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  1. Maybe at some point. I still haven't pulled my 7800 down from storage yet, too many other interruptions.
  2. So - you are looking for examples of what (ironically) is referred to as Mode 7 scrolling on the SNES but for the 8-bit. Maybe the checkerboard graphics in BallBlazer?
  3. Ah man - I only went with the PoKey option, not the YM.
  4. Not using double standards would require a bit of self awareness which we know is 100% lacking.
  5. I can guess the answer. It has not been finished because it was not done in Mode 7!
  6. Thanks for the bump - just noticed this and voted.
  7. Voted for Glacier Belle - it's clear and easy to read, and there's a good variety between upper and lower case. It's been fun watching this develop, although I'm lurking not posting as I have nothing to contribute.
  8. Ask him. I borrowed him the pole and didn't get it back. Why am I envisioning a sick video game here? Maybe even something for the BASIC 10 liners This is something we can all get behind.
  9. Have you checked the voltage going to the colour pin of the GTIA when the system starts and when the video goes out? I wonder if you're seeing an issue with the power supply drifting, rather than something in the computer?
  10. Oh - one more thing. The AtariMax APE device can also be used with ProSystem software such that a PC is in control of the connected Atari drive. I am not aware of other devices that can do that.
  11. Regarding APE vs AspeQt/RespeQT, APE is the only software to offers full modem emulation. It also has several modes of printer emulation (pass through to Atari printer, print to file on the host PC, print to a printer on the host machine, virtual MX-80, and virtual 1020 plotter). However, FujiNet as noted now does all of this.
  12. Can I ask why you feel the caps needs replaced in the machine? I've never in my 40 years of owning and using every Atari produced seen a cap go bad.
  13. Even sadder, he has absolutely zero ability to see when he is doing it, but cries foul the instant someone else does the same thing.
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