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  1. Sorry, everyone! That's what I get for updating two games at once. Here's the latest of Dragon's Cache (also updated in the earlier posts): DragonsCache_2_25_2020.bas.a78 DragonsCache_2_25_2020.bas.bin
  2. Audio bug fixed (Thanks RevEng!) - Latest build: DragonsCache_2_25_2020.bas.a78 DragonsCache_2_25_2020.bas.bin [EDIT: D'oh- wrong build. Added the new one - That's what I get for fixing bugs on two games at once! ]
  3. I consulted with RevEng, who in turn worked on some stuff in the music tracker. That seemed to fix a sound/music related bug in Dragon's Cache - let's see if it affects Dragon's Descent: DragonsDescent_2_25_2020.bas.a78 DragonsDescent_2_25_2020.bas.bin I've also been yielding to the temptation to mess with the sound effects as well (I have some spare extra ROM space, let's echo *everything* 🤪) so they might change a little bit as I update...
  4. Thank you! If this trend continues, I'll be increasingly suspicious of the sound system, there might be a bug or glitch there. There's a glitch in Dragon's Cache that's been relatively easy to reproduce involving the menus, and I think sound has something to do with it (as it seems to go away when I remove a specific call to play a sound effect), so if there is something to fix, a special build of Dragon's Cache might be the best place to start looking. I'm using the built-in 7800Basic modules for the music and sound, so I might need help or advice on this issue from someone like RevEng - I need to get some sleep, but I'll aim to post in that thread soon.
  5. No clue why level 7 would be any different, at least in a way that would introduces crashes like it has - although I'll certainly look. If you want to still test, could you try this version? I'm been having some issues with Dragon's Cache that might involve the sound, and I wonder if that has anything to do with the issues with Dragon's Descent as well, so here's a soundless version: DragonsDescent_2_19_2020_NoSound.bas.bin DragonsDescent_2_19_2020_NoSound.bas.a78 If someone still gets crashes, level 7 or not, then I can rule out the sound being an issue. I'm suspicious since it's a separate system, and I'm not 100% sure how it might come back into the main game loop. Thank you for playing/testing!
  6. DragonsCache_2_19_2020.bas.a78 DragonsCache_2_19_2020.bas.bin I added a win counter in 2-player mode - it resets if you go back to the title screen, but should be kept up to date every time you select "rematch" in a particular 2-player mode.
  7. New version, implementing suggested support for "Reset" and "Select" buttons: DragonsDescent_2_18_2020.bas.a78 DragonsDescent_2_18_2020.bas.bin "Reset" will reboot game from title screen, and start a new game with existing parameters if used during gameplay. "Select" will return user to title screen if pressed during gameplay. Versions added to original post as well. Once upon a time I tried synchronizing the console switches to the game menu selection - this might be too kludgy, especially since I don't have a console to try all of the possible ways it could go wrong. Right now I'm looking to see what the switches are when the user boots up the game, and change the parameters accordingly. My sense is that changing the settings from the menu alone is much easier to keep track of than supporting both the hardware switches and the graphical menu. Polling what the console switches are upon powering on and resetting might be enough.
  8. Thanks! I'll post my .bin here and in the original post - I think it should work. 7800Basic outputs it along with the .a78: DragonsCache_2_15_2020.bas.bin I quickly ran the game in PAL mode in MAME - the game runs a little slower (although still playable, I think it's the PAL/NTSC frame rate differences). The colors are, as expected, a little different but not totally off or clashing, at least on my computer.
  9. Whew! Played a few rounds of Battle Mode with a friend in a proper 2-player setting. I found a few bugs from several play sessions. I'll post here and in the original post: -Under certain circumstances, battle-blocks turn into solid unbreakable blocks (which should normally just appear on the bottom rows after a fully charged attack by your opponent). -The Title menu glitched out again after playing several games and returning, and then trying to adjust the number of gems. I'll be trying to fix these bugs, but I'm still looking at when/how they happen. If anyone wants to try playing the 2-player battle mode with someone, any feedback would be appreciated-That mode needs some stress testing!
  10. Good to know - the game in that mode and setting is meant to be a marathon, while other modes are currently relatively short, time-wise. Battle Mode and even the Scoring modes seem to be shorter than an equivalent game in Tetris or Columns, it feels like. Not necessarily good or bad, but it's good to get a sense of how folks are playing. Score chains can really up your points - With 4 Gem Types I purposefully fill up the board a bit so I can get some combos, even by chance or luck. That's harder to do with the 5/6 Gem type modes, of course... Thanks again for playing!
