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  1. FWIW, the A-F forum post is here: http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=28472&p=279624 I've added an update, but the essence is.. it seems like, for just gaming, an original 520ST will rn okay on a wall wort adapter, supplying just 5V and a few amps .. no need for the big ATX to supply -12V and +12V and all that... jeff
  2. Just posted a question to A-F, and posting here in this thread as well .. need an answer ASAP; got everything in parts around the desk right now, and want to put things back together ASAP Hey there guys, I just got handed an original 520ST with no accessories (ie: power supply, notably); I've got spares of most things (floppy drives etc), but am actually going to mod this puppy up if it looks to be working okay - as a game machine, to hook up to a modenr LCD TV. Its not going to do 'real work' (coding or the like). Mods to do .. find some 41256 RAMs and piggyback them on there, add an ultrasatan and HxC, GBS upscaler to VGA etc. First priority.. find out if it works, and it seems to! Bench power supply (I'm an electronics enthusiast, but don't actually know anything), dial up 5V, run it into the male power pins on the 520ST pcb, and poof, the machine comes alive on an ST monitor. (I located some 7pin female DIN connectors actually, so thats how I'm doing it, since not much to grab onto there.) Color me surprised .. given I did not hook up +12V or -12V on the power lines.. just +5V. So, does the original 520ST _only need 5V to operate_? Or are the +12V and -12V lines used for anything? (floppy? hard drive? audio? mouse? midi? serial reference? cart port?) -- I didn't hook up _anything_ on here (well, I did hook up the keyboard so I could see the power LED light up , so no clue if I'm missing some feature. But the green desktop came up, so I'm shocked Maybe +12V and -12V are only used for things I don't care about in a gaming machine (this is just a toy ST, not for serious stuff; other machines are for that.) I may hook up an ATX power supply, but I'm trying to find the female molex parts (what you'd find on a motherboard normally) so I can make an ATX->ST adapter cable, but if its purely 5V needed I could just use a teeny little switching power supply .. I've got a few little wall wort and brick adapters that can supply a few amp's of 5V pretty easily. edit: I wonder if floppy uses it..hooked up a real ancient FDD, and it made a horrible noise; is that because it works or doesn't, or because no 12V I wonder.. but if I use an HxC which only needs 5V, I wonder if I can get by without the 12V again edit 2, who needs sleep: Ran a 12V line into the ST, and floppy still makes a horrible noise; I think my project for tomorrow night (only get to hack at night is to bust open the FDD, and see if the belt has gone all to dust. Maybe testing with an old FDD is a red herring and I should go right to HxC or something.. hmm. jeff
  3. As odd turns of events go .. a very fie chap living up the road from me dug out a spare 520ST and gave it over, donated to the cause of mad science! So hard choices can be dodged, and new ones come up ... how to make a power supply for this guy to find out if it works The 520ST is in great looking shape; popped it open and looks like it has no obvious mods applied, so a straight up 41256*16 set of RAM in there (and some curious bodges around the board, but I think done at Atari factory, not mods.) The male socket is hard to grab from the outside, and the inside surface doesn't leave much room to grab those poits; 5V, +12, -12V and a whack of grounds.. thats enough leads (and 2A draw?) to grab that I don't want one to slip and short the whole board out, so best not to do somethig impulsive. Theres probabyl some safe points I could solder header pins onto or grab, but will have to pour over a schematic to see... but time to hit a few local electronics junk shops to see if I can find a DIN7 female connector somewhere, so I can build a cable. (Got a spare arcade PSU, and an ATX power supply, etc, so no problem.) Bu tI just want to grab those leads and dial up the bench power supply and see if it comes alive Will have to start another thread for modding fun jeff Thanks Ian for the machine! *whew*
  4. Which jacks are on the STE output anyway? (North American) I assume it had the usual ST monitor output; did it also have the TV out RCA jack like ST_M had? I just acquired some 13pin connectors, so going to solder up some adapters from ST to component, for feeding into GBS-8220 I think .. jeff
  5. gakax - sorry, never! I actually located and picked up two ST Books over the years (there can't be more than 100 of those in the world?!), so they're around if you look hard and long .. but I let the one ST Book go to a very good home, and I'm never letting the STacy or ST Book go I don't think I have the time to do justice to the STacy modding like Darklord has (my god man .. but its pretty tempting; if could be non-destructively modded, that could be pretty swank; dropping in the HxC is probably the main mod, as I don't intend on using it for day to day stuff (its too heavy, and the screen isn't really any good); but as a luggable (to the other room..) machine to fire up games on a TV, could be pretty awesome. (Just got the gbs-8220, and will make myself a cable adapter for it..); so maybe opening it up to put in the HxC would be the way to go, and 3d print a cover to make it not atrocious (I currently only have bright red and bright blue filament though .. eep .... or maybe even just the uultrasatan, since ppera (and Paraoid up there etc did port so many games to run on hdd easily. DL - is there space in there for both HxC and UltraSatan? My STacy is currently in storage, going to bust it out soon and get a good look at it. I've not opened up the STacy (is that a right pain?) .. I did do quite a bit of repair to my first ST Book, so opening that is second nature (I've put up some tutorial on the A-F wiki). Let me ping this local guy with the STE .. I don't have the $, but maybe I can talk him down a bit more... Want the kids to see the real machine, not just the emu jeff
