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  1. AS usual with these kind of downgrades, it literally doesn't even connect anymore on anything other than my PC, just says it's not able to complete secure connection. Worked perfectly for years before on every device I had, never any issues, now I can only access on my PC and it's slow and has far too much clutter, clicking anywhere does a "thing", clicked next to a quoted text and it all disappeared, didn't even click on anything, it was just "close enough", I guess. Such a shame. But I know, as always, I'll be in extreme minority about this, and the old version will not come back (they sadly never do, anywhere, this has been the trend for all places everywhere online for the last 15 odd years, so many places simply kick you out after years of being a member, then they always wonder why they get less users and have to close down for lack of visitors and revenue etc... gee, I wonder why~) so I'm glad I didn't get enough time as a member here to become that active yet, as the relatively new member that I am on here, so that way there was less of a loss, I guess.. definitely glad I didn't have any time to make friends, would've sucked to lose them all already, cuz I am not going to go on my PC just do browse here, I only go on here to pay bills and stuff like once a month, on average.
  2. A youtube channel called Retro Gaming has stolen an old video of mine and uploaded it as their own today. No credit given or mention of me as the original creator. It was a playthrough of Tower of Doom on Intellivision Lives! on PS2. I strongly urge anyone who makes retro gaming gameplay videos on youtube to check out Retro Gaming and see if any video you've made has been stolen as well.

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    2. IntelliRat


      Again I strongly urge others who make retro gameplay videos on youtube to check if they've had their content stolen by this channel as well, and also make others in general aware that this channel steals content!

      Even if I can't do anything about it in my current situation with how youtube handles such matters, doesn't mean I'll let this douchebaggery go by in silence.

    3. masschamber


      I had something similar, someone copyright claimed a a song on a video I made. The song was an original composition

    4. Albert


      File a DMCA complaint immediately. If you don't want to do it yourself, find someone who can represent you as your DMCA agent. They will still have to offer up your name, but none of your contact information. You can also use a PO Box, Google Voice phone number, and a new email address to mask your personal information.

  3. SuperCar Challenge is the only one I know that does it natively. Other than that, Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes has a playlist of like ~20 slots you can import music to from the PS3 hard drive, you can even assign it to different things like having a specific song play when the helicopter comes to pick up POWs you've rescued (I like to have Pantera - Cowboys From Hell play when that happens, it syncs up perfectly with the helicopter approaching with the song's intro and the song starts exactly when the chopper arrives), but there's a very annoying downside, the game lags to a complete halt for a few seconds every time it loads a new song, it really breaks the flow of the game, which is a shame.
  4. I love the Mega Drive version of Sonic 3D, it's pretty much my favorite of the classic Sonic games. Sonic CD is also fantastic, I can never truly pick one top favorite of the two. I have the Mega Drive version of Sonic 3D on PS2 as part of Sonic Mega Collection Plus. I've played the Saturn version a few times and it's good too, I have the PC version myself, which is basically the Saturn version with an improved save game feature and slightly altered graphics for the bonus stages. I really love the intro video, stage music and bonus stages in the Mega Drive version, and since those are the biggest differences between the three versions it makes it an easy winner for me, it's also arguably the most technically impressive version as it's running on so much more limited hardware while still pulling off pretty much the entire game without any issues, so it impresses me a lot more than the other two as well. I do enjoy the added weather effects, the little extra animations on bridges and floor tiles when you walk over them and the higher color depth and added sprite detail of the 32-bit version, but I really hate the half-pipe bonus stages, they're nowhere near as bad as the ones offered in Sonic 2 but they're still not something I enjoy in the slightest, even when this vastly improved, and the music, while good, doesn't do it for me nearly as much as the Mega Drive chiptunes do. So yeah, gimme the Mega Drive version any day, and I'll take the PC version over the Saturn version.
  5. 1. Aladdin I strongly prefer this version over both the Super Nintendo and Mega Drive versions. It follows the movie story better, it's a lot more technically impressive despite being on the weakest hardware of the three, the gameplay is perfectly balanced and has a password system, it's very good looking and the audio is great too, I literally don't have a single complaints. 2. James Bond 007 The Duel My favorite James Bond game of all time, only other one I like is Rogue Agent but I still prefer this one, not a big fan of the Game Gear cropped version or the completely different Mega Drive game though, this one is the best on Master System for sure. 3. Bonanza Bros. My favorite version of Bonanza Bros. by far, it just plays so much better than any other version I've played, the jumping especially feels like a huge upgrade from the rest, even on Mega Drive I find it clunky and awkward, sure the Mega Drive version has more animations and other suchs little things, but when it's just not as fun to play and the Master System version delivers on the technical side with good visuals and audio in its own right it's a very easy win in my opinion. Worthy mentions: R-Type I love me a good R-Type game and the Master System version is a great one. Battletoads Battlemaniacs The Master System's answer to the original Battletoads on Entertainment System, I love both a lot. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 I don't care for the Mega Drive version of Sonic 2 but the Master System and Game Gear version is much more to my liking.
  6. Made the INTV Running Man on my Etch A Sketch to have as an avatar icon for this forum.

  7. IntelliRat


    Hej, ville bara meddela att jag också är här nu.
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