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  1. I love this game too, I'd be happy to contribute in a joint effort 🤘
  2. Me too.. actually I used my CX40 sticks on all my gaming machines up to the Amiga 😃 2600 -> Spectrum -> Atari XL -> C64 -> Amiga I had a very hard time adjusting to gamepads when I recently came back to classic gaming..
  3. Yes I was thinking more like a test environment (no box art), with ready made categories per retro-player and overclocking, to speed up the testing process !
  4. Hey @Ute, new colors look very good ! I hope you'll include the 3rd Bruce color option.. 🤫
  5. I came back to this, tried various games with different retroplayers with varied results.. The question is (since the 2600 roms are very small in size) is it possible to have different sets/categories by player ?
  6. Thanks, I've done some tweaks and tests and things are looking good ! Anyway I don't want to hijack the thread, when you reach the stage of sprite integration, I'd be happy to help..
  7. Hey @Ryan Witmer, excellent idea for a port, I'm a long time fun of the game ! about a year ago I drew sprites for a similar project (that sadly never came to be).. I'll leave here the little cops, in case they are of any use, let me know if you want help with the sprites in general !
  8. Progress report.. I tried Nexus (6) Atari 2600 games are certainly not glitchy now, but there is terrible lag.. even the sound crackles up, in Missile command the crosshair is hard to stir, as it pauses momentarily in every change of direction ! I'm sure in stock they played almost perfect, I had a game of Missile command, and almost got my high score. Additionally I tried random Atari XL and 7800 games and they played just fine.. this is weird oh man, this is fighting me in every step of the way 😃 the main attraction for me is the 2600, maybe I did something wrong ?! I'll keep experimenting. Thanks for the support guys !
  9. back for more.. I took a chance and applied the (0.1.9 CFW [FULL BASE]) custom firmware over this and it woke up ! then I applied the update (0.1.9 CFW [UPDATE]) tried some games, all seemed to be ok.. After this, feeling confident, I applied the overclocking update (afbX_update_cpu816_1008_1200_gpu400) through my usb stick, it completed successfully, at least I think so.. after the penguin and the quick rotating thingy it was back to the "update or not" question. Now the bad news the games that played ok before, now glitch out.. for example in missile command, I have missiles appearing mid screen flickering on and off.. it's unplayable now ☹️ In Asteroids my ship is invisible in Adventure I have no sound Is it possible the overclocking is causing that ? can I return to the previous step ? Note that I'm still testing the default games, no nexus stuff yet..
  10. @Draxxon Hey man.. you must be getting sick of all the questions already, but you seem to be knowledgeable and a nice guy, so it's my turn: I just got a flashback X (3060) not deluxe, first things first I plugged it in, I got the menu and navigate it, all good, when I pressed start or fire button the screen turn black and nothing happen, couldn't go back to the menu either.. only power off/on works. I said [email protected] it, downloaded the official (correct) firmware update, flashed it successfully through RKDevTool and turned it off. On power on I got a Android recovery screen with various options, I can move my selection up and down but nothing else I can do.. what now ? ☹️ Thanks in advance.
  11. a similar (but better) game, was "Z" -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRUsrB7Bulo
  12. a couple of pixels shaved
  13. Great ! looks a little elongated vertically.. maybe I should reduce it's height a little ?
  14. I kinda liked more the one on the left, with the gravitational thrust 🙃 anyway here they are in real dimensions:
  15. the ship on the right is 31x63 pixels, what are the desired dimensions ? we are definitely gonna loose details..
  16. Any time 👍 ..done some small tweaks (ship on the left)
  17. What 3 colors are you thinking about ? I used the letters palette to play with the idea, also what's the dimension you are looking for ? * I admit I didn't try the game.. 🙄
  18. I highly recommend Preacher !! I enjoyed every minute of it..
  19. Hey man, really love your game ! since you accept ideas for the car, here is mine 👍
  20. I drew the fresh sprites of Bob, it was my first try in sprite design ! someday I'm planing to revisit this and the sequel.
  21. Hey @777ismyname, I'll do my best to improve how the game looks, but can't do anything regarding gameplay changes..
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