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  2. Ask Kevin, he interviewed him.
  3. You could try the disk re-release by Value-U-Line (taken from Farb's torrent). It's code differs slightly from Epyx' ROM. Gateway to Apshai (198x)(Value-U-Line)(US)[!].atx Gateway to Apshai (198x)(Value-U-Line)(US)[!].atr
  4. I am still keeping my fingers crossed for an Explorer icon which shows protected disk images (ATX, PRO) as a red-colored floppy symbol.
  5. Synapse Disk Manager? I got it as a .PRO from here but cannot currently find the thread. DiskManager (1981)(Synapse Software)(US)[BASIC][OS-B][cr CSS].atr DiskManager (1981)(Synapse Software)(US)[BASIC][OS-B][h restored protection].atx
  6. First up: I like the new software and I am with you about the whitespace on a PC's browser with a big screen. But the responsive design on my smartphone uses a quite small font and narrow "column width" for the subjects of posts which makes it difficult to spot the subject. And also there is lots of whitespace which urges me to scroll a lot more than needed (or used to).
  7. I was not talking about protection but bit-rot. Having a flux dump we will reliably receive any possible data for gone-bad sectors including i.e. their expected CRC or gone-weak bytes. Using this information I would expect to be able to at least recover single-byte errors.
  8. For disks with read errors the Kryoflux dump might give the little additional information one needs to recover lost data.
  9. This is the reason why I questioned to be up to this challenge. My hope is that the code which is executed inside the drive is not obfuscated and straightforward. Then it might be possible to extract the data of these sectors #27 from the ATX and put the contents to sectors with standard numbers and just patch the reading routine to access these sectors.
  10. LOL, no idea if I am up to this challenge. But for a start: Where is an ATX of it?
  11. HI foft, will there be an update of the mini's core to v31? Panos told me that the cores are not compatible between the mini and the ITX version.
  12. OCRed versions of both for direct download. The OCR was done automatically and is NOT verified. Due to the used font, I doubt that the result has high quality. But any way ... Die_Fundgrube.pdf Die_Trickkiste.pdf
  13. OCRed versions of the manuals for direct download. Atari_Schreiber_Manual_OCR.pdf Atari_Schreiber_Referenz_OCR.pdf Atari_Schreiber_Referenzkarte_OCR.pdf
  14. OCRed versions of the manuals for direct download. MULE_Cover_OCR.pdf MULE_Manual_OCR2.pdf MULE_RefCard_OCR.pdf
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