  11. Latest build: DragonsCache_2_14_2020.bas.a78 Nothing too drastic, but I hopefully got the menu glitch taken care of (or at least harder to invoke). As with Dragon's Descent, anyone who can test on authentic 7800's are encouraged to try and see how Dragon's Cache plays - I still don't have any good way to test on hardware at the moment, so any help is greatly appreciated! I'll try and get some friends of mine playing the Battle mode this weekend...
  12. I spent this last week doing some tests, but it doesn't look like a CPU opponent is in the cards for Dragon's Cache, my apologies. Even in the best of circumstances a CPU opponent is not a simple feature to add to a game - it's kind of the difference between making a chess set versus making a robot to play chess with you While I agree a CPU opponent would be really cool, the tests I've done already take too much processing power, and my barely-functional dummy CPU is currently a huge pushover. This "AI" actually gets easier to beat with more gem types, and even under optimal conditions is a terrible player (and drags the framerate to a halt - taking several seconds to decide where to drop if it does more than simply drop gems in lowest spot). To put things in perspective, calculating the gem-breaking combo system on its own was tricky enough to do in realtime on the 7800, and a good CPU opponent has to do the equivalent amount of calculations several times over (figuring out the possible consequences of any number of possible "moves," even without taking into account the possible knowledge of the "next" set of gems), which is a lot to ask of an early 8-bit console while keeping things in real time. In my defense, -very- few puzzle drop games had a CPU opponent in the 8-bit era, and when they did it was very late in the era. The original Tetris on the NES and GameBoy didn't have one, nor did the original (16-bit!) Sega Genesis Columns. On the NES I couldn't find much until titles like Tetris 2, and that game didn't come out until 1993 (which was in the later stages of the system, and well into the 16-bit era). I hate to disappoint, but I hope the other variety of modes in Dragon's Cache prove engaging, even with a single player. I'm aiming to do more polish and bug-testing on the game (and adding in some other fun, if simpler features), but I also have other projects in mind for the future. Part of this project was to try and have me get in the habit of -finishing- a project, and there are several other games I'm developing that need finishing!
  13. Awesome! About how long did it take? I might be readjusting some of the race "lengths" - the lower ones on the scale depend a lot on luck, and are really close together.
  14. I am using double buffering - the game kinda needs it, and learning to use the double buffer was one of the reasons (not a big one, but one nonetheless) I started this project...it's very handy but you need to be careful with it I am not - I'm trying to avoid the explicit temp variables - although I do allocate my own, usually using the alphabet vars including the ones that the music tracker uses oh that's almost certainly the problem let me give this another series of tests.... [EDIT:] That's what I get for adding the music tracker later - I forgot it used some vars that I had already been using. I'm doing a few other things as well, but I'll try and post again soon - it's a glitch that seems to be rare or needs to be forcefully activated most of the time, so hopefully it shouldn't be a huge deal for the time being... [EDITING THE EDIT:] Hm, still seems to happen sometimes (button mashing the music or gem options while moving left/right), although the previous stuff should help some things. I'll keep testing... With the music track in, I know the variables i, k and t are used, and I'm not using the temp0-temp9, any other sections of RAM I should be wary of? I'm using most of the vars up through 99, and $2400-$2600 or so are used for the gem/tile buffers.
  15. Certainly - I'm trying to narrow things down to see what the specific problem is. The fact that this was a new glitch after adding a small amount of code gives me a good place to start. The previous bugs seemed to come from not re-initializing variables when starting a new game. That said, the glitches are often hard to reproduce, and might rely on different emulators/computer setups, so I'm wary/curious to see what others experience. [EDIT:] playsfx is now a current suspect (mainly since it's the only thing in this area of the code that acts like a subroutine) - glitches seem to happen when I spam the music track selection with the button/left/right on the joystick, and it doesn't seem to glitch when I take out the sound effect. Indeed, a scrambled sound effect starts the glitch, which leads into a glitched main game straight from the title screen. I'm wondering it sound priority or some other element would be corrupting the memory or returning to the wrong place...and are there perils in playing too many overlapping sfx that would cause this behavior?
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