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  1. Hi can I buy 1 boxed cart as well please. I would louder to add it to my collection. Thank you.
  2. I just paid for this game now. Also I have paid for unseen. My x mas presents to my self :-)
  3. How can I buy the cart for this game please. I would love to add it to my collection.
  4. I'll have a copy thanks when it's ready.
  5. Some cool games on here I need fire my collection. Off anyone is selling anything homebrew please let me know.
  6. Put me in for a copy as well please. Any update on where you are at with the game.
  7. Can I get on be as well please. How do we order? Can I have the link.
  8. If it's cart I'll take 1 please
  9. If it's very I'll take 1 please
  10. Who sells this game? How can I get a copy for my collection.... any leads please.
  11. I wish I could get a copy of wyvren tales. Would be awesome for my collection. And cant wait for unseen.
  12. If anyone has a copy I would love to buy one please :-)
  13. Cant get a copy of the game :-( feeling sad. But maybe one day I will :-).....
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