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  1. Hi everyone. I recently performed the composite mod available from Vintagegamingandmore.com and I'm getting bands of fuzziness that scroll up the screen and it is very dark. My VCS is a light sixxer, for good measure and maintenance I installed the refresher kit from Console5 which included some new capacitors as well as a new regulator and power jack. When I was just using RF to my tv with the coax adapter the image was crisp and bright. I am looking for any advice on what I can do to remedy the situation. I've already gone through the other threads on this forum with similar issues brightness/composite mod/fuzziness and I am wondering if changing the resistors on the mod board itself might help? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a picture of the mod board in question.
  2. For whatever reason these images are horrendously bad when I try and pull them up on this forum. For the high quality images please message me and I'll send them to you.
  3. Hey everyone, I got my copy of Space Shuttle with the overlays today so I scanned them and are uploading them in case anyone here needs them. The overlays for the switches are angled so you can easily print them from home on regular sized paper. The large overlay with the instructions is just too big for regular 8 1/2 x 11 so you'll have to figure out your own printing method. They are being uploaded as png so you can get better quality prints than a jpeg. If anyone needs these as jpegs let me know.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, I checked just to make sure and it is a double sided floppy drive in my ST. I'll have to try making a copy of this game and see if that helps.
  5. I personally love Lukie Games, while some of the rarer game systems are usually out of stock you can sign up for a wait list for when one comes in. Got a complete working Sega CD for 130 the other day instead of the usual price gouging on eBay. Their site lets you select complete or cartridge only depending on if they have something in stock. The prices on games are alright as well.
  6. Hey everyone, My computer is a 1040STf with TOS 1.04, I play games the old fashioned way with floppies and no Gotek or similar. All my games I have work fine but one in particular (Continental Circus) when I try and access the floppy drive I don't hear the floppy drive doing anything and the loading bee cursor shows up on screen but nothing happens. The game is supposed to auto load so if I have the floppy inserted and then boot up once again nothing happens. Any advice would be appreciated, I've cleaned the internal floppy drive itself, and I've recapped the main pcb for preventative maintenance. Starting to think the game floppy is bad but would it just not do anything (no noise coming from the drive) if that was the case?
  7. There's only an STF listed because I sent them pictures and info on my computer. But they said if anyone needs a kit for their Atari computer to send them an email and they can custom make you a kit.
  8. I finally after all these years upgraded my TOS 1.0 I was actually happy with my original OS but after I upgraded a few of my issues went away. So I'm happy I did
  9. I don't know if this can help you but Console 5 used my 1040STf to make a capacitor kit for sale. You can try emailing them with your particular ST/Falcon and they can make a kit for you. If you can't replace a capacitor yourself, I'm sure with kit in hand and how easy these machines are to disassemble, you might be able to find a PC repair place that could help you. Here is a link to the kit for sale https://console5.com/store/atari-1040-stf-computer-cap-kit-main-pcb.html
  10. Personally I've wanted a Falcon for ages, if it had a place on my desk it would be staying.
  11. While I have a 1040STf because that's what I've had since the 80's; for playing games I haven't run into any issue. Everything I've purchased has managed to play, some boxes say 1 meg only or double sided disk drives but the STf has both and it seems to be the cheapest and the model I seem to come across the most in the United States at least.
  12. Cubase uses the cartridge port but that's the only program I have that actually uses it
  13. When I first got my ST I only had the SM124 monitor, but I managed to find a few mono games that were alright. My particular ST was from a recording studio and came with a complete copy of Cubase that was kind of fun to mess with. The hi-res mode does look nice
  14. Hi everyone, just wanted to let everyone know that Console 5 now has a complete capacitor kit for the Atari ST as well as a capacitor kit for the internal power supply. The kit is based on my personal 1040STf but if you email them they can make a kit specifically for your ST. The Internal power supply https://console5.com/store/atari-1040-computer-power-supply-cap-kit-astec-asp34-versions-1-4.html The main pcb https://console5.com/store/atari-1040-stf-computer-cap-kit-main-pcb.html
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