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  1. I have a genesis controller to 7800 adapter. Can anyone confirm if that would work on this console?
  2. Thank you! I went ahead and got one. I didnt grow up with an Atari so Im used to game pads.
  3. Do you know anyone who sells them, genesis support is big for me
  4. Do genesis 3 button controllers work?
  5. ajlenahan

    RetroN 77

    Andrew, Can you confirm if genesis controller support is in the works?
  6. I have freeway and spider fighter. Im getting mine tonight so Ill see if they work
  7. Is that the 500xj? Look interesting, is it a good controller?
  8. Weve talked a lot about game comparability on here, and rightfully so, but what about controllers. There are so many joysticks for the Atari. Ive been told the wico controllers work. Anyone have a competition pro? Also a couple guys make custom joysticks online with real arcade hardware. That would be cool, but its a lot of money to spend if it ends up being incompatable. Is there a running list of which controllers are working?
  9. ajlenahan

    RetroN 77

    Looking forward to getting mine on Tuesday. Hopefully the stick holds up for awhile.
  10. ajlenahan

    RetroN 77

    John, are there any third party joysticks that do not work? I’m planning on getting a competition pro or Wico controller. can you confirm those work on the retro 77. Also, did Hyperkin give you an idea of if genesis controllers will work in the future? Thanks!
  11. How quickly do we think these issues will be resolved? Do the carts list not working work as a rom?
  12. As did I, it will be interesting to see if it gets here before next week
  13. I was born in 1987, so I was too young for the Atari. By the time I was playing video games, my parents got us a NES and then a SNES. So I basically grew up on mostly Nintendo. However in the early to mid nineties my parents got us the activision Atari action pack. I loved playing those games on the PC. More recently, I wanted to play those games again and am now trying to collect them in there original form.
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