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  1. Check out the latest episode where I discuss slot/fruit machine games from around the world. When was the last time you went to a casino? How about your first time?
  2. I am interested in purchasing an Atari 5200 that works with one controller. let me know so we can negotiate a price. Thank you.
  3. Today we discuss even more Atari 7800 Homebrews. I am always happy to share the hard work and talents of these homebrew programmers. What has been your favorite homebrew in this series? What is a game you'd like to see programmed?
  4. Have you ever heard of Sam & Max? They got a few of their own video games. This is the first of them. A PC point and click game from the 90's. What are some of your favorite PC games from that genre?
  5. I'm looking for the game White Water for the Intellivision. I want the cart and the overlays, if that's all you have. Or complete. I'm getting it to play, not collect. Please let me know. thank you!
  6. Any luck getting it to work?
  7. Why I didn't think of that, I don't know! Love that game. Ever since I was little. Agree about the carnivals.
  8. I would say so. I think I'm going to need a follow-up...
  9. Thanks I've got to get that game. Probably in a week or so.
  10. This week we discuss games based on circuses and carnivals. What are some of your memories from what has become a by-gone era? Are there any games that I missed? Let me know. Thank you!!
  11. I had a similar setup about 20 + years ago. You had the thing you plugged into the back of the PS1. Then you had a small spring that you put under the lid to make the PS1 think the lid was always closed. You would start it up with a regular PS1 game and then "open" the lid and put a copy game in there and close the lid again. Is that how yours is set up?
  12. Alright. In looking forward to getting them. Just drop me a line when you find them.
  13. That sounds great. I've never heard of one of those before. How does it work? Yes , pleas see if you have an extra console, too.
  14. Couldn't have said it better. Remember a few years ago one if our great homebrew programers got tired of waiting for someone to release Anteater and then made that awesome homebrew Ardvaark? After that came out one guy on here said he didn't care if the original ever was released. Which I had to agree because Aardvark was a great game. I just wish I was good at it...
  15. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent playing the Intellivison AD&D games. Especially the first one.
  16. I figured as much. I've done tons of research and I've only found those same pictures on your site and every other one. I thought I'd ask anyway. I'll just use the still photos.
  17. This week we discuss advergames. What is your opinion on using video games to sell a product? Or do you think product placement in a game is better?
  18. Hello, all. I am planning on doing a tribute video on my YouTube channel to Jerry Lawson and Edward Smith, two black video game programmers from back in the day. I know this is something that I really frowned upon here, but I was wondering who has the rom for In Search of the Golden Skull? I would like to use it for research purposes. Even if you have some game footage, that would be great. Please PM me if you would like to discuss this further. Plus, if anyone has information on these two gentleman that you'd like to share, please let me know as I will credit you in both the video and the book. Thank you!
  19. I hear what you're saying. I just bought a DC from someone on here for a very reasonable price. But then when I went to buy some games they were hella expensive! There were only a few games I was really looking for but I'm not going to pay $50+ for a game. Not happening.
  20. I'm looking for a PS1 that has a MOD chip. I know you can have them built in and the early model has a plug in the back to put one on. Let me know if you have one you'd like to part with. Thank you!
  21. I am interested in purchasing some games for the PS2. I would prefer them to be playable (I've purchased some before and they didn't work!) and they don't need to have the manual or the case. Here are some of the games I'm looking for: Wallace and Gromit (all) Harry Potter (all except Chamber of Secrets) The Man Game Manhunt (1&2) Simpsons (Hit & Run) and (Road Rage) Fire Pro Wrestling Returns Intellivision Lives That's all I can think of now. Thanks for looking!
  22. Hello, all. I am looking to purchase some games for the Sega Dreamcast. Two games in particular I'm interested in are Crazy Taxi and Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, and some others. They don't have to be complete, just the disc or whatnot. Let me know. Thank you!!
  23. I'm going to try them both out. I wish I could find Manhunt 1 or 2 for a reasonable price somewhere!
  24. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll use it in s future video.
  25. In this edition of Anthony and Larry Play, we play Othello. What are some other board games that are best played in video game format?
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