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  1. Humm... will you say that this isn't a nice image? 23colours and no DLIs and is a single charset (=<128chars) so it can be used while loading. 😉 Antic4/GR.12 is that way 23colours, isn't it?
  2. Antic4/GR.12 is that way 23colours, isn't it?
  3. José Pereira

    José Pereira

  4. When we're talking of platforms, scrolling,... he enters to say the best is double scanline Bitmap mode GR.7 limited to 4colours when we all see that will never look good that way and that his claims that is just adding PMGs for more colour simply has it constraints because they're not possible to be freely posted there. On A8 our ColourMap is charmode and 5th colour PF3. But when we're talking about 3D, 2,5D or whatever and that A8 has the best that is linear and pixel per pixel he jumps to say that is charmode we should use. Sorry but I just couldn't resist to post something. I was with some weeks with no posts so thanks to emkay I can say something and if all can post why not me also :grin:. Oh God make me good but not yet!... P.s.- But why that allways when he starts a topic or enter is always one(s) that has more talkings, answers, 'ping-pong' replies you say I answer, you quote then he/they quote and on and on and on... This seems the biggest mistery, maybe not only on the A8 fans, AA but on all the universe ;)...
  5. Why is you? Do you really exist? Of course you exist or we not have to take you... P.s.- And that proposal from you for the beat'em'up game for the buildings using PMGs is so 2600 like, childish and has nothing to add to A8 games developments and coding. Just said...
  6. Still think that you you should really add the 4Missiles as 5th Player/PF3 colour as darkest gray (02) for the tyres and not like here that seems a (04) then have the 4PLayers multicolour in 3luminances. And an ides is you also could give players the oportunity to chooge guy/moto colours like 3yellows, 3blues,... P.s.- Maybe the blues DLIs later when set for the sky zone (without road over it and have adding some buildings, mountains,... and only around/untill a little up these scanlines. This could be using Antic4 2:1 ratio and 2sides scrolling while up a single light blue and over white and grays different/parallax scrolling clouds.
  7. Emkay's here... P.s.- The reason I created this topic ...
  8. After ST http://www.indieretronews.com/2018/12/crownland-high-grade-homebrew.html is going also for CPC http://www.indieretronews.com/2019/04/crownland-high-grade-homebrew.html / http://www.indieretronews.com/2019/04/crownland-high-grade-homebrew.html.
  9. You're using the 4Players (2+2 Multicolour mode on the guy) but you still have the 4Missiles free. If you combine them in a single/5th Player mode taking PF3 set to black (colour that you in bitmap don't use) is one more an it would be for his moto tyre(s).
  10. Yes, I know that for the 'similar' part at Numen is a demo but maybe... Numen is using GR.10 same way as I said and is in 4x4 pixels so if this and then PMGs in 2x2 (half size) pixels would be the best look, I think. Last word for coders ...
  11. Thanks to Kaz post(s) at AtariOnline here's some facts (we're with A8 aren't all that bad, I think ) taking from Vitoco, Carlsson and Bunsen: This year a lot of works appeared, and a beautiful summary was made by one of the authors of Atari works, Vitoco: Vitoco: 83 entries, only 20 of them are for Atari XL / XE, less than for Commodore 64 which are 21, plus 9 for VIC-20. There are 12 entries for Sinclair ZX Spectrum and 6 for Amstrad CPC. There are 3 or less entries for MSX, Apple IIe, Tandy TRS-80, BBC Micro, Mattel Aquarius, Thomson MO6 and Atari 2600. PUR-80 category has 35 entries, both PUR-120 and EXTREM-256 have 18, and WILD has 12. There are 43 authors, and the "most" are: Kevin with 8 entries, Matteo "Toolkitman" Trevisan has entries for 3 different platforms. Nobody sent entries for all 4 categories, have two entries for WILD entry. 16 different BASIC flavors were used in total (including different version numbers on some of them). The statistics were also supplemented by one of the co-organizers: Carlsson: 2015: 56% Atari XL / XE, 31% C64, 8% Amstrad CPC, 5% other formats 2016: 26% Laser VZ-200, 23% Atari XL / XE, 20% C64, 13% MSX, 7% Tandy MC-10, 11% other 2017: 39% Atari XL / XE, 26% C64, 15% Amstrad CPC, 5% Tandy MC-10, 15% other formats 2018: 33% C64, 26% Atari XL / XE, 13% Amstrad CPC, 7% Tandy MC-10, 21% other formats 2019: 25% C64, 24% Atari XL / XE, 14% ZX Spectrum, 11% VIC-20, 7% Amstrad CPC, 19% other channels Interesting statistics, which led by Bunsen, where the authors of the programs come from. Definitely fashion in the US for such cosics: 22 entries from USA 11 entries from Italy 10 entries from Germany 5 entries from Chile 5 entries from France 4 entries from Hungary 3 entries from Spain 3 entries from Switzerland 3 entries from Sweden 3 entries from Ukraine 2 entries from Netherlands 1 entry from Australia 1 entry from Belgium 1 entry from Brazil 1 entry from UK 1 entry from Austria 1 entry from Poland 1 entry from Columbia 5 anonymous entries
  12. Ok. So instead 0f C64 that has 8x4 size pixels we could go for what, 4x2? The top on the trees, clouds and sky we could do in what, GR.7 2x2? GR.15 2x1 or is possible/better charmode GR.13 2x2 or in GR.12 2x1 pixels size? But regarding playing area I tried to see what colours we could have for gfxs paying attention that using GR.10 we still need to share some of them with the karts. If, like Trailblazer, that they can the two meet eachother then these bars at the bottom are the colours we can have (just aproximate ones not real A8 doing quickly using PAINT): 704 (for gfxs and Mario PM0 but also the borders): darkest gray (02); 705 (for gfxs and Mario PM1): red (38); (On the left the PM0 oring PM1 only on Mario frames and not on gfxs gives a pink (3A)) 706 (for gfxs and the top creature PM2): darkest gray (02) ; 707 (for gfxs and the top creature PM3): green (B8); (On the left the PM2 oring PM3 only the creature frames and not on gfxs gives a light green (BA)) 708 (only on gfxs): a blue for the water; 709 (only on gfxs): the light brown; 710 (only on gfxs): the dark brown; 711 (only on gfxs): the white; From C64 the only majour colour we're missing is a purple/lilac but we really need to have repeated that darkest gray (black) for the two wheels. The karts on C64 that are 12pixels wide should be reduced (or maybe not...) to 10pixels wide (and I also think they'll look better to be in 2x2 size so they don't be too small VS large gfxs pixels...). I put white as PF3 colour register in case is a single player game or even with the two windows they're at different worlds (so not meet eachother) and then the kart can, for each, be wider (and taller...) so the white can be used as the 4MISSILES in 5th PLAYER mode (for that splashing effect when in the water). This way 2 registers (this time P0_704 and P1_705) have to still be the same darkest gray (black), but we could, maybe then have P2_706 red Oring P3_a gray will give the pink (so they'll look similar to C64) on mario (red replaced by green on the creature would Oring with gary still gives a light green): Get it?
  13. There's always GR.9 (and even GR.15 better resolution) having colour and grays in intercalating scanlines though it'll only look good on PAL.
  14. On A8 it would look better GR.10 with gfxs in 4:2 ratio (4:4 is probably too blocky) and then guys sprites PMGs 2:2 fit better.
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