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  1. I am interested in getting a memory card for the Sega Dreamcast and am also interested in getting another controller. Thank you.
  2. I am interested in purchasing a Nintendo Gamecube. Please let me know if you have one that you'd like to part with. Also I would like to get at least two memory cards and am looking for the game Animal Crossing. Thank you!
  3. I am looking for some games for the Sega Dreamcast. If they are disc only that is fine. As long as they work. Here are a few games I am looking for: Soul Caliber Crazy Taxi Seaman any racing games wrestling games Fighting games (marvel vs. capcom, snk vs. marvel, etc.) As I'm new to the Dreamcast, I wouldn't mind some recommendations either. Let me know! Thank you!
  4. empty cocktail table arcade game cabinet conversion mame and other ideas galore!. Condition is "Used". Up for sale is an empty arcade game cocktail table cabinet. This was originally a 4 player game called "Video 5" made by United Games Inc. out of Portland, OR. The metal tag is still inside of the cabinet. Later in life it was converted into a Centipede cabinet with 2 lighted trackballs. Now, it's empty again and ready for new life. The original coin door is complete with locks, key, coin box, coin mech and wiring. There is nothing else in the cabinet. The glass for the monitor area is in great shape with no breaks or scratches and is included in the cabinet purchase as well as the monitor shroud, which are original to the cabinet. The plexiglass in the picture isn't included. I am having a little trouble getting it to open, but it just needs some WD40. I cannot ship this item, as you will have to come to my home and pick it up. I will be more than happy to help you load it. You can pay before you come, though as I am happy to accept Paypal or other types on online payment. But you can also bring cash when you pick it up. I'm asking $130 OBO.
  5. I am interested in getting a Fairchild Channel F. I would prefer that it is working with working controllers. I would like it to have at least one cartridge. Let me know. Thank you!!
  6. I would like to purchase a GCE Vectrex. I'd like to find one that works and has at least a few games. Let me know if you have one that you'd like to part with.
  7. Today Larry and I play three more random games on Action 52 for the Sega Genesis. Are there any games on this cart that you enjoy? What are your favorites? Least favorites?
  8. today I'm discussing more great Atari 7800 homebrews. Which are your favorite? Thanks for your continued support.
  9. Thanks. Let me know when you find it.
  10. I am looking to purchase a Sega Dreamcast. If you have one you'd like to part with let me know. Thanks!!
  11. In my first episode of the new year I discuss some great Arcade beat em up games with a fantasy theme. Which of these are your favorites? Our 150th episode is approaching so please submit questions and comments for our Q&A.
  12. I was wondering if there is anyone on here who can make custom Atari 2600 boxes? I spoke to this nice British guy about it several months ago and then he disappeared. If any of you do make them, drop me a line. Thank you!
  13. Please let me know. I found one but I want a backup.
  14. I just got a Legends Gamer Pro for Christmas. Does anyone know how to add your own games to it? Arcade/MAME etc.?
  15. In a slight departure from my usual content, I discuss dark and disturbing games. These games come from different consoles and computers. What are some games that you found disturbing and dark? Let me know. They might be included in the next part of this series...
  16. In my latest episode, the last one before Christmas, I discuss games based on The Three Stooges. The PC game from 1987 is one of my all-time favorite games, period. What were your favorite mini-games from that? What are some Stooges memories you have? Did you ever get banned from watching The Stooges as a kid? I'd love to hear about it. On behalf of my family, the gang here, and myself: have a Merry Christmas and let's hope for a better 2021.
  17. Today Larry and I play three random games from Action 52. I know most everyone has an opinion of this game, mostly a low one. But the Genesis version is not too bad at all. What do you think?
  18. This week I discuss games that were based on our inspired by game shows. These are the versions made for MS Dos and other earlier game systems. Which are your favorite game shows? Which would you like me to discuss in a later episode? Let me know. Merry Christmas to everyone!
  19. Thank you to our loyal viewer who suggested we play this game. It is fun, I think Apollo doesn't get the attention they deserve sometimes.
  20. I am looking to purchase a PS2. One controller would be just fine. It would be nice if it comes with a memory card, but not totally necessary. Drop me a line. Thank you.
  21. I am looking to purchase a MAX controller for the NES. Let me know if you have one available. Thank you.
  22. In this episode I celebrate the hard work of the many talented programmers who make games for this system. This will be the first of many as there are a lot of great homebrews out there. Which was your favorite homebrew? Which games would you like to see made?
  23. I hear you, Lloyd. I did an episode awhile back on Keystone Kapers and I discussed River Raid in an episode I did called Games by Gals. Youknow, I've never played Skeet Shoot. I'm going to try it out now...
  24. See, folks, this is why doctorclu is an award winning programmer. This hack wouldn't have been possible without him.
  25. Continuing on with a tradition, we have our third annual Christmas Games Episode. Today we are discussing some cool hacks and a homebrew made for the Atari 7800. Congratulations to the programmers who made these great titles! I hope you all have a great Christmas and a much better 2021.
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