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  1. I can only confirm it for the game I made (Dangerous Demolition) - yes Dangerous Demolition is both NTSC and PAL compatible (the game detects which console region you are using on startup and adjust accordingly). I think the game goes for Mecha-8, but I'll tag @nanochess (game creator) and @tanuki (head of Cote Gamers, our publisher) for confirmation.
  2. Thanks a lot for your support! The Game Gear version development is completed, but making the physical release is even more complex than the SMS one, so the publisher decided to release the SMS games first. But it's still planned and I hope that we'll be able to release it in 2022 too!
  3. Hi everyone! Today, I'm happy to share with you the physical release of two brand new games for the SEGA Master System, one of them being made by myself! Both are published by Cote Gamers, and available right now from their online shop: https://cotegamers.com/shop/en/41-master-system Here are the two games: Dangerous Demolition by Dr. Ludos (me :p) Dangerous Demolition is a simple but challenging arcade / action game. It's a mix between breakout and a shooter: the balls help you destroy bricks walls, but they can also kill you! Hopefully, you can shoot them to guide them in the right direction. You can buy the game here: https://cotegamers.com/shop/en/accueil/124-dangerous-demolition.html Mecha-8 by Nanochess Mecha-8 is a Shooter by the famous Oscar Toledo Guttierez. Will you save your planet? At the controls of your mecha go through 6 levels of action and send the enemy back to where he came from. You can buy the game here: https://cotegamers.com/shop/en/accueil/125-mecha-8.html Exclusive Combo bonus If you order both games at the same time, you'll save on shipping cost (it'll cost the same as buying one game), and you'll get some unique bonus in the package: I hope you'll enjoy those games, and please feel free to ask me any question!
  4. Hi everyone! Some of you might remember my Game Boy titles "Sheep It Up!" (2017) and "DMG Deals Damage" (2019 - 30 years GB anniversary game) that were released a few years ago. The game were available as free ROM (and they still are!) and also a physical "cartridge only" edition from Catskull Games. Sadly, Catskull ceased its game publishing activities in January 2022. Since then, I've been working with another publisher, Yastuna Games, to have the games available again in physical format. And what took us so long? Well, we designed beautiful boxes and manual to make the game available in fully boxed editions for the first time! You can buy DMG Deals Damage from here: https://yastuna-games.com/en/nintendo-game-boy/51-59-dmg-deals-damage-gb.html#/28-gb_cart-grey/33-packaging-box_booklet_inlay And buy Sheep It Up! form here: https://yastuna-games.com/en/nintendo-game-boy/52-65-sheep-it-up-gb.html#/28-gb_cart-grey/33-packaging-box_booklet_inlay Of course, the games are still available as "cartridge only" edition if you prefer. And last but not least, if someone who got the previous "cartridge only" edition wants to upgrade it, we are also selling the package (box + manual) separately too! And if you wish to try the game ROMs, you can get there from here: DMG Deals Damage free ROM: https://drludos.itch.io/dmg-deals-damage Sheep It Up! free ROM: https://drludos.itch.io/sheep-it-up I hope you'll enjoy this new release, and feel free to ask me if you have any questions!
  5. Hi everyone, Sadly, I won't have the time to create anything this year (real life obligations), but the first ideas / screenshots posted here looks great, and I look forward playing all your entries! Keep up the great work everyone!
  6. Cool to see that the AtariGamer Jam/Contest is becoming an annual event! I really love Karri's idea with at "starting tileset" as common theme. For one, it'll speed up development for people who are more comfortable with coding than drawing graphics (like me :p). But it'll also be very cool for a compilation cart to see many games with the same assets used in very different types of gameplay! So that'd be a cool idea for next year event maybe ;). For this year, I don't think I'll have enough free time to make something in the jam duration, but I'm looking forward the theme anyway!
  7. Hi! First of all, I'd like to thank @SainT for such a great hardware piece! It's wonderful to play games, but also to test your own homebrew projects in a very easy and quick way :). So, I'd like to suggest a feature request that should be helpful for homebrew game developers, and some players too: - Would it be possible to force the console in 50hz or 60hz mode before launching a ROM on the GameDrive? If I'm correct, it's possible to change the console video mode (50hz or 60hz) from software, and regardless of the console model being NTSC or PAL, as @Zerosquare explained in this forum: https://www.jagware.org/index.php?/topic/1012-forcing-60-hz-mode-on-pal-jaguars/ If it's possible, I see two uses cases for this: - Allowing players with a PAL console to finally enjoy games in 60hz mode without having to cut open their console and modify the hardware to make it 50hz/60hz compatible - Helping homebrew developers to test their game both on PAL and NTSC settings even if they have only one unmodified Jaguar at home (so NTSC developers can test if their games run fine on PAL, and vice-versa). I don't know if this would be possible, but if it is, I think several people would enjoy such a feature (at least, I know I'll do :)).
  8. drludos

