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  1. I'm still looking the for XL styled cream or black power supply units not the ingot or bricks they don't have to be working I will just strip out the insides and replace so everything matches up in the XL style
  2. Just a lot of laziness configure the emulator too your specific needs then save as a profile
  3. If you have XL style power supply units (not the ingots or bricks) in either black or white i'm interested Atari 1200XL unboxed, very modified - U1MB, Side 2 (with 8GB CF card and reader), Stereo Pokey (with switch), VBXE with RGB SCART output (includes cable) in great condition, tested working Is there no compromise on collection only i'm in u.k suffolk i could pay for the shipping Also whereabouts in u.k are you?
  4. Some times it's down to user error typos it's even worst when it's down to a bad listing just feels like entire waste of time
  5. Whilst i accept their is gonna be a degree of some real typing into a emulator or real machine I really do not want to type endless amounts of lines like back in day when magazines,books and listings and typos that was bad enough back then Lost count of the amount time the Atari came close getting smashed 1000 bits just out of pure anger frustration for one stupid typo mistake
  6. I didn't think it was the pdfs were at fault just method of transferring the information into Altirra is hard not that it's a fault too Theirs gotta be a way around this somehow we can't go back to the dark ages of typing every single line not in year 2019
  7. Most of the pdfs came from here and atarimania Each pdf has the same result so far in Altirra but i don't believe all the pdf can be that bad theirs something wrong somewhere
  8. So it's down to a bad reader that doesn't have option to read as plain text? Are there better alternatives to adobe that can read as plain text?
  9. Gawd i was hoping the age of rage quitting after endless line of codes only to have one typo fuck everything up were over Why can't it just be easy?
  10. And if copy and paste direct from the pdf 100 I=PEEK(10G)-8 110 POKE 5427971 120 PM8AS=I*25G 130 FOR Q=PM8AS+512 TO PMBAS+G40 140 POKE G70 150 NDn Q 160 }{=100:V=70 170 POKE 704790:POKE 55974S:POKE 53277,3 180 POKE 53248.X 190 FOR G=:O TO 8 200 f-"?EAD P 210 POKE PM8AS+512+Y+G7P 220 NE}{T G 230 DATA 12712,8763,72,136,20,34,65 then into Altirra only half the listing and lots duplicate lines 100 I=PEEK(10G)-8 100 ERROR- I=PEEK(10G)-8 110 POKE 5427971 110 ERROR- POKE 5427971 120 PM8AS=I*25G 120 ERROR- PM8AS=I*25G 130 FOR Q=PM8AS+512 TO PMBAS+G40 140 POKE G70 140 ERROR- POKE G70 150 NDN Q 150 ERROR- NDN Q 160
  11. I'm having all sorts of problems copying and pasting anything from pdf into Altirra I have to copy from pdf to notepad text then copy and paste and hope and prey no double lines of same numbers or strange character fuckups Or sometimes half the listing only goes in from pdf to notepad text okay 100 I=PEEK(106)-8 110 POKE 54278,I 120 PMBAS=!*256 130 FOR Q=PMBAS+512 TO PMBAS+640 140 POKE Q,O 150 NEXT Q 160 X=180:Y=100 170 POKE 704,54:POKE 558,46:POKE 53277,3 180 POKE 53248,){ 180 FOR Q=O TO 8 200 READ P 210 POKE PMBAS+512+Y+Q,P 220 NEXT Q 230 DATA 12,12,8,63,72,136,20,34,65 240 POKE 53256,1 250 GOSUB 1000 260 GOSU8 i100 270 FOR Q=l TO 80 280 B=USR(UP,PMBAS+511+Y):Y=Y-l 280 NEXT Q 300 FOR Q=l TO 120 310 X=X-l:POKE 53248,X 320 NEXT G 330 FOR Q=l TO 80 3408=USR(DOWN,PMBAS+511+Y):Y=Y+l 350 NEXT Q from notepad text into Altirra 100 I=PEEK(106)-8 110 POKE 54278,I 120 PMBAS=!*256 120 ERROR- PMBAS=!*256 130 FOR Q=PMBAS+512 TO PMBAS+640 140 POKE Q,O 150 NEXT Q 160 X=180:Y=100 170 POKE 704,54:POKE 558,46:POKE 53277 ,3 180 POKE 53248,)
  12. Thank's for your help so far i appreciate it So far as toggle switch goes it's mystery to me it outputs to grey screen with no memo pad or ready prompt Even using a simple type in like 10 print"hello" 20 goto 10 run does nothing at all? When looking at different types of programming languages and other software i notice most of it for the american market NTSC systems is that software gonna make a difference on my PAL setup Also XL/XE OS Rev 2 is my current OS could i do with a better OS or is this okay for my 800XL PAL In addition too getting prepared for learning more i have Altirra 3.20 setup on my laptop exactly the same way the real 800XL hardware here so i can switch stuff between the two Looking at all the Atari books/manuals/PDFS is there a good reliable way of copying and pasting text from those into Altirra 3.20 and the real 800XL and hows it done?
  13. Think i will start with basic first with baby steps it's just which version too use? I have no idea how to create or format blank disks or any use with cassettes i'm starting from complete scratch I found out a little more information on my 800XL by do some peeking XL/XE OS Rev 2 Revision C Basic Is their similar methods for the 1050 and the XC12?
  14. This my current setup: Atari 800XL 64k PAL REV D motherboard/basic REV unknown? Theirs also a toggle switch for OS (i have no idea how to identify them how do i do this please?) Atari 1050 drive stock as far as i know Atari stock XC12 Lotharek SIO2sd Ver 1.3 Handful of new blank cassettes(10) 5¼" floppy disks used 3 unknown blanks or size/3 unknown Amstrad blanks or size/2 IBM unknown blanks or size/ 1 3M DS,DD 360KB I don't know the quality the of the above disks of size or what's on them the cassettes are brand new SKY C90 FX'S I have no programming languages or books,magazines or Dos type software So i'm looking for advice on what to use basic/dos/books/magazines/ to read and other utility software i might need any advice were i start?
  15. If it's doable on the PLUS4 http://plus4world.powweb.com/software/Uninvited would love too see it on the atari too
  16. I have SD2IEC device from thefuturewas8bit.com for C16/PLUS4 i know theirs lots info on the web but wanna get correct info for using TAP files if i can any help please?
  17. Sorry i'm stiff confused here anybody here with clearer answers please
  18. Just purchased a nice clean PLUS4 without issues was wondering is Ultimate-II+ compatible with this system if so is their specific information/information/guides/tuts how to use this Couldn't find much information specific too this subject
  19. Look's a lovely nice and clean 1200XL there
  20. I thought i could find most at https://atarionline.pl and other sites but it's proving to be a mega chore hunting them down or wading pages at this forum
  21. That's one hideous heap of looking crap one of main attractions was Atari's was the classic and stylish looks
  22. Chaos Strikes Back Expansion Set#1 looks interesting
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