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  1. Ah, this is Micro Illustrator and not Koala Painter. Try these (straight from the a8preservation torrent): Micro Illustrator, The (1983)(Koala Technologies)(US).atx Micro Illustrator, The (1983)(Koala Technologies)(US).atr
  2. None of the ones you posted. See post #14 here in this thread.
  3. These files are the same as on atarionline.pl and they differ from the (unprotected) boot disk by only a few bytes which deactivate reading and writing the high score from sector 720. One also deactivates the trigger to start a game. You can calm down again @_The Doctor__ There is no disk format command inside and also no code which looks like the one in TGB1718's posting.
  4. How about attaching the files to this thread for further examination?
  5. This is not entirely true. Boot the attached Proofreader disk with an inserted AtariWriter cartdrige - and watch the screen output. Atari Proofreader (1985)(Atari)(US)(Disk 1 of 2)(Program Diskette)[cr CSS].atr Btw.: If you boot the disk without AtariWriter it will plain out crash. In case you actually want to proofread: Atari Proofreader (1985)(Atari)(US)(Disk 2 of 2)(Dictionary Diskette).atr
  6. Yeah man, great, another contender for the best replacement XE-motherboard. Go ahead, design it and publish the Gerbers. 🤣
  7. Thanks a lot. This version has only two instances of the protection sector and therefore works reliably. Don't worry about side B as the current dump of it is fine.
  8. And these seldom used pieces still could be loaded by "main" config on demand like banking from disk.
  9. You miss one important thing : They need the resources and freedom to do it right. From what could be observed from our side of the pond this was not the case in your country for many years.
  10. This is true, but does not contradict what I was saying. Deutsche Post transports all parcels by DHL, except for small-sized ones with a max. weight of 2kg and without tracking. But even these get delivered reliably within a week. Another problem in the US are the ridiculous high prices for transportation by these private carriers. DHL takes € 8.5 for 10kg nationwide and €21 EU-wide. Delivery within Germny is usually max. two business days. From my listening to various podcast, I guess that in the US this will be more than twince these prices.
  11. DHL is a subsidiary of Deutsche Post which still is partially state owned. Here in Germany DHL is not the cheapest, but among the best parcel services around. They are fast, their drivers know where to go to and they don't just drop items at the front door and run. They even are able to read names correctly. All of which cannot be taken for granted with other services. Some support from the government plus a working regulation of ex-monoplists (which Deutsch Post was) works quite well. There only must be the necessary will...
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