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  1. Bill, You are a tremendous resource to this thread, this website and this community. Thank you.
  2. Well, this has been a tight year and I was sad that I was only going to be able to get the Flashback 9 and not the NeoGeo mini, but I just got a raise. So I'm not going to go crazy, but I think I might be able to get both now.
  3. Honestly, I hope that it not being enabled out of the box is true. I know that sounds strange. Out of the box, official support would mean having an interface designed for it along the lines of the C64 mini (meaning having an "Other" category on the menu for loaded games). Unofficial support might mean something closer to letting us drop ROMs in the right folder (and images - if we choose) and letting the system treat them the same as any built in ones.
  4. What?! No "Adventures of TRON"?! This is a travesty! Good day, sir.
  5. Which is exactly what I'm doing right now. I love it. I guess I'm saying I'd be happy to pick up the Flashback 9 if it's as good as what I already have. If I can set it up that easily on Stella, I would hope they would take that same effort.
  6. This seems good news. With Pis, LaunchBox, etc to do so much, it would be really nice if there was a simple elegant solution that really did it all. That said, if they really want a complete elegant solution, I hope any added games seamlessly join the menu instead of being a text only list under "OTHER".
  7. Aweome. Thanks for the clarification. I look forward to whatever comes next (even if my first love is Atari)
  8. Thanks for the update, Bill. I'm just clarifying to make sure I didn't misunderstand you grammatically. The company will have updates for existing products (likely, the Atari and Genesis Flashbacks) etc and those will be coming probably around October, but with very little fanfare or press announcement. Brand new products (like let's just us a ridiculous hypothetical... an Atari 400 Flashback) will also be coming in October, will receive more press releases, likely next month and might not carry on the tradition of looking like the original console they're emulating. Is that about correct?
  9. I hear what people are saying, but I'm honestly curious about what the market is. We know two things; a) There's absolutely a market for impulse buyers on a low end unit. b) Anyone who posts frequently to a forum called AtariAge is likely to be interested in a much more hardcore solution. It's easy in the middle of the discussions here to assume that since we're talking to other Atari enthusiasts that there must be a big enough market to warrant a killer all bells and whistles expensive unit. But are there? Is there a big enough market to make a truly high end unit cost effective to produce? I'm not saying there is not. I simply don't know.
  10. I agree with many others. While a cart slot would be handy and neat, it's certainly not needed if there are ways to load additional games through SD. I sympathize that some users here have plenty of old carts and would love to use them. But I can respect the decision. What I "do" hope for is the ability to include box art for the added games so they can seemlessly integrate into the interface.
  11. Well, I suppose the delay is slightly disappointing. But it's heartening to hear that there will be options for various levels of interest. Thanks so much for all you do, Bill.
  12. I don't see any official AtGames press conferences scheduled at E3, but I'm looking foward to hearing more about the Flashback 9. the Flashback 8 is really close to hitting my dream list. I'll probably pick up the 9. I know levers might be too much of an unreasonable ask, but I do hope some form of USB connectivity to add more games will be an option.
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