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  1. VBXE + SDX will complete transform the way you think about these machines - I guarantee it!
  2. So - where's my apology (not from you of course) for saying that 1 - "October was not specified as a delivery date", and 2 - "There's no way in hell they would make this date either"?
  3. Link to purchase? Sorry if I'm being dense - I scanned the thread and looked at the video.
  4. That is a real shame. I try to buy at least one of each new upgrade even if I don't need it, to support you guys that are still making hardware. I've never been able to figure out why some people are all about creating, and others just want to tear stuff down.
  5. Why should we expect anything less? The last ass-hat that got a "console" "shipped" to them couldn't even show pictures then promptly disappeared.
  6. Who cares about how this thing performs - she sure is purty and shiny. LMFAO. Like a chromed car that is all show and no go. Like a fake plastic surgerified gold digger with blow up boobs. All looks and no substance. Damn - I sure wish I paid for one of these. Two or three even.
  7. Oops - sorry. I see all of you guys as the genius "polish wonders" providing us with all these goodies. Please - I do not mean this in any way negative. I mean it like the "fantastic four" of the Atari folk who formed Activision.
  8. That is so damn cool! Question (just for general knowledge). I have used your excellent Trub Terminal with VBXE to run CP/M on my Indus drive. This is obviously just a 64kB Z80 implementation. Does there exist a CP/M which can use > 64kB?
  9. Good to hear. Hope things in your life improve! Take care of yourself first, this is just a fun hobby.
  10. Well, your english is better than most native speakers (who by the way are almost 99% guaranteed to only speak a single language). I rarely point out grammar or spelling mistakes unless I am asked to proofread for someone, and when I do, it can be done in a much nicer manner.
  11. Oh man - just checked tracking info. My SIDE3 was in New York as of the 18th. Should be seeing it any day now.
  12. Will it run on a U1MB machine? There's already direct jumps into OS vectors (which Atari said was shit coding practice back in 1979). Might as well throw in some undocumented opcodes too!
  13. Not surprising considering that even after perhaps a dozen people complained of music skipping on transitions (due to VBI being disabled), Pete said he could not hear it. In addition to being a paranoid liar, he's also hearing impaired it would seem.
  14. Same. When we had the multitude of CF cards before this, the answer was "why the hell would you try to use an 8GB card when a few hundred meg works fine". 2GB CF cards were the "sweet spot". Now we get a new $100+ untested device and we're told condescendingly (which seems to be the only way candler talks to anyone - down to them) that only an idiot would use a 2GB SD card when much larger ones are available. Live and learn I guess. Maybe one day we can all be at his level of god-like awesomeness and we won't have to post these problems. You know - the kind that usually get caught when beta-testing a product.
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