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  1. Yes this was the only one chip that was faulty. But i've faced that there were some problems with the board, then i've preferred to rebuild a 100% working console, and sell the other one for spare parts! Now i have a perfect and revised.
  2. Hi at all! I've got an Atari 7800 that was untested, then now i'm trying to make it work. I've build a custom power adapter since the original ones are difficult to find. After that i've opened the console and checked the interior. It was never been opened, and is in really good condition inside. I've replaced the capacitors, and now it power up but is showing a black screen. I've tried it with some atari 2600 cartridges and the result is always the same. I've also replaced the reset button since i've read that sometimes it could be stuck, but no result. What can i check to investigate where could be the problem? The alimentation is ok, the voltage regulator show the correct values, and the console power on normally, but what i can see is only a solid black screen, or sometimes a scrolling black screen or black screen with bad noise. Thanks and regards!
  3. Hi at all! At the end, i've found another working Intellivision, and i've tried all the ic on the first one. Well, the only one chip that was gone, was the CPU CP1610. The others works good, but adding the working cpu on the first board, it was not working. Since this i prefer to rebuild a perfect intellivision from the two that i've got and i've sell the other ones for parts. My advice is to buy another intellivision, since is really difficult to make hypotesis with only one faulty unit! Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi at all!!! Finally my components are arrived, then i've made some works on this intellivision. I've changed the remainder capacitors, and i've tested the powerboard with the reference of the image that i've posted in my last post. Well, it seems to be ok, and all voltages are ok, then this is working. On the logic board, i've changed the Q1 and Q2 and i've made a full recap. I've also cleaned all two or three times, and check the continuity. Now the situation is near the same before: i have a black screen, and it flashes when i press reset. I think after this work that the problem could be one IC (or more?). Do you have any advices about some other tests to do? I don't have an oscilloscope to check pulse...is there a way to know what ic could work and what not? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the answers. I've inspected well the board and i've discovered that some capacitors on the logic boards are not in good state. Since this i've replaced all of them. I'll add some information for the users of the forum, i hope that could be useful for everyone. For the ones that should do this work, these are the capacitors that you need: Main PCB C26 1uF 50v C27 10uF 25v C28 10uF 25v C30 10uF 25v C40 47uF 16v Power Board C1 10000uF 16v C2 100uF 16v C3 2200uF 25v Note that there are different versions of the board, then the code could be different, but the capacitor values are these. Take care about the orientation of the capacitor pins. I've ordered the C1 capacitors since i haven't it, then i'll recheck all the voltages after replacing the C1. It's important that the power board provides the correct voltages. This are some tests that are on the service manual. If the voltages are the ones indicated here, then the power board should be ok: The i'll check again my voltages after my C1 capacitor will arrive. I've checked the continuity of a lot of lines, and it seems to be good. Since i must wait the Q1 and Q2 transistor too, i've made a picture with all the IC where i've indicated all the pins that could be useful to check the voltages. I've found the ground through a multimeter (as you've adviced, i've checked the continuity between the ground of the board and those pins) and i've also checked all the datasheets of those IC to check their correctness and the voltages of the other pins. You were right!!! They have a strange pinout and also strange voltages!!! NOTE: the black pins are the GND, and i've written the value of the Voltage near the red pins! I'll give you other updates after the order of my components will come! Thanks!
  6. Thanks a lot for the hint. Now i haven't a working board, then I've just ordered the transistor...and i'll also replace all the capacitors on the motherboard with new ones. But...how can i know the correct orientation of the IC chip? the one without heat sink are easy since are all oriented in the same way, with the same orientation of the text on it. But for the ones with the heat sink on it? They have some text on the lower face, but how can i be sure that they are mounted in the right way?
  7. Hi at all! I have a Mattel Intellivision that is showing only the black screen. It was a little oxidated and i've cleaned it well, but it seems to be not working. I'd like to repair it and to check what are the parts that are not working. I've checked the power board and it seems to be working. I've opened the motherboard shield and i've cleaned every part. After that i've checked the voltages on the IC...generally they must have 5v on their corner pin. Three of those IC have an heat sink on top, and i'm not sure if they are installed in the right way. Beyond this, i've checked the voltages and some of them seems to be not good. I've made a picture with the board with the face down, where i've put the lines between the point where i've putted the multimeter and the respective value of voltage measured. Can you give me some hints on how to check what's wrong and where to check other things to exclude other issues?
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