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  1. Thank you for your kind words. You being a computer game encyclopedia, can you give any recommendations?
  2. Yeah. The funny thing with my parents is that they probably would have needed my help getting the game started! Then as soon as the game started they would have shooed me out of the room.
  3. In this episode of my channel I discuss games that are not well known. Since computers have more games and programs than any console, it is not uncommon for some games to fall through the cracks. If you have any suggestions for games for a later episode, let me know! Thanks!
  4. In today's episode Mumford and I discuss what we consider to be overlooked games for the Atari 2600. Which are some games that you love that you feel were overlooked? Let us know.
  5. I made this tribute video to Jushin "Thunder" Liger using his NJPW entrance music and WWE 2K19. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thank you!
  6. In this latest edition of Anthony and Larry Play we take on the Sears original 2600 game Steeplechase. What were your views of this game and the other games that Sears made exclusively?
  7. Today we discuss some great boxing games from Activision's Boxing for the Atari 2600 to Super Punch-Out! for the Super NES. What is your favorite boxing game for the arcade or console? Which did ones would you like to see in a followup?
  8. In my latest episode I discuss both Rare and Valuable games for the MO2 as well as prototypes. Are there any that I missed? Have any of you played some of the multicarts? Let me know.
  9. You will love it. Let me know when you got the measurements ready.
  10. By the way, I subscribed to your Youtube channel. Would you subscribe to mine? www.youtube.com/classicgamer74 Thanks!!
  11. I used to have a RAV4. It was a great vehicle. Lasted me for 200K miles. It should fit in that. I won't sell it to anyone else. Let me know what you find out. Anthony
  12. What kind of vehicle do you have? We fit it in the back of my wife's Nissan Rogue.
  13. Sure thing. The screen is about 15 x 11 3/4 and the area to set the screen in is about 2-3 inches deep. From floor to top is 28.5 inches. And its 35 1/4 inches across on all sides. If you have any more questions or want more pics, just let me know. Anthony
  14. Today's episode is about games based on bands/musicians. Have you played any of these games? Who is a band that you thought should have a game? Who didn't deserve one? Let me know!!
  15. I am selling an empty cocktail arcade cabinet. It was used for Centioded but can be easily made to make a multicast machine (MAME, etc). I'm asking $95 for it. As it is quite large and kind of heavy. It's for local pickup only. I live roughly about a half hour southeast of Chicago. I accept Paypal or cash on the spot. LZet me know if you have any questions. PS The plexiglass in the picture isn't included.
  16. Does anyone on here make custom carts and possibly boxes for Atari 2600 games? I have a few hacks I made that I'd like to put on cart. Thanks!!
  17. This is my 150th episode. I will share some memories, what's next and I also include some outtakes and a blooper reel. Thank you to everyone who has supported my channel with your views, subscriptions, and discussions.
  18. I am interested in buying a non working Magnavox Odyssey. I want the main console itself (the white box).
  19. Did you get my message? Can you send me your email address in a PM so I can pay you with paypal?
  20. Sold. You wouldn't happen to have some games you'd like to part with, do you?
  21. This week I'm discussing the c64 computer. I want to thank everyone who has helped with my research, especially the guys in the Atariage forums. What are some of your favorite c64 games? Can you recommend any lost classics?
  22. If you are interested we can negotiate the price. Juat let me know.
  23. Northwest Indiana. About a half hour southeast of Chicago.
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