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  1. Thanks for your feedback RevEng. I haven't notice that issue yet, maybe because I always run stella with default parameters. I'll have a look on that for sure! About smooth movement, I started with this idea but I endedup without enought memory to address the collision, and I didn't want to sacrifice one line from the grid to do that, at least for now. I managed to implement that smoth on the horizontal lines, but I had a critical time consuming trying to render the players on the vertical lines, since the grid is asymetric and time consuming to render it. You know what I mean.That is a challenge, so I left as is for now.
  2. After a long long time, I finally got something to share. I could't find a way to upload the rom here yet (sorry, I'm a newbie). But you can find it here: https://github.com/acsabo/Atari/tree/master/Tron/rom youtube link - quick demo: The game is supposed to be played in two. Since there's no such a A.I. yet... Tips: - The player that reaches 9 first wins; - Avoid collisions with the walls and the borders of "the grid"; - Press the button between turns and at the end; That's it for now... I keep working on it... I hope you enjoy it!
  3. acsabo


  4. I'm just sharing my progress in the game I've being working for a few months... The inpiration/motivation came from the movie Tron with that light cycles racing game, later on I played one called ktron for Linux (does anyone know it?). I found it would be a good starting point to do it in Assembly (I've always wanted to have a change to learn this programming language), so now I had a good reason, why not?! Don't know why I got surprised, but I found that they already had developed a similar game called Surround and that was done right after Atari 2600 was release, that was awesome! Anyway, I think it is still a good starting point for me, and maybe I could do it a little differently... As soon as I get a playable release, I'll put here the roms, source code and everything... And of course, specially my questions on how to do it better and better...
  5. Hi guys, that’s a super cool initiative and a great motivation to anyone who wants to not only start some project but specially to make a release out of it. I’ve started one project a few months ago, and I’m wondering what is the path or directives to get a game released, or maybe simply to be considered in a discussion list, or even how do I get collaboration somehow in this process. Is there a specific thread for this discussions or I should simply to create a new topic and start publishing my roms. I’m really exited into getting involved with the community from now on but I’m quite newbie in this one to be honest. Any recommendation would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I wanna to be able to create one game for the Atari 2600

    1. masschamber


      it is pretty painless using batari basic, I used to teach middle school students how to program with it

    2. DZ-Jay


      Just do it!

  7. acsabo

    Atari 2600 and more

    Here you'll find a few pictures of my results with my consoles maintenance and mods, maybe some tips and tricks that I`ve found interesting.
  8. that is absolutely fantastic thing! I bought one yesterday night! I couldn't resist. Now looking forward for the arrival! Thanks!
  9. Sou de Curitiba! Sempre mais um para somar a esta comunidade! Iniciei os estudos em Assembly a pouco tempo, mas já senti na pele a emoção na criação de games para esta plataforma maravilhosa e inspiradora. Atari forever!
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