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  1. I took way too long to get around to posting a test build with full AtariVox audio - While adding it to the code is pretty easy, it's surprisingly hard to write a script that consists of just a few little phrases! A lot of fun, though. I'll probably revise this and play with the voices some more, but I wanted to post a tentative build for the few people with the AtariVox and a way to play ROMs to try out. You'll get some talking when start the game, when you collect a gem, when change the difficultly to "Hard" (and back), and a few other places... DragonsDescent_7_31_2021_VOX.bas.a78 DragonsDescent_7_31_2021_VOX.bas.bin
  2. So much of it is structuring the game's code, and the fact you go from having 48K ROM *all* the time to 32K of ROM *some* of the time. If you plan ahead to use multiple banks, it's generally not a big deal, but adjusting your game to go from 48K to 49K can be a major headache. Accessing graphical blocks, as Muddyfunster pointed out, can play a lot into this as you have to deal with extra space taken by DMA holes and the like, and being able to access any graphic you want at any time will probably be the first thing you'll miss going multi-bank. ...and this. A hundred times this. One of the reasons I'm doing the series of games the way I am is to finish them - I've learned a lot about how to *start* a game, but I need a lot more practice on the trickier aspects of *finishing* them. Polishing, testing, printing, publishing all take time, effort, and a learning curve, and getting a game to that point is something I've been able to do and have a lot of fun with on the 7800 (and 2600). As for my current project and going multi-bank, Dragon's Havoc is riding that knife edge - I feel like I've gotten 90% of the features I wanted with about a kilobyte of ROM remaining, and while I kinda wish I had another 5k or so to play with, doubling/tripling/quadrupling the ROM space would tempt me with features and a change of scope, that, while potentially cool, could very well mean I'd just never finish it. I do have some ideas on how I'd structure and take advantage of a larger ROM structure, especially with what I've learned from my previous games (I'm already sketching out a project to follow Dragon's Havoc) but 48K is keeping me honest right now
  3. Another update before I have to shift focus (as the working week starts) - I made the rage mechanic a little more forgiving- I halved the "cool down" rate when you miss, which allows a *little* more recklessness, but still rewards someone being cautious with increased speed and rate-of-fire. I'm also playing with a few new music tracks - swapping out some of my older ones I used from previous games. DragonsHavoc_2_16_2021_Demo.bas.a78 DragonsHavoc_2_16_2021_Demo.bas.bin
  4. I've been tied up on a few other things (like finalizing the details of 'Cache and 'Descent), but for 'Havoc I've been in "graphics mode" and playing with sprite design. I'm trying an outline for player and enemy sprites - it can potentially reduce detail but I think it increases readability when in motion - which is important for a Shmup with complicated backgrounds. I also am slowly swapping out my placeholder sprites with newer ones - currently, Harpies and Perytons. Although for the moment I'm just seeing how well they animate - the actual AI for both will likely be slightly different, and appear in elsewhere in the game outside the demo. DragonsHavoc_2_14_2021_Demo.bas.a78 DragonsHavoc_2_14_2021_Demo.bas.bin
  5. With a Concerto, I can finally test the game with an AtariVox. To be honest, the reason I originally supported an AtariVox was that it came as a package deal with the high score code packaged with 7800 Basic. Saving scores without any extra code...why not? I still feel a little bad about that "support" being kind of a technicality for my games so far, but having grown up in the 8-bit NES/SMS era with no easy way to save high scores, I felt this game in particular deserved a chance to have a player's scores saved for posterity... ...but... ...now that I *have* an AtariVox, and I have roughly 1-2 kilobytes left on my ROM, realize I can potentially add a number of spoken phrases pretty easily...it feels weird fitting a speech phrase into a few dozen bytes by typing out a phoenetic phrase! It's too late to add such chattiness to Dragon's Cache, and I probably won't have space on Dragon's Havoc, but having a gravely synth voice taunting you seems especially appropriate for *this* game. The Dragon Molobros might try his best Evil Otto impersonation as you travel through the passages. He's an imprisoned elder wyrm, it feels right he should heckle you as you descend the Labyrinth...🐲 I'm still playing with the functionality, and have a few questions (I took a quick look on the forums, but didn't find many specifics...) Currently I'm on a Windows 10 machine with no good serial adapter, so I have to build a ROM ->run on Concerto to see how certain phrases sound, unless there's a better way to test, I'll likely be doing that: -"set avoxvoice on" - The game seems to work fine on the Concerto even when the AtariVox isn't plugged in - do I need to add any code to "opt out" for when the user *doesn't* have an AtariVox? -The ranges for pitch and speed are 0-255, correct? I'm been trying a number of values to get the voice resembling "belligerent gravel-y voice from the deep" instead of the classic "snooty speak n' spell," and I think I might have something... -so many ways to say "dragon," especially with that last vowel. Just about any will work (with "o" weirdly being the most "off" for the 'Vox) - Dragen? Dragin? Dragun? Dragan? -any advice is welcome, especially as this seems especially niche, and it sounds like just about everyone is still experimenting with this fun little peripheral...
