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  1. Have you tried either "El Viento" on Genesis or "Tecmo Secret Of The Stars" from SNES yet? I don't hear much about them but I have been wanting to give them a shot. Also an obscure ActionRPG I have played is "The Magic Of Scheherazade" on NES. I was able to complete that one relatively quickly.
  2. Hi all. I have to say my parents didn't care much for video games. But we got mv mom to play Atari 2600 Bowling once or twice when we got it in new. And she threw a couple games of Wii Bowling but that is the extent of her game career hehe. As for my dad, I guess he was into pinball in his youth though.
  3. Don't know how much of a game it is, but there is Donkey Kong Math on NES. Also, there was a Curious George game for Gamecube.
  4. I was reading the BC Quest For Tires thread from May 7 (7800lover) and started thinking about what properties past or present I would have liked to see in a licensed videogame. Some examples are-- Micronauts - could be an action/adventure game Major Indoor Soccer League - sports game with team/player editor Ed McBain's 87th Precinct - probably a platform quest Andre Norton's Solar Queen novels- sci-fi rpg Rush - not sure what kind of game, though For the purpose of this thread, considering pinballs as a videogame. Anyone else have something that they would have liked to seen?
  5. I guess I would take a Genesis as I already own four carts. D&D: Warriors Of The Eternal Sun Dune: Battle Of Arakis Jennifer Capriati Tennis Crue Ball I would add El Viento and Aerobiz. And I would swap out tennis and Crue Ball for Uncharted Waters: New Horizons and Animaniacs.
  6. Yes, that was the place. I had no idea it was run by Sega, though.
  7. My most classic arcade memory comes from about 1980. Before Chuck E Cheese's, we knew a place called PJ Pizzazz. A pizza kitchen with a dining room on one side and a ton of games on the other side. My dad would take me and a buddy there, give us each 40 bucks and let us play all the games we could. While he watched sports or something on the big screen tv they had. Can't remember all the obscure games we tried out. Great times.
  8. I went into the Pinball Hall of Fame a few years back. I had a good time and the owner was very kind. Definitely a place you can get lost in for hours. I didn't realize there were other gaming venues at the site, however. As it happens, I'll be in Las Vegas this weekend so I may try to find time to visit them.
  9. Okay guys, thanks for the insight.
  10. Yes I had a Tiger Mortal Kombat with a barcode reader. It came with a deck of cards you would scan and that would unlock the special moves. Supposedly weird stuff would happen if you scanned UPCs from other products but I never got around to trying that. Anyone else have something like that?
  11. Hi. Am curious to know if anyone has recently tried to acquire permission to publish the prototypes of AD&D Treasure Of Tarmin and Tower Of Mystery on the 2600? Either as ROMs or on cartridges. Does Hasbro/ Wizards Of The Coast still defend the copyright as the review implies? Thanks for your time.
  12. Hi. I tried many combos before I started using ZMN, shorthand for my name. Back in the day, you would see it on pinball machines at the local bowling alleys or Chuck E Cheese's. These days, , not so much. Don't recall having anything for games with more than three letters.
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