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  1. Hello looking for advice on Commodore C64 and Commodore +4 best possible high quality safe replacement psu's and modern loading devices for both machines?
  2. We can only dream the IBM PCjr enhanced version of m.u.l.e. with four player support
  3. So we wouldn't catch you playing Eastern Front 1942?
  4. Do i need to be high on on LSD too play this?
  5. Sick too death with dealing with time wasters on eBay
  6. Okay thank you i not able to do any more tests as it's a bare bones setup at the moment with only 800XL/Atari power supply/RF cable/joystick and no software I've yet to add a 1010 or a 1050 with replacement power supply so I'm quite limited to what i can do
  7. I bought a 800XL from eBay with this switch from left to right in 3 positions i get 1st position 64XL with blue ready screen which pass all the tests for ram/sound/keyboard all okay 2nd position i get ether a red or yellow blank screen 3rd position i get black screen with i can type text on too I'm guessing the switch is for xl/os b/os a in that order am i doing something or does the switch job sound like it's been botched job?
  8. If you can program data/load and save i'd call it a computer This VIC 20 guy sounds like a tit imho
  9. In terms of out right build quality and smartness everything in the XL range Imho the early c64's and spectrum's looked cheap and nasty
  10. First post in thread screenshots page 21 of the screenshots Mr. Robot 3 This has to be a mistake i can't find that game any ware?
  11. I'd love to get a hold of the bastard who did that and kick ten bells of shit out of him Anyways looks a excellent restore job so far m8
  12. I remember playing the berks series of games on the C16 years ago http://plus4world.powweb.com/software/Baby_Berks_Type_In Possible atari port? if somebody can find Celebrity Book of Games included with Commodore User, June 1985
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