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  1. Cool - at least we know we'll see a demo of one new Jag game at PRGE Can it be finished in 40 minutes?
  2. Quoting just because it's so damn awesome!
  3. Hell yeah - someone that does it properly!
  4. Also wanting to see more. The grey object in center screen is clearly the object Vlad's new 3D mesh design pipeline has rendered. I think it's a clue for the long time followers, Publius Enigma style.
  5. Just got my controller today and wow am I impressed! Might as well be a factory produced piece. Can't wait to see it all lit up.
  6. This is why I don't bother with instructions or tutorials. There's always some loud mouth know-it-all that comes in and tells everyone what is wrong and why his way is better.
  7. This thread is really interesting as time goes on. You can almost see a style of each person's pictures, even though they are automated conversions. I noticed this when drpeter started posting. Very cool!
  8. It is in fact clearly shown in both schematics. Guess what this goofball missed on BOTH his 1088XEL and XLD builds?
  9. Also - the Atari only scrolls in colour clocks, not hi-res pixels as opposed to the C64, which can in fact have 320 pixels scroll and colour resolution.
  10. I am also willing to order one of these - I have a VBXE in a PAL (not that it should matter for RGB) machine.
  11. Hardcore man - hardcore! Living in a place like that by choice?!? Not for me.
  12. It clearly says frame twice in the URL - perhaps once for each side
  13. Since you seem to move every few weeks anyhow, perhaps now is the time to consider heading south? 😄
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