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  1. Bad ass setup! I put my 1st working VBXE in my 1088XLD system and I can't get enough use from it!.
  2. I hate snakes - those pictures ^^^ are creepy!
  3. Please make than for fjc's GUI Screw Solitare as the built in game, this is what we need.
  4. Cool "fish bowl" screen - what is that TV/monitor you are using?
  5. Well, that's > 16kB. A 48kB machine will return 37902 (I will never forget that number).
  6. Never had a machine where all RAM was bad that wasn't caused by using an incorrect power supply. That being said, usually if I am replacing one chip, I'll do all 8.
  7. Wow - I feel like the baby of the group. I'll be 45 in roughly six months.
  8. Stephen


    @Andrew Davie - sorry if this is off topic for your thread, but I just watched it earlier and it reminded me of what you are doing. If anyone objects, please PM me and I will delete this message.
  9. Top PCB is MT RAM, I can see them all being bad certainly. OR, a power surge / wrong power supply could have fried them and other chips in the machine. Bottom PCB, there's a pin with zero solder on it (top row, rightmost pin, under the E.T).
  10. Looks like it. I still can't find my manual
  11. What a crazy mode this is. I wonder how it works (internally) - I am guessing a hack of sorts, something easily implemented since every transistor counted back then.
  12. The Turbo CPU options along with accelerated ANTIC/GTIA make this a very attractive option. Also, the native HDMI out just stomps everything the native hardware can do, VBXE2 included. All that said - it is an emulated machine, albeit a probably 99.99% accurate machine. I love mine. Please don't lose sight of the fact that the U1MB is probably the single best upgrade to come out for our 8-bit machines that I can recall, and I've been using mine since 1982 (back when I could throw a football over that mountain). It, and Incognito for the 800 really made using these machines still fun in 2020, and productive too. SDX with 1MB and a decent HDD, with Sparta Commander and Last Word - stomps any CP/M machine I ever used. I never use a machine without it these days - my 1088XEL, XLD, and 130XE all have them.
  13. New Atari Cartridge, That Atari Cart? NACTAC - I like it.
  14. Bummer to hear that the U1MB devices are cost prohibitive. The 1088 XEL (and subsequently XLD) were designed from the ground up around the U1MB to save board space by requiring no MMU, DRAM refresh logic, etc. I am not a hardware designer so I cannot say with any certainty if a stock 64kB system could be built by the aforementioned substitution of a standard OS ROM. Also keep in mind, that both 1088s feature the TK-II keyboard/mouse upgrade and some of that functionality was specifically tailored with having the U1MB present also. There are some macros for rebooting the machine, entering the setup menu, etc. I am not sure if that would present another obstacle to doing such.
  15. Yes - the "SY6502" chip is the 6502 CPU on that board.
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