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  1. "Amateurish idea" which I have no idea if it actually could work: M4A with CAS-data in the subtitle track. Chapters could then be used to distinguish files on the virtual tape.
  2. Thanks to the Atari 8-bit Software Preservation Initiative: M.U.L.E. (1985)(Ariolasoft)(GB).cas
  3. I opened a new thread which hopefully will be seen by someone "knowing". https://atariage.com/forums/topic/296516-which-usb-hub-for-eclaire-xl/
  4. @bocianu and I tried different USB hubs connected to the Eclaire and failed 100%. In my case the Eclaire did not recognize any of the devices connected to the hub. @foft had more luck with an ancient hub. So: Did anyone have luck with a more recent hub which still can be ordered somewhere?
  5. It works, even inside the "crash loop" of the Lucas titles when the Freezer button does not work. Debugging the disk emulation issues still is very difficult. Both titles cannot continue after exiting the freezer, therefore a reboot is needed after each breakpoint. I know that this issue cannot be solved by you.
  6. Go there: https://archive.org/details/css_Print_Star_1988_AMC_Verlag_DE_disk I temporarily attached MagniPrint, MegaFont und Print Star II to this entry.
  7. Can the Éclaire be used with two USB joysticks? Since it only has two ports, this could only be possible with an USB hub. But every time I attached a hub (active or passive), none of the devices connected to the hub was detected by the Éclaire.
  8. I cannot help at all because the EA cracks were done by Diaperboy who disappeared shortly after posting the cracks.
  9. Perhaps we should reorder the ZIPs with the source to have the unchanged original Roklan version first and then the modified / extended changed-for-MADS one second. The changes come from binary comparing the XEXs and disassembling the really small areas which are different. HTH
  10. If you have no video then press the settings key followed by an H. This resets the video configuration.
  11. I always "selected" the menu entry with enter. You actually have to push "arrow right". Now it worked.
  12. It constantly fails for me. I copied the 20190719.rpd to: root-of-card, atari800, atari800\rom and atari800/user. When I select "Program RBD" from the settings menu then NOTHING happens. You wrote "select the flash RPD. The menu shows "Program RBD". Probably stupid question : What am I doing wrong?
  13. Unfortunately I cannot debug it on the Éclaire. After the load error screen shows up, it does no longer react to pushing the Freezer key. Jumping into the Freezer's debugger from the Atari seems not to be possible. You might contact the author to ask what you could do inside the hardware emulation to jump directly into it: [email protected]
  14. Oh, I see. That's not worth the effort. My amateurish idea was that the actual horizontal output would be 4 pixels per single Atari pixel. Then it would have only been a reduction to 3 pixels per Atari pixel sourrounded by "some black".
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