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  1. hello jaybird3rd, i had time to fix the links in post #1.
  2. for sale is atari jaguar hardware tried then stored. offsite links o.k. ed by a moderator internet username: roashru https://www.ebluejay.com/ads/item/7045405 https://www.ebluejay.com/ads/item/7045403 https://www.ebluejay.com/ads/item/7045398 ------------------------------------------------------ https://orlando.craigslist.org/vgm/d/atari-jaguar-boxes/6666085780.html https://orlando.craigslist.org/vgm/d/atari-jaguar-cd-in-box-with/6666085651.html https://orlando.craigslist.org/vgm/d/atari-jaguar-power-kit/6666085529.html please read listings thoroughly! .
  3. nasty moderator my relevant post shame shame.
  4. meanwhile the topic is jaguar 3d 2.5d games. stop derailing the thread.
  5. i dont get it is there a point to your post. im not you. collective.
  6. my unique id since 90s http://www.bing.com/search?q=roashru i know how a forum is suppose to be. zdtv
  7. and i got blamed by the moderator when my market place thread got high jacked wtf ! serious fun house
  8. another trashed thread. no moderators !
  9. thread is not about sega naomi ! no moderators !
  10. off-topic - pisses me off i have arcade machines that need fixed can get expensive .
  11. what ? No limits you say? Only imagination is the limit, you say? I still call out for Berzerk 3D FPS based on I-war code. unknown to most arcade frenzy midwest then
  12. jaguar is not true 64-bit it dose 64-bit work depends on the programmer. .
  13. you need a cat girl to set you strait - kick your but
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