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  1. Sorry I'm late to your torrent party. But I'm seeding now. Will watch out for the next time.
  2. I haven't turned on my equipment in 25 years. I'm afraid to try and risk damaging any disks. So I dont know the table of contents. If I can find the manuals, then I'll let you know. I'd rather hand them over to someone with tested working equipment to dump them or check them out.
  3. I believe the toolkit disk is the same as the one on Wiki. I have attached a pic of the disk I have.
  4. I'm not sure. There are more boxes down there, but the copperhead snake persuaded me not to look any further. I know I had a bunch of cartridges. Give me a couple of days and I'll venture down there. If you don't hear from me again, the snake won.
  5. Hello to All, I've been out of work for a while due to an illness and while surfing the web, I stumbled upon this forum and topic. I bought my Atari 800 back in 1981, So I went down to the basement to locate my disks. Below is what I have found. I don't have any of the equipment for dumping these disks. But I would not mind sending the disks to someone who can. I am located in North Carolina, USA. I would even include postage paid, self addressed return packaging. Just let me know how I can help with this wonderful project. GAMES Abuse - Don't Ask Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves - Quality Software Archon - Electronic Arts Archon II: Adept - Electronic Arts Atari Pinball - Sub Logic Bandits - Sirius Software Beach-Head - Access Software Beach-Head II - Access Software Bill Budge Pinball Construction Set - Electronic Arts Blue Max - Synapse Software Boulder Dash - First Star Software Bug - Cavalier Computer Canyon Climber - Datasoft Castle Wolfenstein - Muse Software Caverns of Mars - Atari Choplifter - Broderbund Software Claim Jumper - Synapse Software Combat Leader - Strategic Simulations Cross Fire - On-Line Systems Decision in the Desert - Micro Prose Dig Dug - Datasoft Dimension X - Synapse Software Enchanter - Infocom F-15 Strike Eagle - Micro Prose Fight Night - Accolade Flight Simulator II - Sub Logic Flight Simulator II Scenery Disk - Sub Logic Flip Flop - First Star Software Frogger - Sega Enterprises Hard Hat Mack - Electronic Arts Hardball - Accolade Hi-Res Adventure #2 - The Wizard and the Princess - On-Line Systems Jaw Breaker - On-Line Systems Jump Man - Automated Simulations Kronis Rift - Epyx Labyrinth - Broderbund Software Leader Board - Access Software Leader Board Atari Tournament Disk #1 - Access Software Lode Runner - Broderbund Software Mouskattack - On-Line Systems Necromancer - Synapse Software Night Mission Pinball Hi-Score Disk - Sub Logic One on One - Electronic Arts Pharaoh's Pyramid - Master Control Software Pitstop II - Epyx Preppie - Adventure International Preppie II - Adventure International Protector II - Synapse Software Raid Over Moscow - Access Software Rescue on Fractalus - Epyx Ricochet - Automated Simulations Sargon Great Games and Chess Problems - Hayden Software Sargon II - Atari Sargon III Program Disk - Hayden Software Sargon III Opening Book Disk - Hayden Software Seafox - Broderbund Software Seastalker - Infocom Shamus - Synapse Software Shamus Case II - Synapse Software Silent Service - Micro Prose Slime - Synapse Software Soft Porn - On-Line Systems Solo Flight - Micro Prose Spy vs. Spy - First Star Software Super Boulder Dash - First Star Software Super Zaxxon - Sega Enterprises Temple of Apshai - Automated Simulations The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Infocom The Seven Cities of Gold - Ozark Software Threshold - On-Line Systems Tumble Bugs - Datasoft Up n' Down - Bally / Midway Way Out - Sirius Zaxxon - Datasoft Zombies - Bram Zork I - Infocom Zork II - Infocom UTILITIES Antic Player/Missile Graphics in Basic - Atari Antic Vol 3. No 5 Graphics - Atari Atari 810 Master Diskette II - Atari Atari 810/1050 Master Diskette II - Atari Atari DOS 2.5 - Atari Atari Translator - Atari Disk Wizard II - C.A.P. Software Dr. C. Wacko's Miracle Guide - Addison-Wesley Publishing Letter Perfect 2001 - LJK Enterprises Letter Perfect 2003 - LJK Enterprises Letter Perfect Disk Printer Editor - LJK Enterprises Load n' Go - Atari Program Exchange Master Diskette 3 - Atari Micro Painter - Datasoft Scott Adams Graphics Editor - Adventure International TeleTari - Don't Ask Software The MAC/65 Toolkit - Optimized Systems Software 27 Blank Single Sided, Single Density, Soft Sectored Disks
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