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  1. Im glad its a bit a at, part 1 and 2 will take me some time to get thru again. Jan would be better but heck Im just glad its has a official date now. :0
  2. Its a unique game for sure. Playing a forklift driver (you do that in the game) is weirdly fun for me. :0 But I can easily see how its flow could be boring to some people.
  3. Its was a game changer to me in the world of video games. So relaxing and yet so intense at the same time. Brought out anger, joy, concern as well as angst in me while playing unlike anything before or since. It was magical. Most likely its was just OK to most but to me it was the video game experience of my life. It was everything this art form can be.
  4. Sweet! Picked it up today. Part 3 out in August, release date confirmed today. 20 years after part 1 came out. Very cool.
  5. Ive no ideal about saves from previous version. Ill start from game 1 and play thru again, not any other game I would do that for but this one, yeah its that special IMO.
  6. Lol buying a bigger house sounds like a bad ideal to help control collectIng I went they my firearms collectIng as well ( higher end 1911s mostly) and WWII rifles :0 But hey at least no classic cars :0 thats some crazy money.
  7. Good point space is a limiter. I have nothing boxed but I could see that happening :0
  8. Went with Super Circus instead of BBCQ. Kinda second guessing myself but I like pretty colors :0 I would imagine both are awesome.
  9. Oh it gets there! Im a balancer now, sell some things to buy other things. Selling video games now and buying board games. Not really the one that come to most peoples mindset Games like Field Commander Napoléon, Elder Signs, Dragonfire, Power Grid, Todays Target, Consulting Detective Sherlock Holmes, Village Crone etc. Picked up two more today (Tiger Leader and Cargo Noir) to add to the collection. With the advancement in solo playable Wargames and boardgame (many many of the modern games play solo wonderfully) Its a addicting hobby! Heck a bunch of todays games are designed for solo play only. These two link together, the 2600 cart is for size comparison. So its video games, baseball cards, comics, board games and toy soldiers for me. At this point Im winding down on all of them. Just a few baseball cards yearly and some more Wargames For me ;0
  10. Love that game. Thats a heck of a score ! :0
  11. Thats s fine ideal!! And since I play solo even better!
  12. Great question. I hope so. I have the HD remakes of 1 and 2 ordered at Best Buy And will play they then again before 3 comes out but a movie like that would be awesome. Still have my original copies and 1 and 2 as well :0
  13. Its a slow burn for sure at first. But give it time and it will suck you in. It was revoluntary in many ways when it cane out. It was open world in a way that no other game of the time was. The story continues in part 3 next year at last. And that the cool thing, 2 and 3 are not sequels, they are parts of the exact storyline started in part 1.
  14. Played both BT and DS this morning in fact :0 BT and Food Fight are maybe my two favorites on the 7800 right. Speaking of. arcade machines..when I was in my early teens my dad had 15 or so arcade machines he put in stores, bars etc. he would get half the take, the business it way at the other half. There was always 1-2 in the garage at the house as they were often moved from business to business to keep customers interested and playing new machines. Had my free reign on countless free plays in the garage on Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Defender etc. After the business dried up on arcade machines he sold all but one, Centipede which ended up in my bedroom for years. After i left for the military he sold that one off. Good times :0
  15. Yeah those suckers are fools.. Im almost done building my homemade car from parts from scrapeyards...its cheaper than buying them from those sharklike dealerships!
  16. That black version is Uber sexy. My original 2600 was the wood grain so thats has a place in the heart but man that black version is just light ours sexy. But I can only imagine having to keep the dust out of this slots! :0
  17. I bought my 7800 modded. Id love to try and mod one myself but I dont have the confidence to do it. Id mess it up Maybe someday.
  18. Anybody else excited for the re-release of Shenmue 1 and 2 next month? Then part 3 next year? 20 ish years in the making a still my favorite overall game of all time. Anybody been along fur thie entire ride ?
  19. Im not that brave. 40 I can do, 400 no chance :0
  20. Going out on a limb here... Anybody else really kinda like Jack In The Box tacos? I mean that soft while cruncy shell and paste like meat has a certain appeal to me for some reason. They are even better after 10pm for some reason.
  21. We only have Taco Bell and Taco Cabana as chains in Houston. But we must have 3,000 independent taco stands, trucks and brick and mortars. They are just everywhere. And most are pretty darn good. And Lordy no telling how many just Mexican restaurants we have, not Taco places but full menu type places. Its insane but Im not complaining.
  22. Good point. They had that Harley Davidson on stage, can still hear that beast roar over the Sound system. I think there is a chance the AB can be a cool device, who knows but l hope it is.
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