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  1. Hi can I buy 1 boxed cart as well please. I would louder to add it to my collection. Thank you.
  2. I just paid for this game now. Also I have paid for unseen. My x mas presents to my self :-)
  3. How can I buy the cart for this game please. I would love to add it to my collection.
  4. I'll have a copy thanks when it's ready.
  5. Some cool games on here I need fire my collection. Off anyone is selling anything homebrew please let me know.
  6. Put me in for a copy as well please. Any update on where you are at with the game.
  7. Can I get on be as well please. How do we order? Can I have the link.
  8. If it's cart I'll take 1 please
  9. If it's very I'll take 1 please
  10. Who sells this game? How can I get a copy for my collection.... any leads please.
  11. I wish I could get a copy of wyvren tales. Would be awesome for my collection. And cant wait for unseen.
  12. If anyone has a copy I would love to buy one please :-)
  13. Cant get a copy of the game :-( feeling sad. But maybe one day I will :-).....
  14. What a shame. I read how many people got excited about the post me included as I'm new to the forum. Has anyboday got any copys of and maybe someone on the forum can re produce it on low low if they are not copy writes.
  15. PLEASE add me for Hotdog and Relief Pitcher. AvP as well if you have any left. Thank you
  16. Hey is there any more copys of this game please. Or can the producer of this game make any more?.I am new to this forum and I'm trying to expand my lynx collection. I would love to have a copy of this game. Thank you.
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