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  1. If you find an original disk for dumping then I can have a look at it. Currently we don't have one. Btw.: I second the request from www.atarimania.com regarding a dump of your cassette. This is also missing from a8preservation's library.
  2. May I add that lossless TIFF is preferred over lossy JPG (and can hold all pages of a document in one file instead of a huge "file-pile")?
  3. I didn't mention the .CAR image. And I mentioned that he helps with the disk version.
  4. And the earth is flat with Santa living on the bottom side. I don't see where Voldemort could help rensoup, if rensoup does not use Voldemort's code in his cartridge. But he gave hints on why the disk version might hang.
  5. This one? http://www.atarimania.com/list_utilities_atari_search_115. https://www.atarinside.com/blog/index.php/atarinside-items/super-sort/ Supersort (1983)(Atari)(DE).atr
  6. Push F8 and see what happens. Following this thread it seems that rensoup used KIL opcodes in several places. On hardware this calls an interrupt and usually continues. The emulator jumps to the debugger and will probably continue as expected (if you "continue" which is F8).
  7. Works for me: Altirra configured as 800XL 64k PAL (even with Rambo 320k) or XEGS 128k NTSC.
  8. Then go and get yourself a SysCheck from him. 😉
  9. Hey Thom, what's so difficult about using the "Spoiler" tag to not spam everybody with Miles of logs?
  10. Perhaps in the main 8-bit forum? https://atariage.com/forums/forum/12-atari-8-bit-computers/
  11. Quoting myself. 😎 Did anyone do further testing with the Customizer? Btw.: phaeron's workaround does not work. Right before writing the specially formatted tracks, the serial number is verified a second time. This check fails with his workaround. When it fails, it patches an ORA to be an LDA which makes every write fail. Happy Customizer Program Rev.3.9 - Documentation.txt
  12. I fixed it in the database. It will show up with the next releases torrent.
  13. Wasn't here a way to do this conversion by adding or subtracting $10 to/from the color values of 14 or 15 out of the 16 hues the Atari has?
  14. You are certainly right for the part which involves the private feud between xxl and candle. But as far as I remember xxl himself somewhere wrote that XBIOS is capable of doing highspeed SIO. But it seems that nobody knows how to activate it which cannot be in the sense of xxl who wants XBIOS to be used by great Atari software.
  15. Come on, don't bitch around. Tell us if XBIOS is capable of more than 1*SIO which seems quite unclear when I look at some other threads here on AA. And if it is then tell @rensoup how to use it for the good of all of us.
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