one but how do I add it to my signature?
  15. I'm going to start a unit on my channel about the Intellivision. And I want to be as accurate as possible in all my facts, so I knew that contacting you guys would be a place to start. 1. How many games are there for the Intellivision? I've heard 130 and then 127, what is the real number? 2. What is the story about the add-on keyboard? If if I think of anything else, I'll add to this. Thanks, guys. Anthony
  16. Today I discuss an instant classic: Big Mutha Truckers for the PS2. I'm sure many of you saw the commercials for this game and remember the title, but how many of you have played it? What did you think?
  17. I am looking for these two Intellivison games. jUst the carts would be fine. Let me know. Thank you!
  18. This week we discuss motorcycle racing games. It's funny how just about every game system has a motorcycle game of some sort. Which is your favorite? Which did I leave out?
  19. I'd love to see how long they would last. My 15 year old didn't make it 5.
  20. In today's episode I compare and contrast Space Invaders with its various ports. I also discuss several Atari 2600 hacks of this game. Which version is your favorite? When was the first time you played Space Invaders?
  21. I appreciate it. I can't wait to get the 5200 and see all it has to offer. I've been playing on an emulator for years and it's just not the same. The 5200 is like the Intellivision where you just have to play on the real thing to get the full experience.
  22. In the latest edition of Anthony & Larry Play we check out the prototype Desert Bus. How many of you have played this? How long were you able to drive until you shut the game off? Have any of you played the 2600 version?
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