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  1. Yes. Just make some changes to it and call it something else. Don't go for a 1:1.
  2. There are hidden passages on some levels. Press up against the walls to find them. The dragon will be in one of them.
  3. Great video. Glad to see Phantom II get some love. People generally only talk about Pirate.
  4. Found it. Listed as Stella2014. https://github.com/EmuELEC/EmuELEC/wiki/Supported-Platforms-And--Correct-Rom-Path
  5. It appears to be running EmuELEC - https://github.com/EmuELEC/EmuELEC/releases Not sure if that in turn is using Stella or MESS as a base. And they are violating their license also: Please remember, EmuELEC is COMPLETELY FREE! it is not to be sold or included in ANY commercial products as a whole, if you have paid for EmuELEC or an image, DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK! For more license info read https://github.com/EmuELEC/EmuELEC/blob/master/README.md
  6. From what I can tell, it looks like each new iteration has more on it. Older ones say 41k, newer 50k+. These originate from China, so I seriously doubt there is much you can do. I spent a lot of time in Hong Kong back in the day. This sort of thing is everywhere over there.
  7. I picked up a Super Console X on a whim the other day. They seem to be everywhere now. Given the nature of it, I guessed the 2600 side would probably be one of those massive everything ever released rom collections. Instead, it appears to be heavily curated and heavy on older homebrews. I have included a directory listing if anybody wants to see if their stuff is on it (I voided the warranty by removing the sticker that was over the SD card ). dirlist.txt To give you an idea, here are a few quick photos. I assume those box/cart images are edits of images they got from the AA store.
  8. I may be wrong, but I think I read the ARM stuff is 32k minimum.
  9. For me, nostalgia plays a large part of it and I specifically have 1977-1982 or so in mind when I think of it. Like a lot of people, I moved on to home computers at that point and never really saw the later era 2600 stuff until much later. So if I create something, that's the time frame I'm mostly trying to emulate. I don't have an issue with people making ARM games, etc. It's just from my perspective that if a mostly pixel perfect port of a game requires modern hardware add-ons, I'd just as soon play the real thing in MAME. However, I'm in the minority on that and I totally get why everybody goes nuts for the ARM stuff. I think the current entity known as Atari really missed the boat with their new VCS system. If they had contracted out some ARM style 2600 games and marketed it as an upgraded 2600 for the 21st century it might have been something interesting. Of course licensing and whatnot would come into play, so that probably wouldn't have worked in the end.
  10. I'm ok with being looked down on as a member of the homebrew hoi polloi, but if they think they're somehow putting out a more professional product than AtariAge does, I'm not seeing it.
  11. There is a binary for it in the first post. I assume it is the same as what is on the cart. If so, then yes, it has sound. You can always download it and try it in an emulator if you are on the fence.
  12. The chameleon graphic looks like the SUSE logo in reverse, but I guess there are only so many ways to draw a chameleon.
  13. I usually release my roms (all the way up to the final) as I go through testing to get the largest testing pool, but this sort of thing does make you think twice about doing it.
  14. Have a game variation where the speed boosts come in a predefined order (giving the potential for a "perfect run") and one where they are random (to help offset the skill difference of the players). In keeping with the early Atari arcade theme, maybe a B&W mode (although it may be difficult to get all 8 with a unique shade).
  15. There are screenshots and a rom for it here - https://web.archive.org/web/20171222172750/http://www.atari2600homebrew.com/goblin-chaser.html In general, if there's no screenshot, there's a reason.
  16. I have mild Aspergers as does my son. I am not a fan of Autism Speaks based on their videos, statements, etc. but have had no direct dealings with them. On the Cave In page, Steve clearly states his son has it. You never know, AS may have helped his family at some point or he knows people they've helped. I'm sure he's doing it with the best intentions.
  17. One of the problems with these types of games is they are niche to begin with, and within that niche everybody has different tastes. You won't be able to get a solution that will please everybody, so I suggest going with whatever feels right to you. From a narrative perspective, my suggestion would be if you die, your fey companion can sacrifice themselves once and only once to resurrect you. You stay at the same location in the game, you keep everything you have accumulated, but you no longer have the companion going forward. If you die again, permadeath.
  18. Hi Dale, Many thanks for the kind words. Glad you are enjoying the first one. If you'll look in the first post of this thread you'll find the .bin files. RC9 is the same as what you get on cart. NTSC for North America and PAL60 for Europe. Make sure to read the text manual in the first post and see the references in this thread on how to get to the Easter Egg. You may or may not like this one better than the first. Not everybody gets what I was trying to do with this one.
  19. I don't see why not. You might be required to do a subset, but you should be able to get a fully playable game out of it. Have a look at Dark Mage to see a 4k example. https://atariage.com/software_list.php?SystemID=2600&searchValue=dark+mage&Submit2=Begin+Search&searchCompanyID=ALL&searchRegion=N&searchTvFormat=ALL&searchRarity=ALL&searchLabel=&orderByValue=Ascending&recordsPerPage=100&searchType=NORMAL Edit: Didn't realize the final version was 8k. Here's the 4k beta. Dark Mage - Beta (1997) (Hozer Video Games, Greg Troutman) (Prototype).bin
  20. If the cloud itself moves across the screen, then it may be a unknown version. I only own Shark Attack, but the roms for both are available on AA. The cloud is in a different place in each, but appears static.
  21. I won't say "Never". Developing for the VCS has stopped being "fun", so I'm taking a break for a while. Maybe at some point.
  22. Thanks! Always happy to hear from people who enjoy it. Back when it was released, you could get it with a poster/map. AFAIK the map is out of print now.
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