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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vR1mN36198U&t=1s Hey gang. If you're interested I've got a review of the Neo Geo mini for your viewing pleasure. Love Neo Geo and these forums.
  2. Hey thanks for posting this! Feels good to be back. Just beat Samurai Showdown V on it. I need to tackle Blazing Star next.
  3. Hey! It uses a regular s video jack. Thankfully scart to rgb works great!! Would be nice if the others worked as well but I'm greatful rgb works. I love it. I have to say my 1084s can look quite good with monster s video. Testament to that monitor.
  4. Hey gang. I recently came across a Panasonic PVM monitor with RBG. However, I'm still waiting on SCART to BNC cables so in the mean time I thought I would try S-Video and composite. Sadly, I'm only getting a black and white picture. I've tried playing with the rgb to ypbpr switch, 75 omega hi-z switch and all the front switches in various ways. I'm out of ideas. I really hope RBG works. Any ideas? PS I have no ability or desire to open this thing up. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for posting this. Love this game! I need to do one for Samurai Showdown V soon.
  6. the sad thing is seeing that scart port covered lol...
  7. Cool. Keep me posted. Let me know what you think is reasonable. I have generic scart cables from amazon for my consoles. I use them on a scart to hdmi device sometimes. I think the 1084s gives better results via luma chroma so I've switched to that for the most part. Honestly I think you're my best bet for this lol. I don't know many people who are super aware of what scart cables are.
  8. awesome! keep me posted! i'll happily buy one from you. Hope you're feeling okay.
  9. Naa I'm in upstate New York state lol. I just like 80's anime bubblegum crisis. So any leads on where I could get the proper cable? Do you make them? I would be happy to pay for one.
  10. Sure! Here's the link to the cable I have... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1m-Monitor-Lead-Cable-for-Acorn-BBC-Master-6Pin-DIN-to-TV-Monitor-RGB-Scart-/171294538937
  11. Hmm you would know better than me. I'm not super tech savvy. My cable should have composite sync right? Where would I get a sync separator?
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