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  1. Wow - 1978 copyright. I think that is the oldest software I've seen on this machine. Even Star Raiders says 1979.
  2. Stephen


    Well, I have an AVG cart and a 3 machines with a TK-II (1088XEL, 1088XLD, 576NUC).
  3. Eclaire is damn close to a 100% perfect FPGA recreation of the entire A8. Switchable PAL/NTSC, multiple memory configurations, up to 32X CPU acceleration, etc. We don't have to worry - between originals, hardware, and software emulators, we'll never run out of ways to keep enjoying this hardware. Also, in a short 20 to 30 years when we are all gone, nobody remaining will give two shits about this junk, so we only really have to worry about the next quarter century. Eat, drink, and be merry as they say!
  4. I'll second Drunk Chessboard. Also keep in mind, that the entire thing is only 16kB! All of that sound, animation, etc. in 16kB still blows me away.
  5. It just wouldn't be Atari Age if all the armchair lawyers and copyright trolls didn't come out. It's almost as frequent a topic as Atari vs Commodore or Jaguar vs whatever the hell.
  6. 100% known yet I was considered the asshole for pointing this out to him. Seems to be another trait of these Rain Man types. BTW - I'm really wanting to see a progress update on this, considering he's had enough time to move across country 5 more times, and calculate how many thousand dollars per day he is losing to devote to his elite coding venture.
  7. Come on - it's a forum. We routinely have people in the Jag forum (for 10 or 15 years now) saying it can run Quake, we just need to "find its untapped potential". Why should this be different? My other favourite, is "I'll just learn programming" and do it on "fill in system".
  8. I wonder if he accepts the "Indian Scam" payment - Walmart or Best Buy gift cards?
  9. Maybe this thread can be merged with the "what Jaguar games have you beaten off to"?
  10. Sorry - but what is DBM? I only know dBm (for signal strength).
  11. Both were made of grey plastic, required electricity and a television to use, and had games on cart.
  12. OK - so I replied to this 2.25 years ago. Almost made the exact same reply about the AVM. However, I don't know how I missed it the 1st tie around, but holy $hit. I had that same "professor owl" calculator.
  13. You have to remember, when this was designed. No way would enough RAM for a screen buffer be affordable. Years later, the 400/800 series of computers almost shipped with only 4kB of RAM.
  14. I'd really have loved to see Bob & Doug McKenzie shilling the Atari 8-bits back in the Strange Brew era. Let me play Star Raiders, eh? Back off hozer!
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