  6. Awesome - thank you for testing on short notice!!! One can never be too careful, even with small fixes!
  7. The Homebrew Award Show was awesome! It felt incredible to be nominated with that crowd!! And now some last second fixes, after watching some of the previous streams... Now that I'm able to play on hardware, some things become obvious that weren't on an emulator - This build should honor the console "reset" button: DragonsCache_2_7_2021.bas.a78 DragonsCache_2_7_2021.bas.bin If anyone can check to make sure the score saving still works on the SaveKey/AtariVox/etc. I would be grateful. It *should* be fine, but I've made some silly mistakes with small fixes in the past. The carts are being assembled, and I *hope* this ROM image (or one in the next day or two) will be the final build to "print."
  8. Yes - not with the Concerto itself, but hardware like the AtariVox and the SaveKey can save your scores and will load them back into the game when you power on the 7800 later.
  9. Whew - sorry about the late posting - a busy two weeks for me as the year starts in earnest! Just reiterating how I "fixed" the game for the BupSystem (because I can't remember if I posted the specifics here) - For the BupSystem fix I set hsdevice = 0 (i.e. assume there's no save device attached), and that seems to keep BupSystem from crashing. Of course, it also keeps you from saving your high scores - not a huge deal if you're using BupSystem for a quick game on your desktop, but might be an issue is someone wants an AtariVox playing nice with a Concerto. In short, if it's the same bug, it looks like an issue of an emulator detecting hardware (and the BupSystem crash was intermittent as well - it worked fine on my machine much of the time, until it didn't ). I'd also allow that it could be something I did as I was tweaking the high score code - this situation is an odd overlap of emulation and hardware. I'll try to pay more attention to this thread again, as the BupSystem debugging uncovered a few other glitches that I thankfully (hopefully) fixed. Many thanks to you all for testing - I managed to pick up a Concerto, and ordered an AtariVox, so I might be able to do some more specific tests on my end. If nothing else this can help me moving forward (as I've a few other games in the pipeline ). I'm glad folks enjoy the game, even if there's the odd freeze now and then!
  10. Thank you for the nomination! I'll add that this game is in amazing company and competition for the award... You can vote for the awards (and see all the other amazing games) here:
  11. Fixed an annoying bug involving post-respawn invincibility and collision detection (very obvious in 2-player mode), plus trying out some other music. I was trying out a few other things as well, hopefully it didn't mess up the demo build *too* much... DragonsHavoc_1_18_2021_Demo.bas.a78 DragonsHavoc_1_18_2021_Demo.bas.bin
  12. Finally testing on hardware with the Concerto. Found and fixed a graphical glitch on the high score menu (which I think I introduced in the last update ) DragonsDescent_1_7_2021.bas.a78 DragonsDescent_1_7_2021.bas.bin Still cool to see it play on a bona fide 7800!
  13. This build will pause on the "Game Over" screen for about two seconds, and should have better menu tempo: DragonsHavoc_1_3_2021_Demo.bas.a78 DragonsHavoc_1_3_2021_Demo.bas.bin
  14. New build. Currently I'm just fixing menu and palette shifting bugs, as well as tweaking some of the sound fx, nothing big, but probably stuff I'll forget about if I don't fix now: DragonsHavoc_1_2_2021_Demo.bas.a78 DragonsHavoc_1_2_2021_Demo.bas.bin
  15. This was a neat little trick I found - plotchars has a parameter where you can tell it how long to print the string, but the string itself can be longer. Just define a string that's the maximum length of the meter, which character graphics you want to use, and draw only the number of characters you need: alphadata rage_meter scoredigits_8_wide '>>>>>>>>' end if rage <> 0 then plotchars rage_meter meter_color x y rage
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