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  1. On 4/29/2019 at 1:46 AM, DracIsBack said:

    While I've always been an Atari 8Bit guy, having had a 130XE and two XEGS systems, I just can't hate the C64. It was a well put together machine with great games and 30 plus year old rivalries seem really silly now.

    LMAO how is it great put together machine when the PSU were notorious for going bang and taking the machine with it 

    When the basic shipped with it was utter crap often missing some of the basic commands (unless you buy something similar to Simons' BASIC  )

    When multiple revisions of SID and VIC II were notorious for over heating and going bang with failures

    When the 1541 floppy disk drive cost as much as the C64 and yet as or slower then data cassette drive (without Epyx-Fast-Load-for-Commodore cartridge)

    When the god awful VIC II chip often produced terrible video output with jail bars and vomit inducing color banding on text like being on a LSD trip

  2. 24 minutes ago, xrbrevin said:

    some original PSUs can cause reliability issues so i would advise maybe get one of Lotharek's HQ supplies instead. Modern components and brand new assembly should be robust for many years

    Got one this mainly for other home computer in my collection

    The two home computers that give me video grief are the Commodore C64 and PLUS4 with their god awful video noise color banding on text/jail bars/horizontal waving lines

    That's why i'm always atari fanboy first coz i don't have to put up with piss fucking poor cheapskate rubbish

  3. 6 hours ago, Tempest said:

    I didn't get that kind of impression from him.  More like he just wanted to hang onto it for the time being.  Too bad I lost contact with him.  I'm sure there are other copies out there though.

    The only problem with that if something happens to him or the game then it's lost forever that's why it's best to get it out in the wild asap

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  4. And you also forgot 1541 drive that costs as much as the C64 yet as slow as the a tape drive 

    In fact add epyx fast loader for more expenses just to get reasonable  speed and dir function basic never really had


    C64 was a joke of a general home computer it was only ever good for games when reliable

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  5. Lots of strange behavior dunno if it's the fault of the SDriveMax or the CAS dumps here:https://archive.org/details/Atari8bitPreservedSoftware2019-07-09


    Ninja (1986)(Entertainment USA)(GB)[cassette] loads until block 10 then needs keyboard input otherwise wont load then loads to block 183 then wants keyboard input otherwise wont load then loads to block 183 again and game loads finally 


    Lone Raider, The (1983)(Atari)(GB)[cassette] loads until block 12 then needs keyboard input otherwise wont load then loads to block 85 and game loads


    Zone X (1985)(Gremlin Graphics)(GB)[cassette] stops around block 10 with boot error


    Eastern Front (1941) (1981)(APX - Atari)(GB-US)[cassette] loads perfect first time


  6. 25 minutes ago, Mr Robot said:

    Takes you back to the awesome days of tape loading doesn't it!


    If you meaning in awe of game cover art and other screenshots of other formats yes

    Then after multiple failed loads only to find the Atari version is poor no


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  7. Thank's for the info at the moment just ordered Sio2PC USB/50 new blank disks/Sdrive Max/30 Hour BASIC (National Extension College corres... by Prigmore, Clive Paperback

    Despite what other people might think it's not about cheating or copying and pasting entire chunks of code or full and complete listings

    Pretty sure i can learn from books,mags snippets and single lines of code if and were i can copy and paste for me that's bonus

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