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  1. Yeah!... @popmilo been busy with his ABBUC entry and @Yaron Nir with his life so may now things will and can continue. On my part I finished the font for these screens but maybe still a long way untill they're incorporated as @popmilo will first add the vertical scrolling so that levels with it will be like Arcade (and present Ice level(s) has it so you'll see it soon...) more placing all items and soft sprite enemys animations with their movements. But if this are in the end the choosen font and the looking we decide here's all these screens:
  2. And also will have boy implemeted when is burned (@tix design with my PMgs colorings):
  3. Here's some of them: Will have some little changes but still more or less around this...
  4. On that video from Saberman I think he only didn't kill one fire skull and scored 1200.
  5. Hi. I think that C64 game is indeed a use of an old type of Space Invaders just changing gfxs. Said this I don't think it would be offensive but it should be something really related not like, for example this C64 one. What shooting has to do with the actual pandemic? You can do the game like you're doing even simple just for fun. This Morning I was thinking about this and I'm almost sure a real check would be someone(s) design a really nice and addictive to play based really on the Corona Virus and if is good send it to the ABBUC contest and 'et voilá', if is good for sure will get many votes if not win but sadly is now too late for it (if I'm remember it correctly isn't it like last years deadline on 31st of July?). Some of my ideas: -> Like in Jungle Hunt water scene we have from time to time going up face out of the water to breath showing the air line on the status. So in this game we should avoid others...; -> Like Jack the Nipper we have also a bar, the Naugthyometer 😄 so the game could be multi-screens on a city going trough the streets and enter each building where we'll have different tasks to do and stuff to avoid...: Not touching objects without constantly washing and disinfected hands, keep distance from others (some can be and others not but we never know so a kind of randomize settings for these). The buildings could include supermaket, post office, bank, police, shoes and clothes shops,... but also could include, perhaps in top down view bus, metro,... not only walking on the streets and inside buildings In the beggining our guy have a sheet of tasks/places he should go and do. This is what would makes the difference and be a real related but also learning (for kids also). Shooting virus sprites,... is just taking the virus to do something that isn't like the reality and the times we're facing. Though not in time for ABBUC but perhaps someone after this wanna code a game based on this ideas. If so I have some more to join with these ones and we can talk. I can develop some 'starting mockucks', DLIs, colours,... and we'll just need some gfxs expert to them better. Just my idea but you continue doing your game.
  6. I said this thinking it'll help and you figure the sizes but you prefer to waste time then in future any wants to replace you have to do it all over again: Why? Many days later you continue to have more than 10consecutive pixels for that 3rd colour that is the Player&Missile on each of the things... You're great designing but why not if someone says you go that way and not showing things people say: "Wow!... That looks great!" Then a coder or other says: Oh! Yes but isn't possible, sorry." We had similar talking on WonderBoy sprites and other stuff there and you kept doing things same way over and over again untill one day you realized and changed for a possible way. The time is your but if one time per each then it leaves you time for many others A8 need a remake and all will Thanks yo very much. Sorry but please do things as they can be so that maybe, in Bomb Jack case, just replace data for the new sprites and game code still the same. Don't get me wrong as we all want the best on and for A8... Thanks.
  7. Was this E something like SHIFT & ESC or similar but the arrow had CONTROL & ...? Thanks.
  8. Hi. Let me just give a little help before work continue and wasting the time... All moving guys (including Jack) use 2PFs (playfield colours same as on the gfxs) that are black and red. Then each one uses a Player and a Missile to give the 3rd colour. So the red and black can be used on all in their width (9, 10, 11, 12,... pixels whatever be) but the 3rd colour (white in Jack, light gray on robots or light brown on birds or the round/circle creatures) Player (8pixels) and Missile (2pixels) can only have a maximum of 10pixels width if the the two are consecutive or 8[space(s)]2 pixels / 2[space(s)]8 pixels so there's already frames that'll not be possible on Jack because white has 11consecutive pixels on some of his scanlines. 👍
  9. But why flicker? Trying to be funny yeah? That only shows what's your sense of community and the others opinion... Of course he knows what and understanded it totally well. Karateka was first Jordan's game, I think, and he did those letters but then he really done a great job on the PoP intros screens gfxs and text. I think no one is really happy now seeing lost the beautifully coloured text and is still to come the big letters logo with palace and stars screen more the girl/sand watch with Jaffar or Prince. So we all have really have reason to be concerned. No one, I think, other than them, can say that the top black white 'funeral type' (and with flicker is even worse) is any better looking or wahtever than that called by 'bathroom style'. That's different ways of seeing and react to things but I couldn't be quiet seeing what at first promise and was going well suddenly turned into this. In the end maybe people 'get out of the box' and post their feels... And as a side note Saberman posted PoP on his YouTube channel: And there's the @emkay comment. Not many times agreeing but please guys, is all said there:
  10. This maked me laugh as why a simple (and even is simple because you're keeping the flickering). If people just look at the screen and don't load the .obx they may be 'fooled' by the letters (they look like if in 640x). This is mathematic: @rensoup (good coder) + @TIX (good designer) = good game to play and good designs... What's missing? A 3rd person to complicate things... One just pick-up black&white and that is easy to turn into code and the other just design things on a modern pc. If they weren't 'blind' and listen others to not even need the credits then a 3rd one knowing A8 gfxs and colours would get the 'best of the two worlds' keeping Jordan Mechner's design and is what all expect of a PoP version on A8 just adding Missiles on the sides instead of in the Upper-case letters: + = All _text2 _the two tegether _almost black.g2f All _text2 _the two tegether _almost black.xex Then that can be a little less black inside: All _text2 _the two tegether _almost black.g2f All _text2 _the two tegether _almost black.xex Or still keeping a blue but darker in luminance 0 inside: All _text2 _the two tegether _darkest blue.g2f All _text2 _the two tegether _darkest blue.xex You're problem is that you don't use G2F and don't want anyone more involved. You want the games exactly the way you want. Really just by you and only for you. Had you sense of community and talking things can allways come into some arrangment where all gives a little on/off and in the end all are happy. But no!... Easy is 'fool' other's with the Karateka talkings just to not have others proposals. Go fine and ahead, you sure will get there... Againa big . I'll try to get a way to somehow hack it and change things to have the screens like original if nobody helps me.