  6. For some reason, I nolonger have an STFM around (I know I know, inexcusable!) .. and they're proving costly and hard to find these days (Canada); theres a fellow with a pretty good price on a STE nearby, but I just can't quite convince myself to spend that much $ on a machine that isn't ideal for ST gaming. (an STE is a very fine machine, but a little less compatible than a plain jane ST ... for gaming. For non-gaming, I've got the bases totally covered.) I do have quite a variety of ST-line though.. ST Book - super rare, but essentially a non-useful curiosity :/ (maybe should mod a backlight into it, then it'd be usable...) STacy 4 - great shape, but the hdd just up and died. Still, its basicly a 1040ST in a laptop heavy as hell casing with mono display. Fine for gaming, since it has a colour monitor out. They should've sold them with a back brace TT030 - another great rare-ish machine, and with VGA out! Not great compatibility with games at all mind you, though a few crack groups have updated games to work (from hdd no less.) Course, my TT030 hdd just up and died... I do have an unused HXC floppy emu and an unused UltraSatan, just begging for use. (Lets not get into FireBee and MiST) Aiming for real honest to goodness Atari hardware here. Scratch the TT030 and ST Book and that leaves me the STacy. With no working hdd (fine), and ST games are annoying as heck to write out on modern Linux or Windows PCs.. so, the HxC would do just fine. (Well, I could just use the TT030 .. I bet VGA would look pretty good on a TV, or use the GBS 8820 whatever upscaler, would be easy to hook up and cheap.) So TT030 shouldn't be outright skipped for gaming.. (anyone tried it for gaming? hows it work out? Suppose it depends on the game..) .... I doubt theres any room in the STacy for the HxC. I _really hate_ modding original hardware. (I'm an arcade machine collector as well.. you can mod a generic cabinet, but may Crom have mercy on your soul if you mod an original Centipede, say The temptation is there though .. remove the floppy drive maybe, and just dangle a long ribbon out the bay to a external HxC? or mod it, but a little slice in there somewhere, so a ribbo could hang out without removing anything? I forget offhand where the hdd bay is on that guy, .. put an ultrasatan or hxc in there? But the conflict is ... should you 'mod' somethig like a STacy _at all_, when it is rare and glorious? Mind is in pristine working condition (sans hdd); if it was broken, I'd have no problem modding it. But a working nearly mint condition machine? I'm thinking, maybe I should leave the poor thing alone, and just sit and try to track down a 1040STF or STFM, and call it a day... But space for all my toys is bad enough, and am already poor Decisions decisions... Raise a dremel to retro hardware? I can't! What would you do? jeff
  7. This is amazing And your Tacy is _black_ now? Crazy!
  8. *g* I appreciate that, the time constraints (about to have twins here, and already have a little girl; I've been dumping projects the last few months, which breaks my heart :/) Make the call then .. if it looks like it'll be years before you can get it all out there, then just put it out there as-is in a WIP state -- at least its out and people can refer to it, and port it, as is; maybe post the last stable, and a WIP version, and thenm you can check in changes as you make them over whatever time frame. Maybe others will find bugs and submit fixes (though not likely, such a specialist field means limited eyeballs.. but you never know!) Maybe you don't have to do it all alone? Or if you think you can get it out in a few months, maybe its worth plugging along. But it has been years I'd just put up lasty-stable source somewhere, even if a zip/tarball and not a GIT/cvs/svn somewhere, then peopel will get off your back. I'll stop bugging you now; thanks for your hard work and many projects, and I don't mean to be a pain jeff
  9. heya And I mean this to help Pasti flourish, I do not mean to be harsh or imply disrespect; please don't take it this way. It just seems that you're tieing the legs of this guy so it cannot run, it has to crawl I didn't know it existed, and it didnmt' exist when I was active in my pursuit Also, it may well be inaccurate.. its reverse engineered, so probably incomplete. More to point -- if something is closed by design, then it does not serve its purpose of archiving for the future. ie: On the one hand, life is busy and so you've been derailed from releasing the source.. but it also seems like it was meant to be closed from the onset -- why else is there a dll only? But on the other hand, in this community with no way to make $$ from such a thing, why would you make it closed by design.. so its a mystery Probably just free time like has been brought up. But it begs the question.. why not post the source? Or a header file or two? Some random bits from your source tree? It takes only a few minutes, and doesn't matter if its a mess. When people are spending lots of time reverse enginmeering the work, how much effort would it be to just post the work and save