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  1. If you make it to Ohio you're welcome to hang for a while. Only scenery I can offer is corn fields and cows (and lots of Atari which you'd surely want to escape).
  2. LMAO - wow. That's insane. I did not expect (nor deserve) a single download of that. I've seen some awesome 256-byte demos that do great stuff. I wasted 23kB on a static white screen. The shame. I could not resist doing that though.
  3. I believe the story was presented as (short version). Little Cuss asked if he could use the game. Danny Bunton said yes. Midway said he-she™ didn't own the game therefore couldn't grant blessing for release.
  4. Don't just jam it in there - it's Roller Girl: Shut up Jack - I know what I'm doing.
  5. Apologies if any of it was secret, but it was not. They all had so much online interaction back then, that all of this was out there. It's not like I revealed personal phone conversations. But I see where you are coming from. It's just videogames after all, we should be playing them for the fun they bring.
  6. OK - don't shoot me for this. I will end the long running joke. There is no instruction manual for the game. It's a one liner: "Avoid missing ship for high score - else all your base are belong to us".
  7. My spidy-senses are telling me a big fat zero.
  8. Yep - just another "pop off" before we wait out the next 7 years. I am thinking that XM release notices should from here on out, only go out with the "Cicada Cycle(TM)". I am pretty sure, we'll have the XM before Comet NeoWise comes around again in 1000+ years.
  9. With enough pounds of lettuce (air) in the salad, a few ounces of shit (anything we say) won't matter. The prophets will be grateful for the morsel we put out. The haters will use this for ammo to destroy the project. Atari name is --- --- wait for it ---. GOLD DUST!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hey man - good times sleeping on your concrete hotel room floor for PC5 Was SOOO pissed when I had to leave early on Sunday and missed the interview. Another Nuon-fest would also be cool
  11. This whole charity bullshit (from the developers, not the community) is long since played out. Stephanie Wukovitz (lovely person, the only one from the 4-play group that wasn't an utter twat in real life and who was also the most shit upon BY life) had a kidney transplant due to diabetis complications. Hence the charity donation. Well guess what - I and many others embarked on a multi-year campaign of running 5ks, doing the charity bit, donating to research for HER not this game. A charity donation should be done for charitable reasons, not to beat their collective dicks chests and scream "Look how awesome I am". They act like they cured cancer from selling a few thousand games. Fuck 'em. Scott divorced Stephanie mid-way through the kidney loss, T-bird was a notorious megalomaniac, and Tom Harker ripped off the Jaguar community for thousands of dollars for undelivered CatBoxes. Again - the only saint in all of this, is Stephanie. I;m glad she's moved on and away from all this garbage. Keep this stuff in mind when thinking about the great 4-Play, Scatalogic. Perfect name for them - they were 75% then 66.66% shit after good old Tom left. Scott, Doug, one more final kiss my ass.
  12. Also bullshit. I did not pay for just a case. I gave money to handle the cases and drive a finished product. Don't chime in with that "be positive or you'll cause the project to fail" garbage either. I've never charged someone and not had work done within a week let alone a DECADE. Also, when I fail at something I get called out for it. I don't blame the people causing me stress to have caused the failure. My failure to deliver caused them to yell at me. Pretty simple concept. There's a saying "don't piss on my back and tell me it's raining". At this point, I'd rather hear nothing for the next 5 years rather than another single false promise or missed date.
  13. Why the hell would I step out of line after being backer #11? Trust me bud, I've earned my right to bitch about things more than any of the "johnny come lately" folks.
  14. I don't have the needed skills on the hardware side, but I would be 100% willing to assist in the beta testing - including building whatever is necessary.
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