  11. No, it don't get what you and others saw. It seems you have lots of time and a good life so in just a quick instant you get it running. Have you the problems in life that @Franco Catrin had (and I think he mentioned it even to the public) and we'll already had PoP by these days. Maybe not with all those rocks of Dungeons beautifully designed but at least with all like the original and that A8 owners really deserve. Sad he couldn't continue but was always keeping said us of the team that he intends to do it on a near future. Revolting now is if happens you'll never do the game and this wasn't happening. So I still keep saying (and is a first time I say this but will continue here and everywhere ther's a PoP talking and/or videos, screens,...) this is just PoP game levels to play nothing more. I hope you finish the game just for me continue saying on and on... But I sincerily hope that with your 'ways of', what you listen to the others and your likes that don't see more games from you. This ended on a game done by you (and @TIX), for you (and @TIX) so you (and @TIX) have a good time with it.
  12. So once and again and will never give up. PoP intros with all those screens is like a text and pictures book. Don't having that is like the game don't exist. A8 needs this and many others games but isn't just not have a loading screen pictures, all these screens makes really part of the game. You don't do things by hand like using G2F so you cannot have screens that have PMGs over it DLIs,... by simply using a modern converter. You'll need me, @emkay or any other that you just don't think is needed nor want to receive different opinions. You're living in a small box where only you two are and think you're the owner of the reason and no others interest... @TIX don't want anybody just you two and if reading all posts we get that.
  13. This shows your idea of community. Yes use purtple same way you did on the Palace for the dark colour and 'killed' the original sand looking...
  14. Yeah... you only read what you want so answer the way you think 'fool other'... Just say that you don't work with G2F and @tix is a professional designer so you using modern tools to get things. You just don't want to have anyone more involved so you don't want to simple use anything other(s) do even if, like me, I said that didn't want credits just 'copy&paste' that screens. It'sd so simple and trivial as this. What the hell is that talking of 5PMGs? The text screen has them simple and effective. The presentation screen with the palace, stars and game name's logo,... could also be done same way have you just asked for help but you didn't The inside palace start and ending girl with jaffar and/or girl with prince more the sand watch could be done the same way. Using prince same as in-game PMGs more one on the vizier while girl would use Missiles. Gfxs can be taken from tiles, use new ones,... but you can still use you're engine. No, I'm not going to say kind words and that whatever comes the important is to have the game because isn't. We'll have game playing while we'll miss original and great screen and art done by the great Jordan Mechner. This way I sincerily prefer not have the game like we did not have many others than this way. Now I really understand... you also don't listen all others when they say "purple on the palace please don't" and that brown yellow is the best and sand like but you don't care. I first talked with you and @TIX using here the Messenger showing things could be with little changes look better but you always don't take it. Now with this thing of the text screens it was just more than enough for me, was a bomb that revolted me so I decided to 'open the book' and post all and feels here for public. When I posted the windows you seem to also don't care and answered that for a pixel No. That's it, you just take things and use modern devs to port them to A8 but don't want to any help piece by piece re-adapting them. Then beeing a ocder, even a good one, doing the guys and masks just isn't enough for me to justify the killing of the game that in the end you're doing. Like the text screens here's now another example as a simple change (though it needs to redone frames shapes but why not take a couple of hours?) on the enemys they look more distinct to the background gfxs (just because of we on A8 arelimited to the 3colours of gfxs more some colourings via PMGs like is the skin and their pants): So like is now the enemy have pants too too dark so they can be whatever colour as is now but luminance should be lighetr than is. Like prince pants are white also enemy tunic, shoes and turbant should be white so this way it shines/is distinct from the surrounding gfxs. But of course that enemy frames should be redone. Also prince turban could be white and just the other colours for dither. The two, prince and enemy main parts be white (a bit like the original Apple ][) they also look good and 'pass apart' for when changing colours as will be on the Palace people on have the contours and some dither changing colours. No, don't say you don't agree because is a true fact that has no possible say no because is just having what the Machine best can display and has to offer. I say again that have I knowledge would change all these things when game is released. Sorry but I'll be posting all these things and why it could look better and done other way but keeping the code you have on anywhere people post on Forums, videos,... after the game release. It's really sad that you get the code working great but kill all with your behavior. On the past we're talking of companies to make money so do what they want and just don't ask. Now in the XXI century we're in a community and don't listen others trying to get their ideas when they're possible is really a bad thing.
  15. What versions don't have? SamCoupe not the sides, GameBoy's uggly: It all started with Jordan Mechner Aplle ][: All these pixels because of the Machine's owns way of using Artifacting that others followed adapting that to 1:1 ratio or 2:1 ratio: -> PC DOS version as far as I remember second the original (this one seems VGA version I think): ->CPC but all is in 2:1 ratio: -> Even ZX not so looking god has: -> C64: Even a modern version for the iPhone uses it: So you're the only, as it seems, that don't like and is trying to have a new approach, design,... whatever is in your head. Probably Jordan Mechner wouldn't/will not like your... Sorry but no way.
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