    Growing Ties

    Hi everyone, It's time for a new update! I'm very pleased to announce that the game now features a great soundtrack composed by Carl from @Songbird Productions. You can hear both the title screen music and the ingame music in this short video: And as usual, if you want to try the game by yourself, a new beta version ROM (featuring music and the latest fixes) is available for my supporters over Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/52955321 So what do you think of the music?
  9. Woaw, this is very impressive, congrats and thanks for sharing! I really hope you make a full game out of this, the engine is promising, and for a shoot'em up the "flat shaded" look works perfectly IHMO :)
  10. drludos

    Growing Ties

    Hi everyone ! It's been a long time, but since the release of the game in 2019, I've been working hard on creating a "deluxe" version. I've added new levels, new games modes, and polished the overall game experience. I've also included 3 bonus games on the cartridge: Timeloop, Fishing for Atari, and Gift Catcher. This game should be published on cartridge in a fully featured boxed edition, hopefully by the end of 2021. Meanwhile, the first beta version of the game is available right now for people who support me on Patreon: https://patreon.com/posts/47298674
  11. And here is my entry for the LynXmas 2020 competition: Gift Catcher. Can you help Santa catch all the gifts without touching snowflakes? The game is played in vertical mode, using only the A/B buttons. At first, Santa will move on top of the screen. Press the button, and he'll dive down to catch a gift. Now you can press and hold the button again to make him climb back up to the top of the screen. Catch all the gifts, but avoid touching the moving snowflakes! If are looking for a challenge, my current highscore is 24 points! The game ROM can be downloaded from here. And here is the game page on the competition website if you want to rate it! I hope you'll enjoy it!
  12. Thanks for your kind words, and for the issue report. Actually, the Game Over is drawn over the snowflakes, but as they share some colors (white) it can sometimes looks the other way around (although it's not :)). It's very cool that also we got an entry from a "mysterious" participant. Looking at the entries page, the game looks again very diverse, that's a very cool event! Igor, I don't how you managed to code anything (and here you just made a full game from scratch!) with a new born baby at home! I remember that during the first weeks, every "baby is sleeping" time was actually used for us to do some chores or to take a nap too!
  13. Well, I managed to gather some tiny bits of free time here and there during the past week, so I'm happy to finally be able to enter the compo too! (@LordKraken, I'm the "mysterious" 6th participant :p). I've just submitted my entry, titled Gift Catcher. It's a single button button game played in vertical mode. Can you help Santa catch all the gifts without touching snowflakes? The game is played in vertical mode, using only the A/B buttons. At first, Santa will move on top of the screen. Press the button, and he'll dive down to catch a gift. Now you can press and hold the button again to make him climb back up to the top of the screen. Catch all the gifts, but avoid touching the moving snowflakes! If are looking for a challenge, my current highscore is 24 points! The final ROM weight 26kb, and can be downloaded from here. I hope you'll enjoy it, and I'm looking forward playing your entries! I'm very impressed by what I've seen so far - the Lynx will have a great Christmas this year!
  14. Woaw, I'm very impressed by all your entries so far, in a record time! They all look very good, and I like the first gameplay vids posted so far! Sadly, I don't think I'll have the time to make anything before the deadline (too busy with "real life" :(... ), but I'm really looking forward playing your games! Good luck!
  15. Hi everyone! As you may know, today (November 21st) the Super Nintendo (SNES) console turns 30! To celebrate this, I made a new SNES game titled "The Last Super." You'll play as the last SNES cartridge on Earth. You'll have to move and jump around in each of the 20 levels of the game so every SNES can play you! But don't let a SNES without cartridge for too long... The game is freeware and can be played online or downloaded from here: https://drludos.itch.io/the-last-super It’s also available on cartridge to play on a real SNES, with my previous game “Keeping SNES alive” as an added bonus: https://catskullelectronics.com/collections/games/products/the-last-super Last but not least, the game is open-source, with a lot of detailed comments in the code. I hope it’ll motivate and help other developers to make new games for the SNES! I hope you’ll enjoy it!
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