them the time? If you did it for the community, then it makes no sense why you hold back? It boggles my mind, I must admit. It is a very interesting question If its for shame.. don't worry, we've all got our rushed code; or if a licensing problem (youv'e got somethign in there you can't redistribute),. just say so. Anyway, its nothing to go on about but I personally (And think others shoudl be the same) that it has no value, unless properly documented; its future is unclear, and right off, that means its no good for its purpose .. preservation. Like a fast car that has a speed limiter.. it just doesnm't make sense for its purpose. A fast car with a speed limiter may look good and run great, but you can get others that do that and aren't fast. If its purtpose is fast, then it has to go fast; for a disk preservation format, that holds abck so things cannot be preserved, and so things cannot be ported to other platfotrms.. it cannot be used. Lots have asked, but we dont' wnt to bug you (and you donmt' need the hastle) .. so why _not_ release the source? You can say 'I just don't want to', and thats that, thats okay, its your code. But you shoudl be up front clear -- if thats the case, you shoudl not push the project, it should pass away. -- Maybe thats too harsh -- can you go through the unofficial reversde engineeredf to ensure accduracy and completeness? If that becomes sufficiently good, then maybe its enough. Maybe an official website somewhere to promote it? (sourceforge or whateevr), just so peopel can refer to something concrete, rather than a site link that is onmly mentioned in a thread or two and thus impossible to find? -- Please again.. I mean no offence; its a small community, we all have families etv; but I've been in some very ularge projects and a lot of open source, and I just like to see things survive, not flounder. Pasti seems good, make it _flourish_ jeff
  10. Quite simple really.. niceness or not -- I've asked hm too, and he was very nice to reply, but was too busy to make up a description If a file is to be used for archival storage (the sort of thign we retro collectors do), it must be documented. There is zero point in encoding something in a closed source Windows-only format. It has to work on most OSes, work with multiple emulators, and be documented for the future.. otherwise 10 years later, we have nothing. If Ijor gets hit by a truick, or if peopel want to use the files on anything other than x86 Windows .. you knmow, like a netbook, a phone, a Mac, a Linux machine, etc.. So STX is completely unusable right now; I'd never rip to it (I don't run Windows even since it has no future, until its community supported. Ijor is great, and did cool stuff.. but I just don't see the point of building such a thing, then letting it die a slow death; 90% of the work was creating it; publishing the source is almost no effort, and huge return. Without that last easy step, the whole thing is nullified. However, it did get some traction since it can work, so a lot of STX images got made. But they'll amount to nothing at this rate .. (I also write an ST emu, and be nice to support STX images; but in general, Hatari is far superior to my emu, so I use it; it can't use them. ARanyM can't use them either. Nor can I use them on my Firebee. Can't use them on a real ST/TOS machine either, since no drivers. .... a shame jeff
  11. What is this about? details? jeff
  12. XEGS has SIO as well right? IIRC (old memories), the SIO is the floppy port (serial IO); the PBI was the hdd (and other peripherals.) I know there aer SIO-IDE adapters around, so possible coudl run hdd on SIO, instead of PBI? jeff
  13. Interesting! I went down and lied the two beside each other last night .. the 800XL is pretty attractive in its retro way, but is also sort of old and clunky feeling (maybe well used before I got it.) The XEGS is in great condition, and also pretty attractive (since I'm an ST nutbar.) The keyboard is over-mushy, but seems okay for the peck-work I'd do with retro gaming (though I'm big on text adventures..) So 'all things equal' I figured the XEGS might be the way to go, since its in good shape and a slightly later generation, so probably the more powerful. For my purposes then, its really the PBI or not then. For gaming, carts (or multicarts?) are probab ly the way to go .. I'm sure transferring disk images onto 5.25" floppies is a right pain? How is most retro gaming done? Or do folks set up a hdd and boot game cart images from that? For development, a hdd could be handy as heck, but I'd probabyl cross compile if anything. (ie: For 8bit machines I was a Vic-20 kid, who mobed to Atari for the 16bit machines and so on, so I'm not atatched to the 800/XEGS as the nostalgia level, but asa retro nerd, so the hdd is less likely to happen for me on that machine.. but you never know.) How do folks do retro gaming on the 8 bit computers? That may help make my decision. (I tend to get my retro gear out for my kids to play with .. they're young enough to think all video games are awesome, no idea about age jeff
  14. Same cart support right? Jeff
  15. I've got both.. Atari 800xl with floppy drive XEGS with lughtgun I'm suddenly tight for space so should choose one to keep.. Iirc the floppy works with either so probably keep it even though it looks like the 800xl The XEGS is a late era machine and looks like a mini ST I was never much of an Atari 8bitter so I'm not well versed on the real differences. So which is 'better?' is one clearly superior or does it depend on context? Or are they the same? Help! Jeffphone
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