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  1. It's Crazy CYBER MONDAY.. For $1, Receive all DECEMBER's Rewards on our patreon campaign Join $1 tier today and you can access, vote, download all test version of December, you must remain subscribed at least 10 months to receive a game in physical cartridge. https://www.patreon.com/zteam/
  2. Hi there We decided to create a Patreon campaign for the realization of remakes on Sega Megadrive/Genesis and especially continue to distribute them for free. Come support us and participate in our creative process. http://www.patreon.com/zteam
  3. Hi AtariAge Members We are the Z-TEAM, older guys who grew up with their atari St computer and want to remake their favorite games on another support. Since 2016, we started to convert some games from scratch (no codesource) only with gfx,sound on Sega Megadrive. We want to tribute all this great period on gaming in Atari St / Amiga and try to understand if we can remake it. All our work are open source , you can download codesource,rom,print,box art on your website. Our first remake RETURN TO GENESIS WIP REMAKES IVANHOE IK+ DELUXE VERSION ( Remake + some new feature) SUKIYA (pre alpha) more games are actually in remake stage like Barbarian ( Psygnosis) , Ocean Beach Volley follow us _Z_TEAM
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