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  1. Looking for game ELITE manual specific for the Atari ST? Other manuals maybe similar but control layouts are different as with the protection codes
  2. Like i said if you don't like it ignore it what bad behavior like me trolling you prove it Nobody cares about your dribble I never said once i was right about anything Shallowness and lies again prove it You don't get too tell me anything what i should do like a demand or a stated fact even with pretty please Care to explain to us why it's only you with the attitude problem here I asked about formatting blank ST images in this thread and snarkdluG repiled without getting angry upset or feeling insulted so the problem is with your attitude plain for everybody to see Anybody else i asked or requested help from as no problem even 6BQ5 offered to format the USB key for me totally unexpected and i'm very grateful I'm not surprised you have user name ParanoidLittleMan when you act like a pedantic king dick creep
  3. My opinions on some modern TV'S monitors is based on my own user experience with brands and research and feedback from the internet In no way was my so called arrogant and ridiculous attitude personally directed at you as you have done before towards me That's my freedom of choice as the same for others here I choose to use Google for my questions or forums if have a problem with this or find it insulting ether ignore it or we can contact the moderation team here and have your attitude problem adjusted Whilst i appreciate you are very talented in your software works and projects good manners and politeness cost nothing you shown very little so far You once stated "your done with me" so give it a rest a stop contradicting your self
  4. People are not blind here they can see your super arrogant rude and sarcastic attitude when help is asked for So just clear things up any newbies new to all Atari ST topics should be embarassed to ask for help nice piss poor attitude As for me being a ungrateful man i have thanked you and others on more then one occasion nice short memory you have Shame you can't cover your tracks because plain for all too see also have fun wiping egg of your face concerning STX files
  5. Well that's a few things worked out in Steem SSE 3.9.4 i was able to create a blank ST file and format it okay Next was to place the blank formatted ST file in HXCFE_file_selector_V1_89 whist using using software HxCFloppyEmulator Manager v1.46 and FlashFloppy firmware 2.13 on this GoTek drive Next was to load Mercenary - Compendium Edition in STX file format using HxCFloppyEmulator v2.1.24.1 on to real hardware my Atari1040STE which was successful (supposedly i'm TOLD STX files emulators only and this can't be done) Once in game using the drive select mod switching too GoTek drive and using slot were blank formatted ST file is I was then able to make a game save file in ST format on the GoTek drive slot using CRTL and S perfect Using the same game save file on the GoTek drive i was able to load the file CRTL AND L perfect In a nutshell it's sometimes possible to load STX files on real hardware and make game save files in ST format that can be saved and loaded 😁
  6. Yeah so what you are saying is when you create a blank ST in Hatari it's already formatted? because i couldn't format the blank ST in Hatari desktop with write protection off
  7. I should really know this but i don't any help please?
  8. 3.2 is stated as experimental so it could be buggy
  9. Looking for game manuals in either text or pdf or any other format for Overlord Blitzkrieg May 1940 Afrika Korps
  10. In case you don't have them hope these help HxCFloppyEmulator Manager v1.46 https://hxc2001.com/download/floppy_drive_emulator/SDCard_HxC_Floppy_Emulator_Manager.zip FlashFloppy firmware is 2.13 https://github.com/keirf/FlashFloppy/wiki/Downloads HXCFE_file_selector_V1_89 https://github.com/jfdelnero/HXCFE_file_selector/releases
  11. Guess i should add this information as i forget it dunno if that important HxCFloppyEmulator Manager v1.46 FlashFloppy firmware is 2.13 HXCFE_file_selector_V1_89
  12. I need to load a file from HxCFloppyEmulator Manager v1.46 which i can do fine into desktop then load another file HxCFloppyEmulator Manager v1.46 without rebooting not sure how this done any help really appreciated thank's
  13. No DVI-I connector on my display Using the Framemeister gives me best possible quality picture but a huge price i can really noticed the latency delay with other config i get good quality display output and less latency delay The thing to remember is Framemeister is a upscaler both the RetroTink and OSSC are line doublelers
  14. Thank's i didn't know about Atari 260/520 / 1040ST / MegaST VGA Adapter (HI-RES monochrome) i only have one monitor with VGA input and that's broken So far as my Atari 8bit setup is concerned it's done in terms of what i want it to do output is S-VIDEO via RetroTink via 1080P HDMI to RGB Component 5 RCA YPbPr Video + R/L Audio Converter Adapter via OSSC 1.6 to HDMI In terms of systems costing money yes that's the norm but i don't have unlimited cash for one system As for 1.06 or 1.62 TOS for me that still mean a switch and some games and programs don't like big or small ram sizes
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